Backstugas and Farms & Estates

backstugaShort: Backstugas by SGSC member Beverly Harbourt (Handout can be found on page “Research & Mentoring – Members only).

Presentation: From Castles, to Tenant Farms, to the Poorhouse, to America: What I Learned About Farming in Central Sweden When I Visited the Farms and Estates on Which My Ancestors Lived and Worked by SGSC member Linda Gensmer
Linda has been working on genealogy off-and-on for 35 years, but most of her research has explored her ancestors once they arrived in the United Stated, and before that, the American Colonies.  Swedish research has dominated her genealogical pursuits during the last two years. She is past president of the Genealogy Club at Anthem Ranch and is Registrar of Mount Rosa Chapter of the DAR.  Linda is a retired elementary school librarian.

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