Rick Johnson 2014-03-08

Can you help me find churches and relatives in Sweden, in preparation for my trip this summer?

Rick intends to visit Sweden this summer (2014) and “would like to find some of the churches or cemeteries of his ancestors in the Skåne and Smoland Provinces. Also if possible see if he has living relatives still there”. He sent me information on some of his ancestors based on handwritten documents and no sources.

What made this research so cumbersome was that so many dates of birth and death were incorrect. That is understandable since the information is based on handwritten documents and family lore. So, to a large degree this job has been to find the facts and provide the sources for those facts so that the correct information can be entered into a genealogy software package creating the basis for Rick´s further research. And to be able identify a correct headstone when he sees one.

I also found a lot of churches. Since cemeteries always are collocated with the churches in Sweden there is no need to search separately for cemeteries.

Since Rick is new to ancestry research I have done a more comprehensive job showing how to do ancestry research. It is my hope that this will help and encourage Rick to get a quick start in this very interesting hobby.

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1 Pernilla Nilsson and Husband Nils Persson

1.1 Finding your ggrandmother Pernilla´s family and parishes

Pernilla Nilsdotter was born 1862-10-17 in Kviinge parish, Kristianstad län in Skåne province. She emigrated from Getaberga 1, Emmislöv, Kristianstad län 1885-10-09. She can be found on p 162 in the Household records for Emmislöv (Encl 1). We find her as a housemaid at Getaberga 1 in the Household Examination Records (HER) for Emmislöv 1880-1889. And she leaves Getaberga 1 1885-10-09 (Encl 2).

She leaves Sweden from the Malmö port 1885-10-15. She travels alone and her destination is New York, N.Y. (Encl 3).

Emmislöv is situated about 20 km north of Kristianstad (Encl 4). When we zoom in we can see the Getaberga village with a few farms (Encl 5).

Instead of looking her up in the birth records for Kviinge we are now going to trace her backwards in time through the HERs and Moving-in and –out records until we find her with her family. That way we will also find her siblings. We can see that she moved to Emmislöv from Kviinge 1883-11-09 (Encl 6). We find her in the Moving-out records for Kviinge and she has moved out from page 12 in the HER (Encl 7). On page 12 she is working as a housemaid and she has moved to this page from p 226 in 1882-10-24 (Encl 8).

We find her on p 226 which is Ballingstorp 6. She was here working as a housemaid at the beginning of 1882 (Encl 9). We find her at the same place during the previous period on p 220. She has moved in from p 39 1879 (Encl 10). Here we find her working as a housemaid at Kviinge 5. She has moved from p 194 in 1878 (Encl 11). Page 194 is Hanaskogstorp and here we find Pernilla with her mother and siblings. Her mother is a widow (Encl 12):

Maria Svensdotter b. 1824-04-21 in Pjätteryd
Anders b. 1859-10-12 in Kviinge
Pernilla b. 1862-10-17 in Kviinge
Elna b. 1866-03-30 in Kviinge
Per b. 1871-09-30 in Kviinge

During the previous period we find the family, and now also the father, on p 188. They live at Hanaskogstorp No 12 in Kviinge. Nils and Maria has married in 1850. Nils was born 1828-08-13 in Fjelkestad, Kristianstads län and dies 1876-03-12 in Kviinge, Kristianstads län (Encl 13).

During the earlier period (1861-1870) they had the daughter (Encl 14):

Anna b. 1856-12-08 in Kviinge d. 1869-02-07 in Kviinge

1857-1861 Nils and Maria live at Hanaskogstorp, Ekelund with their two children Anna and Anders (Encl 15). Looking at the HER for the previous period shows that they had two more children before Anna. Both of them died (Encl 16):

Pernilla b. 1852-06-22 in Kviinge d. 1853-03-14 in Kviinge
Per b. 1854-01-06 in Kviinge d. 1856-04-23 in Kviinge

The young family is at the same place during the previous period (Encl 17). And then, on the next slide, we find Nils´family. And here Nils is stated to have been born 1828-08-14 (Encl 18).

So, let´s take a look at some birth records. We start with Pernilla Nilsdotter. We find her in the birth recors (BR) for 1862. Her birth date is confirmed as October 17. She was baptized on October 26 (Encl 19).

I cannot find Nils Persson´s birth record in BR Fjelkestad. I found him with his family in the Moving-out records for Fjelkestad 1830. They moved from a place called Råbelöf 16 (Encl 20).

