Robin Sutherland 2014-03-12

Who lives at my ancestors home farm now, and are they related to me?

Peter Persson b. 1809-01-10 in Gårdsby lives with his family at a place called ¼ mtl Stojby, Bosgården during the period 1836-1841. Robin wants to know who lives there today and whether they are related to her. I take it that she is related to Peter Persson to start with.

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To find an answer to the question we can analyze the situation in two different ways. We can try to figure out who lives there today and then trace that person back to see if he or she is related to Peter Persson. Or we can trace the Persson family forward to see if any of the descendants stay at the farm today. So, which method should we use?

Well, even if we know the names of the present inhabitants there it will be a big job to figure out if anyone of them is related to Peter Persson´s family. And that is not how ancestry research is done. So, I have chosen the other method. In order to limit the size of the project I will only trace the descendants who stay in this parish. I will not trace persons who move to other parishes. That would be to create a full family tree.

Going through HERs for Gårdsby, covering the period 1836-1861, we now know all the family members (Encl 1-9):

Peter Persson b. 1809-01-10 in Gårdsby Homestead owner
Sara Nilsdotter b. 1814-08-12 in Hornaryd
Anna Catharina b. 1835-12-24 in Gårdsby m. 1863-04-19
Johan b. 1837-10-19 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1857-12-30
Petter Magnus b. 1839-08-08 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1858-04-07
Johannes b. 1841-11-08 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1866-04-19
Nils Gustaf b. 1844-01-19 in Gårdsby Moves to p 155 1867
Carl b. 1846-03-28 in Gårdsby d. 1859-07-18 in Gårdsby
Andreas b. 1848-02-01 in Gårdsby d. 1851-10-22 in Gårdsby
August b. 1850-03-06 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1866-04-19
Lovisa Maria b. 1852-03-28 in Gårdsby d. 1852-10-15 in Gårdsby
Lovisa b. 1853-10-06 in Gårdsby d. 1854-06-13 in Gårdsby
Andreas b. 1855-05-28 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1872-04-10
David b. 1859-04-25 in Gårdsby d. 1859-09-05 in Gårdsby

Stojby, Bosgården consists of three farms and a soldier´s cottage. Peter Persson owns one of the three farms, being ¼ mtl in size.

Johan and Petter Magnus emigrates to U.S. 1857 and 1858. Both of them actually leave Sweden in 1858. The oldest daughter, Anna Catharina, gets married with Johan Peter Johannisson in 1863 and takes over the farm from Anna Catharina´s father. In 1865 they have two children (Encl 8). Johannes and August emigrate to U.S. in 1866. The only son left, Nils Gustaf, moves to the next page (Encl 7) and marries and becomes the owner of one of the other two farms at Stojby, Bosgården. 1871 he has three children (Encl 9).

Nils Gustafs younger brother, Andreas, works as a farmhand for Nils Gustaf until he emigrates to U.S. 1872 (Encl 10-11). Nils Gustaf´s parents live at the same farm as “tenants” (Undantag) (Encl 12).

In 1875 a family moves in at Stojby, Bosgård and they establish the “Stojby, Bosgård Inn”, called “Lidhem” as a fourth place in the neighborhood (Encl 13).

In 1880 Nils Gustaf Petersson lives with his family at the same place (Encl 14):

Nils Gustaf Petersson b. 1844-01-19 in Gårdsby m. 1867-11-03
    Homestead owner
Stina Cajsa Hansdotter b. 1848-02-02 in Gårdsby m. 1867-11-03
Johanna Lovisa b. 1867-12-21 in Gårdsby
Frans Edward b. 1869-04-01 in Gårdsby
Peter Johan August b. 1871-08-17 in Gårdsby
Hilda Maria b. 1874-07-05 in Gårdsby
Carl Magni b. 1876-12-27 in Gårdsby
Johannes Gustaf b. 1880-08-18 in Gårdsby

Nils Gustaf´s mother dies 1879-07-15. His father is still living with them (Encl 15).

