Beverly Harbourt 2014-02-08

Can we interpret an 1846 court record for Måns Pehrson? Help is needed with the handwritten script as well as the column heading. Tool used was ArkivDigital. The record in question is Medelstads häradshäkte Ö:1 (1840-1847) Image 2990 (AID v480159.b2990).

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Beverly’s assessment:

I believe the heading for the first column says the year, month, and day the prisoner arrived into custody, which in this case is 26 August 1846.

I believe the heading for the third column says information on the crime or the reason the person was detained and the entry in the column I think says fourth instance of stealing.

I think the next column heading says the court before whom the prisoner was question; when the prisoner was questioned and in cases where the detention center was situated a great distance from the judicial investigation so that the prisoner could not come back to jail the same day that he was discharged from there, what day was he removed from custody and when was he returned. Of what crime and what penalty was the prisoner convicted and then something I think about a higher court system (an appeal?).

Kjell’s comments:

You are correct about the headings and the entries. And yes, the heading for the fourth columns describes the procedures when the case has been closed by a district court (“Häradsrätt”) or when a higher court of appeal (“Hovrätt”) has been involved.

Pehr Månsson is sent to life doing general work. The only good thing is that he is not sentenced to hard labor (Encl 1-3).

Here is the entry in the fourth column: “Remains from last month. On the 2nd of this month sent to Christianstad’s fortress in order to be kept there, doing general work, for the rest of his life, according to a decision made by the Skåne and Blekinge Royal Court of Appeal”.

So maybe a district Court decision had been appealed.

Kjell Andersson 2014-02-03