We find them in the HER for Råbelöv at the time when they moved to Kviinge 1830. Råbelöv is an annex parish to Fjelkestad up until 1836 (Encl 21). So Nils can probably be found in the birth records for Råbelöv? That was a correct assumption. He was born 1828-06-13 and baptized 1828-06-22 in Råbelöv (Encl 22).

So, where are these places? Well, they are not far from Kristianstad. Kviinge church is situated in Hanaskog. Kviinge parish has about 1.400 inhabitants today (Encl 23-24). Kviinge church was built at the end of the 14th century (Encl 25-26). Hanaskog is the name of a big farm where most of the inhabitants in Kviinge parish worked. The Hanaskog Mansion is like a castle (Encl 27).

Råbelöv´s church is situated about 10 km north-east of Kristianstad (Encl 28-29). It was built during the 13th century). Råbelöv was an annex parish to Fjelkestad until 1836. After 1836 it was absorbed by Fjelkestad. Råbelövs Castle (Encl 30).

Nils Persson´s date of death was confirmed as 1876-03-12 by the Death Records (DR) for Kviinge (Encl 31).

1.2 What happened to Pernilla´s siblings?

1.2.1 Anders Nilsson b. 1859-10-12 in Kviinge left Hanskogs gård 1888-09-07 to emigrate to USA (Encl 32). He left Malmö port 1888-09-13. He travelled alone and his destination was Omaha, Nebraska (Encl 33). He could not be found in the Swedish death records 1801-2009 so he probably did not return to Sweden.

1.2.2 Elna Nilsson b. 1866-03-30 in Kviinge left Hanaskogs gård the same day as her brother, Anders, to emigrate to USA (Encl 34). She leaves Malmö port the same day as Anders. Her destination is also Omaha, Nebraska. The record shows that she is travelling alone. That, of course is not true. But this is how the data was interpreted when they had their own tickets not being part of a common contract (Encl 35).

1.2.3 Per Nilsson b. 1871-09-30 in Kviinge in Kviinge left Hanaskogs gård the same day as his brother and sister, Anders and Elna, to emigrate to USA (Encl 36). The record shows that he is travelling alone. That, of course, is not true. But this is how the data was interpreted when they had their own tickets rather than being part of a common contract (Encl 37).

All other children died young. The conclusion is that there cannot be any now living descendants of Pernilla´s siblings in Sweden.

Pernilla´s mother, Maria Svensdotter, b. 1821-04-21 in Pjätteryd also leaves home in Hanaskog to emigrate to USA, but 6 months later, 1889-03-30 (Encl 38). She leaves the port of Malmö 1889-04-11 and her destination is the same as her children´s, Omaha, Nebraska (Encl 39).

In the Kviinge HERs her birth year is 1824-04-21. In Emibas it is 1821-04-21. What is true? According to the Pjätteryd BR none of the dates is correct! I cannot find her in the Pjätteryd BR. And there are no Moving-out records available for the period when Maria would have been 7 years old. I think the 1824-04-21 is the most likely to be correct. So where is Pjetteryd? Well, it is located in the south-western part of Kronobergs län (Encl 40).

Maria´s parents are Sven Andersson (Not Sven Svensson) b. 1794-08-05 in Blendinge and Märta Persdotter b. 1791-10-27 in Blendinge (Encl 41). When Maria moves out 1843 to p 54 she is born 1824-01-12 in Blendinge. When she comes back from p 54 in 1846 she is born 1824-01-21 in Pjetteryd. Very confusing (Encl 42). Time to look at the Pjetteryd birth records again. She really was born 1824-01-12 in Pjetteryd! The record is a mess and has been changed a lot but it is clear that she really was born 1824-01-12 (Encl 43). So where is Blendinge? It could be another parish or it could be a place within Pjätteryd. I have not found the place. There is a parish Blädinge in Småland. But I did not find Sven or Märta in Blädinge´s birth records.

1.3 Finding your ggrandfather Nils Persson´s family and parishes

Nils´ father is Per Andersson b. 1824-02-08, d. 1909-11-21. Per´s wife is Karna Nilsson b. 1829, d. 1896. They lived in the vicinity of Huaröd near Kristianstad (Rick Johnson 2014-03-03).