Nils Gustaf´s neighbor is his sister with husband and children. Her husband dies 1880-07-17 (Encl 16-17):

Johan Peter Johannisson b. 1838-04-01 in Örneberga m. 1863-04-19 d. 1880-07-17
Anna Kathrina Petersdotter b. 1835-12-24 in Gårdsby m. 1863-04-19
Ida Christina b. 1864-01-15 in Gårdsby Emigrates to U.S. 1878-03-05
Lovisa Sofia b. 1865-09-25 In Gårdsby
Sara Mathilda b. 1868-01-20 in Gårdsby
Peter August b. 1870-09-16 in Gårdsby
Jenny Augusta b. 1874-10-27 in Gårdsby

1886 Nils Gustaf and Stina Cajsa have two more children (Encl 18):

Esther Elisabeth b. 1884-02-08 in Gårdsby
Karin Emilia b. 1886-06-18 in Gårdsby

1887-02-09 Johanna Lovisa marries and moves to p 175. 1887-07-05 all other family members, including Nils Gustaf and Stina Cajsa, move to Växjö Stadsförsamling after having sold the farm (Encl 19).

During the period 1880-1885 Anna Kathrina sells her farm. Her daughter, Lovisa Sofia, moves to p 195 1884-09-01 (Encl 20-21). After having sold the farm Anna Kathrina settles down close by in a “Backstuga” called “Sjöborgen” with her son and two remaining daughters (Encl 22).

Sara Mathilda and Peter August move to Risinge in Hemmesjö 1887-09-26. Peter August is not returning but Sara Mathilda returns home after two years. She stays one year and then she moves to Söraby 1890-10-24. In 1891 only the mother, Anna Kathrina and her daughter, Jenny Augusta, remains at “Sjöborgen” (Encl 22-23). Jenny Augusta dies at “Sjöborgen” 1891-06-09 (Encl 24).

Peter Pehrsson dies 1895-10-29 in Stojby Bosgård, Gårdsby (Encl 25). So Peter and Sara did not emigrate to USA.

Anna Kathrina still lives at “Sjöborgen” in Stojby, Bosgård in 1903 (Encl 26). And in 1912 (Encl 27). She dies 1920-03-22 at “Sjöborgen” in Stojby, Bosgård, Gårdsby (Encl 28-29).


Peter Persson and his wife Sara Nilsdotter both dies in Stojby, Bosgård, Gårdsby. Of their 12 children 5 dies young, 5 emigrate to USA and 2 stay in Stojby, Bosgård:

Anna Kathrina and Nils Gustaf.

Nils Gustaf marries and has 8 children. During 1887 one of those, Johanna Lovisa marries and moves to p 175. All other family members move the same year to Växjö Stadsförsamling.

Anna Kathrina marries and has 5 children. Her husband dies 1880. Of the 5 children 1 (Ida Christina) emigrates to USA and another daughter (Lovisa Sofia) moves 1884 to p 195. Her son, Peter August, moves to Risinge, Hemmesjö in 1887. Her 4th child, Sara Mathilda moves to Söraby parish 1890. Finally her youngest child, Jenny Augusta, dies 1891.

So, in total only two children did not immediately move out of Gårdsby. They are Johanna Lovisa and Lovisa Sofia.

Johanna Lovisa b. 1867-12-21 in Gårdsby

We find her family on p 175 (Encl 30):

Johan August Svensson b. 1863-08-15 in Gårdsby m. 1887-02-09
Johanna Lovisa Nilsdotter b. 1867-12-21 in Gårdsby m. 1887-02-09
Frans Gustaf b. 1887-05-01 in Gårdsby

The whole family emigrates to USA 1888-03-05 (Encl 31).

