Allt för Sverige: the Swedish “Who do you think you are”

The Great Swedish Adventure – AFS-Logo. The Swedish “Who do you think you are?” by guest speaker Kirstin Highfield.

Kirstin is a native Coloradan and resides in Colorado Springs. She has worked in education for nine years and currently is an elementary special education aide. Being 100% Swedish, she grew up around many Swedish customs and foods. She shows her Swedish pride with a dala horse tattoo honoring her maternal grandparents.

In the spring of 2011, a Facebook ad looking for Americans with Swedish heritage to appear on the Great Swedish Adventure ~ Allt för Sverige caught her attention. After going through several rounds of selection, she flew to LA for an interview with producers. Not long after, she got an email saying thanks, but no thanks, so she put it out of her head. A few months later, she got a text: “This is Sofia from the Great Swedish Adventure. Can you fly on Monday?” Three days later, she was on a plane to Denmark & her life was about to change, but she had no idea what was to come.

During the show, she traveled up & down Sweden, sleeping in places such as a cabin in the Arctic Circle, a Viking house and a 1700’s house (all with no lights or water).

Since returning, Kirstin’s obsession with Sweden has only grown and she is saving her pennies for a return trip. She would love nothing more than to explore the beautiful country with her family.

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