Nils Persson was born 1859-02-21 in Vankiva, Kristianstads län. He emigrated 1882-11-20 (not 1881-12) from Ballingstorp 3, Kviinge, Kristianstads län. He can be found on p 226 in the HERs for Kviinge (Encl 44).

We find him on p 226 in the HER. He works as a farmhand. This is the same farm where Pernilla also worked! She moved out 1882-10-24 and Nils moved out 1882-11-20. They had worked together for at least a year when they moved. So they knew each other! (Encl 45). And it is confirmed that he leaves Ballingstorp 6 1882-11-20 (Encl 46). He leaves the port of Copenhagen 1882-11-23. He travels alone and his final destination is Oakland, Nebraska (Encl 47). Even though Pernilla had her destination as New York when she emigrated all her siblings and her mother had the final destination Omaha, Nebraska. So it is a fair assumption that also Pernilla ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. So what is the distance between Oakland and Omaha? It is just 58 miles!

I cannot find Nils in the Vankiva birth records. So, we have to find him some other way. Using the birth dates for his father, Per Andersson, in Death records or Census records did not work either. As we will see later, his father´s birth date was not 1824-02-08.

Since Per´s wife´s first name, Karna, is unusual I decided to try to find the family through her. She was supposed to have died 1896 so she should be possible to find in the Swedish Census 1890. I entered Karna b. 1829 and I got 160 hits. One of those was Karna Nilsdotter b. 1829 in Kviinge, being married and living at Hörred in Norra Strö parish (Encl 48). That looked promising so I looked at the HERs for Norra Strö parish that included the year 1890. And I found Karna Nilsdotter living in Hörred with her husband Per Andersson and four children. Nils is not one of them but he is not supposed to be since he left Sweden 1882. The record also shows that the family can be found on p 238 in the previous record. Some of the children moves to USA but we will come back to that later when we want to trace all the siblings of Nils. First we have to find Nils in order to confirm that this is the correct family (Encl 49).

We find the family at the same place during the period 1881-1885. Still no Nils but he has probably moved out before 1881 (Encl 50). We also find the family during the period 1878-1881. Still No Nils. The family is supposed to be found on p 160 in the previous record (Encl 51). So, we go to p 160 in that document and we find the family again. And now we also find Nils Persson b. 1859-02-21 in Vankiva, being one of the sons! So we have found the correct family! Since we want to find all his siblings we continue the tracing backwards before we start going forwards. The record says that the family has moved to this place from p 118 1875-11-12 (Encl 52).

The next record shows that the family has moved in from p 145 in 1872 (Encl 53). And on p 145 we can see that the family moved in from Vankiva parish in 1860 (Encl 54). We find the family in the Moving-out records for Vankiva. They moved from a place called “Johanneshus”. No page number is given. In this record Per Andersson´s birth date is 1824-02-09 (as opposed to 1824-12-09 before) (Encl 55).

Checking the birth records for Kviinge it turns out that Per Andersson´s birthdate is 1824-02-09. And birth records are always more accurate than HERs because they are kept in chronological order. His parents are Anders Truedsson and Bengta Abrahamsdotter. Aha! So Anders Truedsson is Nils Persson´s paternal grandfather (Encl 56).

There are no Village indexes in the Vankiva HERs around 1860. Since Bengta Nilsdotter, Nils´older sister was born 1857 in Vankiva may be we can find out where the family lived in 1857? We find her birth record and her birth date 1857-04-29 is confirmed. She was baptized 1857-05-05 (Encl 57). The family lives at Johanneshus with no page number given. And suddenly we find Nils Persson´s birth record! His birth date is confirmed to be 1859-02-21. He is baptized 1859-02-26 (Encl 58).

Scanning through the HER for Vankiva 1855-1859 we find the family on p 53. No more children are registered. Per Andersson has moved in from Färlöv in 1855. Karna Nilsdotter has moved in the same year from Kviinge. So it looks like we have found the whole family (Encl 59). Before we start tracing Nils Persson´s siblings forward we need to find out where the parishes are.

Places named are Kviinge, Vankiva and Norra Strö (with Hörred). We have covered Kviinge before. Vankiva is situated just 4 km north of Hässleholm (Encl 60-61). The parish has about 340 residents. The Church was built during the latter part of the 12th century (Encl 62).

