Brian Rapp 2014-04-12

A distant relative claims that Oskar Vilhelm and his wife emigrated. Is that true, or did they die in Sweden? Also, I need help interpreting a death record.

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1 What happened to Oskar Vilhelm Kjell b. 1857-01-05 in Flisby, Jönköpings län?

A distant relative of Brian´s claims that Oskar Vilhelm and his wife, Amanda Augusta Bergström, emigrated. Brian wants to find out if that is true or if they died in Sweden. He has not been able to find them in the Swedish Death Index 1901-2009. Not in Emibas either. The last record he has is a Moving-in record for 1922 into the Adolf Fredrik parish in Stckholm (Encl 1).

This records shows that they moved in 1922-01-20 and settled down at Wallingatan 15. But it also shows that they moved out 1930-10-07 to Matteus, another parish in Stockholm.

The Moving out records for Adolf Fredrik 1930 shows that, besides Oskar Vilhelm and Amanda Augusta, also a Karl Wilhelm Kjell moves to Matteus the same day. Karl Wilhelm works at the railway as did Oskar Vilhelm before he retired at age 65 in 1922 (Encl 2).

The MIR for Matteus 1930 shows that all three settled down on Sveavägen 139. It also shows that Oskar Vilhelm and Amanda Augusta were married 1884-03-16 and that Karl Vilhelm Kjell was born 1884-07-28 in Adolf Fredrik (Encl 3). Matteus has MORs all the way up to 1943 on Arkiv Digital. I have not tried to find if and/or when they moved away from Matteus. Since Emibas covers only 75% of all emigrants I checked with Emiweb, who has an updated version of Emibas, without finding anyone of them. I could not find them in Emihamn either.

However, I found two interesting entries in Emisal (Part of Emigranten Populär). These records shows passengers travelling with the Swedish-America Line.

The first record is for Amanda Kjell travelling 1947-09-19 from Göteborg to New York with the ship Gripsholm. She lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. and she is married. If this is “our” Amanda she is 87 years old and Oskar Vilhelm would be 90 (Encl 4).

The second record is for a “Mrs Kjell” travelling 1936-07-11 with the ship Drottningholm from New York to Göteborg. This lady is married and lives in Boomsfield, N.J. (Encl 5).

We cannot be sure that these two latter records have anything to do with our search but since the surname Kjell is very unusual they may be worthwhile to analyze further. Carl Vilhelm Julius Kjell was the son of Oskar Vilhelm and Amanda Augusta (Encl 6-7).

Besides looking through the Matteus MORs after 1930 it is also possible to look in the death records for Matteus on Arkiv Digital up to 1941. They are organized in an interesting way to save time. First, one book covers a very limited time since there were so many people living (and dying) there. Second, each book is organized after Surname, so all persons with surnames beginning with a “K” are colocated. Under all these surnames starting with a “K” there is an index showing the deceased in chronological order. This saves a lot of time.

The Rotemansarkivet covers the period 1878-1926. Since we know that they lived in Matteus in 1930 there is no need to use Rotemansarkivet.

2 Interpretation of a Death Record.

A mother and her two young children tragically drowned while being pulled in a sleigh over a frozen lake by the father, the soldier Emil Eliasson Borg. The children were 1 years old and 2 ½ years old (Encl 8). The event was described in the “Cause of Death” column (Encl 9-10).

1 MIR Adolf Fredrik BIa:94 (1922-1922) Image 2120 / page 208
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7 D:o. Magnified.
8 DR Tostered B:1 (1895-1923) Image 1290 / page 3
9 Dödsorsak
10 Cause of Death
Kjell S Andersson 2014-04-06