Barbara Dungey 2014-02-08

Can we find my ancestor Emil Nelsson in Swedish records prior to his emigration?  Tools used were , Emisbas, and ArkivDigital.

Emil Nelsson´s World War I draft registration from 1918 was a key source since it gave the exact birth date for him: 1882-03-27.

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Now we enter omly his first name, Nils, and his birth date, 1988-03-27 into Emibas (Encl 1).

Wefind him immediately. We can see that he was born in Norra Ny, Värmlands län and that he emigrated 1889-10-26 from Näsberg, Norra Ny, Värmlands län.

Emibas also shows that he can be found on p 313 in the Norra Ny Household Examination records (HER) (Encl 2).

We find the whole family on p 313 and here we can see that the first to emigrate in the family is an older brother to Nils, namely Johannes b. 1866. He emigrates 1888-03-17. 7 months later their sister, Marit b. 1869-02-12, emigrates. She emigrates 1888-10-06. 1889-05-29 the father, Nils Johannesson b. 1839-03-31 emigrates together with his son, Nils b. 1874-02-04. Now, the father and three children have emigrated and the mother, Kerstin Eriksdotter b. 1845-04-03 is home alone with the seven youngest children. But not for long. In October they all emigrate to America (Encl 3-5):

Nils Johannesson b. 1839-03-31 in Norra Ny m. 1865-12-26 emigr 1889-05-29
Kerstin Eriksdotter b. 1845-04-03 in Norra Ny m. 1865-12-26 emigr 1889-10-26
Johannes b. 1866-08-06 in Norra Ny emigr 1888-03-17
Marit b. 1869-02-12 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Maria b. 1871-08-17 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Nils b. 1874-02-04 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Kerstin b. 1876-06-01 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Karin b. 1877-03-17 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Emil b. 1882-03-27 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Per Otto b. 1884-06-29 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Ingegerd Wilhelmina  b. 1887-01-24 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26
Gustaf b. 1889-04-29 in Norra Ny emigr 1889-10-26

Let´s try to find Nils Johannesson´s parents. Nils was born 1839-03-31 in Norra Ny. We find him in Norra Ny birth records (BR), His father is Johannes Andersson and his mother is Marit Persdotter. They live at Björby, Norra Ny (Encl 6). Björby starts on p 14 (Encl 7).

We find the family on p 18. It is called Björby, Holmen. Nils is the youngest of the children (Encl 8):

Johannes Andersson b. 1799 in Norra Stöllet, Norra Ny
Marit Persdotter b. 1795 in Osebohl, Norra Ny
Maria b. 1823-12-13 in Björby, Norra Ny
Anders b. 1825-11-19 in Björby, Norra Ny
Pehr b. 1829-05-01 in Björby, Norra Ny
Marit b. 1833-05-04 in Björby, Norra Ny Has only one arm
Kjerstin b. 1835-01-02 in Björby, Norra Ny
Nils b. 1839-03-31 in Björby, Norra Ny

I leave to you to find Kerstin Eriksdotter´s parents.

Good luck!


Kjell S Andersson 2014-02-02


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