Norra Strö parish has about 350 residents. In 2003 it was absorbed by the Araslöv parish. The church is north-west of Kristianstad (Encl 63). It was built at the end of the 12th century and it is very beautiful (Encl 64).

1.4 What happened to Nils Persson´s siblings?

Here is the entire family (Encl 65):

Per Andersson b. 1824-02-09 in Kviinge, Kristianstads län
Karna Nilsdotter b. 1829-05-22 in Kviinge, Kristianstads län
Bengta b. 1857-04-29 in Vankiva, Kristianstads län
Nils b. 1859-02-21 in Vankiva, Kristianstads län (We already know)
Per b. 1860-10-30 in Norra Strö, Kristianstads län
Trued b. 1862-06-20 in Norra Strö, Kristianstads län
Anders b. 1864-06-19 in Norra Strö, Kristianstads län
August b. 1866-04-21 in Norra Strö, Kristianstads län
Johanna b. 1869-12-25 in Norra Strö, Kristianstads län

1.4.1 Bengta Nilsdotter b. 1857-04-29

Bengta gets married in 1890-05-04 and has a daughter 1891 (Encl 66). 1893 she has two children (Encl 67):

Per Nilsson b. 1857-02-15 in Kviinge m. 1890-05-04
Bengta Persdotter b. 1857-04-29 in Vankiva m. 1890-05-04
Hanna Elisabet b. 1891-05-09 in Norra Strö
Nils Arvid b. 1893-03-02 in Norra Strö

The family moves to Kviinge 1893-10-22. Bengta´s parents are now alone. They can be found on p 158 during the next period (Encl 68). Karna Nilsdotter dies 1896-02-17 (Encl 69). Bengta´s father, Per Andersson emigrates to USA 1907-10-02 (Encl 70). He leaves the port of Malmö 1907-10-11. He is travelling alone and his destination is Boston, Mass (Encl 71).

1.4.2 Nils Persson b. 1859-02-21

We know from before that he emigrated to Oakland, Nebraska 1882-11-20.

1.4.3 Per Persson b. 1860-10-30

Per emigrates to USA from Hörred, Norra Strö parish 1888-09-10 (Encl 72). He leaves the port of Malmö 1888-09-13. He travels alone. His final destination is Omaha, Nebraska (Encl 73).

1.4.4 Trued Persson b. 1862-06-20

Trued emigrates to USA from Övarp 23, Norra Strö parish 1883-11-12 (Encl 75). He leaves the port of Malmö 1883-11-15. He travels alone and his final destination is Oakland. I presume it is Oakland, Nebraska since that is the place to which his older brother, Nils, emigrated (Encl 76).

1.4.5 Anders Persson b. 1864-05-19

Anders emigrates to USA from Hörred, Norra Strö 1887-06-18 (Encl 72). He leaves the port of Malmö 1887-06-23. He travels together with his brother, August, and their destination is New York, N.Y. (Encl 74).

1.4.6 August Persson b. 1866-04-21

August emigrates to USA from Hörred, Norra Strö the same day as Anders, 1887-06-18, (Encl 72). He leaves the port of Malmö 1887-06-23. He travels together with his brother,Anders, and their destination is New York, N.Y. (Encl 74).

1.4.7 Johanna Persson b. 1869-12-25

Johanna emigrates to USA from Hörred, Norra Strö parish 1885-10-01 (Encl 77). She leaves the port of Malmö 1885-10-15. She travels alone. Her destination is New York, N.Y. (Encl 78).

So, every one of the seven children, except Bengta, emigrated to USA between 1882 and 1888. The mother died 1896 and the father emigrated to USA 1907. But what happened to Bengta?

Well, she moved to Kviinge 1893-10-22. We find her family is Hanaskogstorp. They have one more child. Per works in a lime-stone quarry (Encl 79). 1898 they have four children. They live at Hanaskogstorp No 30. 1898 they move to p 217 (Encl 80). Page 217 is Hanaskogstorp No 6. This is how the family looks 1906 (Encl 81):

Per Nilsson b. 1857-02-15 in Kviinge m. 1890-05-04
Bengta Persdotter b. 1857-04-29 in Vankiva m. 1890-05-04
Hanna Elisabet b. 1891-05-09 in Norra Strö
Nils Arvid b. 1893-03-02 in Norra Strö d. 1902-03-19
Karl Ragnar b. 1894-10-14 in Kviinge
Otto Theodor b. 1897-08-13 in Kviinge

They move to p 222 1906. This is Hanaskogstorp No 9. No change in the family. We will find the family on p 275 in the next book (Encl 82). It is still the same place and Per is still a crofter. They stay here for 10 years before they all move to Sörby 1918-03-22 (Encl 83). We find them at Sjunkaröd No 1. All of them will stay there except Karl Ragnar. They will remain at this place at the end of the period and will be found on p 36 at the start of the next period starting 1929 (But this record is the latest available). Karl Ragnar moves to Vinslöv 1924-10-20 (Encl 84).