Lovisa Sofia b. 1865-09-25

Lovisa Sofia is a housemaid at Stojby, Gerdesgård in 1885 (Encl 32). She moves to Ekesås p 146 in 1888-03-25 (Encl 33-34). In 1888-02-11 she marries Torpare Sven Magnus Nilsson and we find her and her husband (Encl 35). They move from Gårdsby to Söraby 1889-03-20 (Encl 36). So, now there are no family members left in Gårdsby. It is pretty unlikely that some of them or their descendants will move back to Gårdsby at a later time. But it is possible, of course.

So where is this place Stojby, Bosgård, Bårdsby? Well, it is north of Växjö (Encl 37-41).

And who lives there today?

Googling Stojby Bosgård gives the answer that two families live there today. In farm 1 (see Encl 41) we have Helena Sjögren. She has multiple phone numbers (Encl 42). In Farm 2 (see Encl 41) we have Rose-Marie Isaksson (Encl 43).

Through the Googling I also found a newsletter for Gårdsby parish from 2011. In that newsletter there is an article about Stojby Gästgivaregpård (Inn) or Bosgård! Here is the farm´s history:

“At the end of the 1700s the farm was a Kronoskattehemman belonging to the Crown but was converted by purchase to a taxable farm. At the same time a new mansion building and stables were built. The owner at the time died by accident when gathering in hay. While carrying in the hay in the barn he was crushed between the carriage and the door-frame.

1880 the Isaksson family became owners of the farm through the farmer Carl-Wilhelm Gustavsson´s and his wife Matilda´s purchase. Carl-Wilhelm was the present owner´s grandmother´s father and he farmed there until 1935.

During the 1890s an artist asked if he could be a boarder. He was accepted. Instead of paying cash he made a lot of paintings on the wallpaper in several room. The artist was the famous Church-painter Bengt Nordenberg who during this time made the big paintings in Gårdsby church. Those paintings were made in a barn at the farm Vik in Sandsbro.

1935 Gerda Karlsson took over the farm. She was Carl-Wilhelm´s daughter. Since 1928 there was a tenant farmer on the farm, Johan O Jonasson. But in the Mansion Gerda had tenants and she also ran an Inn. Here many Gårdsby inhabitants were born and raised.

During the 1940s Gerda renovated the Mansion. Before putting up new wallpaper Gerda cut out the beautiful paintings for future preservation.

During 1989-1991 the farm was owned by Gerda´s sister-son, Kjell Isaksson, who used it as a summer place.

1991 Kjell´s son, Bo and his family, took over the farm. In the beginning it was used as a summer place but after a few years the farms was renovated again and now it is a year-round home for Bo and his wife, Rose-Marie. Their children Torbjörn 37, Stefan 34 and Helena 30 have left home a long time ago.

Bo is a techer at Teknikum (a technical highschool) and Rose-Marie is working as a dental nurse. The renovation has been careful and the nature in Stojby is fantastic. No wonder the Isaksson family loves their place” (Encl 44).

Going back to the 1880ies we find Carl-Wilhelm Gustafsson and his wife Mathilda Lovisa Johannisdotter. They married 1888-05-17 and moved in the same day (Encl 45). This is the third farm in Stojby Bosgård. It was owned by lay assessor Carl Johan Johansson. He died 1887-09-21 (Encl 46).

So, Nils Gustaf and his family sells their farm and moves to Växjö 1887-07-05. Then Carl Johan Johansson dies 1887-09-21. (Anna Kathrina had sold her farm already before 1885 after her husband had died 1880). So, no wonder a new owner showed up. Whether he bought more than one farm is not clear. It looks like he bought just one since ¼ mtl is shown in the HER. However this may be the major part of the Bosgård since a lay assessor was the pre-owner. And that one is the farm now owned by Bo and Rose-Marie Isaksson.

Whether Bo and Rose-Marie Isaksson and/or Helena Sjögren are relatives of yours is a completely different story (and research project).

For more information on Gårdsby go to the Local Historical Society´s (Hembygdsföreningen) web page: .
Kjell S Andersson 2014-04-09


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