Research in Sweden and Interview Techniques

LeaveALegacyShort: Experiencing Genealogical Research in Sweden by Don Richards.  Don is an acquaintance of our program speaker, Kim Paul. He has been to Sweden two times to conduct genealogical research and he will share those experiences with us. Don lives in Steamboat Springs.

Main presentation: Leave a Legacy: Interview Techniques and What Photos to Take by guest speaker Kim Paul of Leave a Legacy Video.

Presentation – The Interview

Kim is the founder of Leave A Legacy Video. She believes that each of us has a story to tell, which sheds light not only on who we are, but who our family of origin is. Several years ago Kim video-taped her father-in-law telling his World War II stories at the age of 78 after having kept silent about his experiences since he was 19. The footage they captured is one of their most treasured family heirlooms. Regretfully, there are others in her family whose stories she was not able to capture and they are no longer here to tell them. As Kim describes her business to others, she has found that many people share the same regret. If there is an amazing storyteller in your family, don’t wait to capture their story on video. Please give us a call and we will be privileged to preserve their stories so your family can cherish them for generations. Please feel free to learn more about my company at

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