Hanna Elisabet dies an unmarried woman in Vinslöv 1971-06-17 (Encl 85). Otto Theodor dies an unmarried man in Vinslöv 1978-11-21 (Encl 86).

This means Karl Ragnar is the only descendant from which there may be now living descendants in Sweden.

Karl Ragnar dies a married man in Vinslöv 1982-07-02. He married 1941-12-23 (Encl 87). His wife is Rut Viktoria Persson b. 1897-03-12 in Norra Mellby (Encl 88). She dies 1986-03-13 in Kungsängen (Encl 89). When she married she was 44 years old. Therefore they probably did not have any children.

The conclusion is that none of Nils Persson´s siblings can have any now living descendants in Sweden. I think we have dealt with all these parishes in earlier parts of this documents.

2 Carl Anton Martinsson and Ellen Caroline Nelson

2.1 Finding the family members´correct birth and death dates and parishes

We find Carl Anton´s birth record without any problem. His father is Martin Månsson and his mother is Maria Nilsdotter. They live at Mejarpstorp, p 96 in the HER (Encl 90). We find the whole family in the HER. Carl Anton´s grandfather is Måns Jakobsson b. 1827-10-02 (not 1826-10-25) d. 1888-12-18 (not 1888-09-24). His grandmother is Bengta Jonasdotter b. 1822-03-26 (Encl 91):

Martin Månsson b. 1857-07-05 in Verum m. 1880-05-17
Maria Nilsdotter b. 1852-03-11 in Mellby m. 1880-05-17
Anna Augusta b. 1881-06-06 in Verum
Johanna Christina b. 1882-12-27 in Verum
Carl Anton b. 1884-09-24 in Verum
Ida Charlotta b. 1887-08-07 in Verum

During the next period (1888-1899) they have one more daughter (Encl 92):

Selma Maria b. 1889-07-19 in Verum

During this period Martin Månsson “Vistas I Amerika” i.e. ”Resides in U.S.” (Encl 93). Bengta Jonasdotter dies 1895-12-20 (not 1898) (Encl 94). During the next period everybody disappears. Martin dies in Morgan County, Utah 1900-02-03 and Maria Nilsdotter dies 1903-12-13 (Encl 95-96).
2.2 What happened to Carl Anton´s siblings?

The first to emigrate to US is Ida Charlotta. She leaves home 1903-03-20 (Encl 96). She leaves the port of Malmö 1903-04-10. She travels alone and her destination is New York (Encl 97).

Next to emigrate is Carl Anton. He leaves home 1904-04-08 (Encl 96). He leaves the port of Malmö 1904-04-25. He travels alone and his destination is New York (Encl 98).

Next, Selma Maria and Anna Augusta leave the port of Malmö 1904-08-19 together. Selma Maria leaves home 1904-08-04 (Encl 96) while Anna Augusta is coming from the Degerberga parish. They have bought their tickets on the same contract and therefore they show up as travelling together (Encl 99-100).

Johanna Christina moves to Bosjökloster 1904-11-03 (Encl 96 and 101). She signs into Bosjökloster 1904-11-18 and should be found at Karstorp, p 123 (Encl 102). And there she is (Encl 103). She can be found on p 208 in the “new book” i.e. “during the next period” (Encl 104).

She is a housemaid on p 208 (Encl 105). She emigrates to Omaha, Nebraska, USA 1907-10-04 (Encl 106).

So now all the siblings have emigrated to USA and therefore there will be no living descendants from them today in Sweden. So, to find potential now living relatives on your maternal grandfather´s side we have to go back to Carl Anton´s parent´s siblings. I did and here is what I found (if you are interested I will be happy to provide the documentation):

Martin Månsson only had one sibling, Johanna Månsdotter, b. 1859-10-21 in Verum, d. 1862-01-03 in Verum.

Maria Nilsdotter had six siblings. 2 died young, one died unmarried at 26 years of age and three emigrated to USA, 2 in 1869 and 1 in 1871. So, there cannot be any now living descendants in Sweden from Carl Anton´s parent´s siblings. Your ancestors really worked hard to eliminate all traces of them in Sweden.

But where are all these places? Verum is a very small parish. 40 acres and about 50 residents. But it has a nice church and cemetery (Encl 107). The parish is situated not far from the border between Kristianstad´s län and Kronoberg´s län (Encl 108-109).

Norra Mellby parish is situated south of Hässleholm (Encl 110-111). Its church was inaugurated in year 1150 (Encl 112).

2.3 Finding your maternal grandmother Ellen Caroline Nelson.

She was born 1890-05-27 in Smoland (lansboro). She immigrated to USA in October 1909 (Rick Johnson 2014-03-01). There is no parish with this name in the Småland province. I cannot find her in the Swedish Census 1900. Then I changed her name to Elin, her birth year 1890 in Småland province, her father´s first name Nils and her mother´s first name Maria (Encl 113). I got only two hits. One of them looks promising (Encl 114). So we go to the HER for Fröderyd in Jönköpings län and here we find Elin Karolina b. 1890-05-27 in Fröderyd. (Encl 115).

As can be seen Elin Karolina has multiple siblings born between 1879 and 1893. To find out if she has older siblings we need to trace the family back for some time. Several emigrates but we will return to that when we have found all the siblings. Her mother dies 1908-01-11 (Encl 116).

After tracing the family back to 1879 (Encl 117-120) we can now determine how the family looks:

Nils Peter Johansson b. 1857-03-23 in Ramkvilla, Jönköpings län
Maria Kristina Karlsdotter b. 1851-09-18 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län d. 1908-01-11
Hanna Mathilda b. 1879-10-25 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län Denmark 1897-05-09
Josef b. 1881-04-16 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län Vetlanda 1912
Adina Josefina b. 1883-02-25 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län Lannaskede 1912
Carl Johan b. 1885-08-11 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län d. 1885-08-17
Carl Anton b. 1886-09-12 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län d. 1887-05-10
Amos Sigfrid b. 1888-02-14 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län USA 1909-02-22
Elin Carolina b. 1890-05-27 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län USA 1909-09-11
Nelly Linnea b. 1893-01-26 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län
Nelly´s o.ä. dotter: Brita Alfhild Ingeborg b. 1912-09-03 in Lannaskede

Hanna Mathilda does not show up in the Swedish Death Index 1901-2009. Therefore she probably does not return to Sweden. Nils Peter Johansson, Nelly Linnea and her illegitimate daughter move to Lannaskede 1920-12-08. Brita Alfhild Ingeborg´s father is K.A. Alexandersson according to a court decision in Linköping 1918-07-15 (Encl 121-122).

This means that there are just three siblings of Elin Carolina who may have now living descendants in Sweden: Josef, Adina Josefina and Nelly Linnea.

A Josef Nilsson b. 1881-04-16 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län

Josef leaves Fröderyd 1912-05-10 to move to Vetlanda (Encl 116). He is a shoemaker and he moves to p 473 (II) in Vetlanda (Encl 123). Before we start tracing him in Vetlanda let´s check with the Death Index if he died unmarried. And he did! He died 1950-08-18 in Vetlanda. He was unmarried (Encl 124). Now we only have two siblings left.

B Adina Josefina b. 1883-02-25 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län

Adina Josefina leaves Fröderyd 1912-11-02 to move to Lannaskede (Encl 116). We find her in the Moving-in records. She moves to p 90 (Encl 125). She is working at the big farm Broby Trullagården in Lannaskede at the end of 1916 (Encl 126). She is married to the Homestead owner Per Gustaf Arvid Hägg 1923-04-02. He is born 1888-01-25 in Lannaskede. At the end of 1931 they have no children and since Adina Josefina now is 48 years old there will not be any either (Encl 127). Per Gustaf Arvid dies 1958-12-12 in Lannaskede (Encl 128). Adina Josefina dies 1978-01-26 at Brobygården, Landsbro municipality. Adina Josefina is 95 years old and Brobygården is a retirement place in Landsbro. Aha! Landsbro was the place you gave as the birth place for Ellen Caroline Nelson!n (Which was not correct) (Encl 129).

So now only one sibling remains:

C Nelly Linnea Nilsson b. 1893-01-26 in Fröderyd, Jönköpings län

Nelly Linnea leaves Fröderyd with her daughter and father 1920-12-08 to move to Lannaskede (Encl 122). We find them all three on p 52 in Lannaskede HER 1917-1931. The father works in a sawmill and Nelly is a seamstress (Encl 130). All three move to Vetlanda 1922-11-23 (Encl 131).

We find them on p 168 in Kvarteret Ärlan No 90 during the period 1921-1925. The father is still a Saw-mill worker and Nelly is a seamstress. Nelly has one more illegitimate daughter, Dagmar Ingegärd b. 1923-08-04 in Pjätteryd, Kronobergs län (Encl 132).

Nils Peter Johansson dies 1936-12-25 at Broby Tullagård, Lannaskede, Vetlanda (Encl 133).

Nelly Linnéa marries 1928-04-07 and moves, together with her daughter, Dagmar Ingegärd, to p 476. Her daughter Brita Alfhild Ingeborg moves to p 655 in 1930 (Encl 134-135).

We find Nelly Linnéa and her daughter Dagmar Ingegärd on p 476. Nelly Linnéa is married to

Karl Josef Georg Nilsson b. 1901-07-14 in Vetlanda

They have a daughter:

Kerstin Gunborg Marianne b. 1928-09-12 in Vetlanda

In 1929 they all move to p 370 (Encl 136-137). 1930 they have one more daughter (Encl 138):

Karin Linnea b. 1930-06-13 in Vetlanda

This is as far as the HERs go. From here on we have to rely on other records. But first we need to trace Nelly Linnéa’s oldest daughter, Brita Alfhild Ingeborg Alexandersson. She moved to p 655 in 1930 (Encl 134-135). And that is where she is at the end of 1930. She works as a housemaid (Encl 139).

Nelly Linnéa may have more children but it is difficult to find out since the HERs stop at 1930 for Vetlanda. For now we may just accept that we have four potential mothers to trace:

C1 Brita Alfhild Ingeborg Alexandersson b. 1912-09-03 in Lannaskede
C2 Dagmar Ingegärd Nilsson b. 1923-08-04 in Pjätteryd
C3 Kerstin Gunborg Marianne Nilsson b. 1928-04-12 in Vetlanda
C4 Karin Linnea Nilsson b. 1930-06-13 in Vetlanda

Nelly Linnéa Nilsson dies 1965-01-27 in Vetlanda (Encl 140). Her husband dies 1991-0208 in Norrahammar (Encl 141). Let´s now try to find out what happens to the four girls after 1930.

C1 Brita Alfhild Ingeborg Alexandersson

She dies 1999-02-26 in Vetlanda. She is a widow since 1979-08-25 (Encl 142). Her husband was Torsten Emanuel Johansson b. 1908-05-09 in Vetlanda. The married 1937-10-09 (Encl 143). The first Census is 1970 and there are no children living with them then. If they had any they have probably moved out before 1970. There are ways to find out if they had children between 1937 and 1942 but we leave that for now (if we find other distant cousins they can “complete the picture”) and go to the next girl:

C2 Dagmar Ingegärd Nilsson

Dagmar Ingegerd was married to Helmer Erik Ragnar Petersson 1947-03-29. He is born 1916-03-09 in Ölmstad, Jönköpings län. In 1990 they live at Wilhelm Thams väg 49, Huskvarna. (Encl 144-145). 1970 they have two daughters living with them (Encl 146-147):

Lilian Ingegerd Petersson b. 1954-04-17 in Huskvarna, Jönköpings län
Inger Eva-Lena Petersson b. 1956-12-24 in Huskvarna, Jönköpings län


C21 Lilian Ingegerd Petersson

1980 Lilian Ingegerd is married to Erik Otto Robert Lago b. 1949-07-02 in Jönköpings Sofia, Jönköpings län. They have a daughter (Encl 148):

Ellen Lago b. 1980-01-13 in Jönköpings Sofia, Jönköpings län

1990 Ellen lives with Lilian Ingegerd who is divorced since 1982-10-29 (Encl 149). Today (2014) Lilian lives at Västra Storgatan 19C in Jönköping. Her phone number is +46 36-16 28 92. Her cell phone number is +46 73-536 9681 (Encl 150). You can see where she lives on the map (Encl 151).

PUH! That was a lot of work to find one now living distant cousin!

C22 Inger Eva-Lena Petersson

I found Inger Eva-Lena in the 1980 Census. Then she still lived with her parents. I have not found her in the 1990 Census. Not on www.birthday.se either. She may have moved abroad.

C3 Kerstin Gunborg Marianne Nilsson

She dies 2003-01-03 in Nässjö, Jönköpings län. She was married since 1954-09-18 (Encl 152). Her husband was Evert Eide Ruben Jonsson b. 1923-11-12 in Askeröd, Jönköpings län (Encl 153). They probably did not have any children. In 1970 the oldest would have been 15-16 years. Too young to have moved out already.

C4 Karin Linnea Nilsson

Karin Linnéa gets married 1950-11-11 to Uno Emanuel Helmersson b. 1921-06-07 in Vetlanda, Jönköpings län. They have a son:

Johan Helmersson b. 1964-12-25 in Ljungarum, Jönköpings län

In 1990 the family lives at Yttre Ljungarumsv 6, Jönköping (Encl 154). In 1970 they have 4 children (Encl 155):

C41 Anders Helmersson b. 1951-04-04 in Huskvarna
C42 Hans Helmersson b. 1952-11-03 in Huskvarna
C43 Karin Helene b. 1958-06-06 in Ljungarum
C44 Johan Helmersson b. 1964-12-25 in Ljungarum


C41 Anders Helmersson

Anders gets married 1984-02-03 to Karin Maria Olsson b. 1954-05-05 in Svarttorp, Jönköpings län. 1990 they have three children and they live at Västergården, Lekeryd, Jönköpings län (Encl 156). Today (2014) Anders lives at Runnavägen 37, Jönköping. His phone number is +46 36-807 27 (Encl 157). You can see where he lives on the map. Pretty close to Lilian Lago (Encl 158).

C42 Hans Helmersson

Hans marries Anna Catharina Helmersson 1984-08-04. In 1990 they live at Doktor Abrahams väg 15 A, Bromma and they have two children (Encl 159). Today Hans lives with Anna Catharina at Hoby 231, Lund. His phone number is +46 24 99 77 (shared with Catharina). His cell number is +46 70 868 40 31 (Encl 160). The map shows where he lives (Encl 161).

C43 Karin Helene Helmersson

1983-05-13 Karin Helene marries Lars-Göran Bergsman b. 1957-07-27 in Annedal, Göteborgs och Bohuslän. In 1990 they have two children and they live at Rutegatan 115, Visby (Encl 162). Today (2014) Karin Helene lives at Södrabogränd 11 A, Växjö. Phone number +46 470 72 92 42. Cell number +46 73 909 15 50 (Encl 163). The map shows where they live (Encl 164).

C44 Johan Helmersson

We know from before that Johan lives with his parents 1990. Today (2014) Johan live at Tulpanvägen 4, Kristianstad with his wife, Pia Annelie Helmersson b. 1966-08-11, and son Filip Helmersson, b. 1993-08-17 (Encl 165). The phone number is registered on Annelie Helmersson. It is +46 44 12 00 36. The cell number is +46 70 399 75 05 (Encl 166). The map shows where they live (Encl 167).

Three parishes have been mentioned frequently above: Fröderyd, Vetlanda and Lannaskede. Where are they situated?

Fröderyd parish is situated within Vetlanda Municipality and so is Lannaskede parish. There are 375 residents in Fröderyd. In 1971 Fröderyd parish was absorbed by Lannaskede parish. Fröderyd Church picture (Encl 168). Lannaskede was merged with Ramkvilla, Fröderyd, Bäckaby and Myresjö parishes in 2010. It now has about 3.500 residents. Lannaskede Church (Encl 169). Lannaskede Church on map (Encl 170-171).

Now living relatives have been found only from one of your maternal grandmother´s, Elin Carolina, siblings, namely Nelly Linnéa Nilsson. Nelly Linnéa had 4 daughters. We have found five now living descendants from two of them. These five cousins are born 1951, 1952, 1954, 1858 and 1964. (And they have multiple children and grandchildren).

Today they live in Jönköping, Lund, Växjö and Kristianstad and they all are around 60 years old, an age at which they should be interested in genealogy and perhaps getting a call from U.S.
Good luck!

Kjell S Andersson 2014-03-06

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