Carol Shansby 2014-04-12

I met some folks in Sweden with the same unusual surname as my ancestors. Are we related?


Carol has ancestors in Kalmar län dating back to the mid-1700s. Hemming Andersson b. 1751 and his son Hemming Hemmingsson b. 1793. During her visit in Sweden 2013 she met with descendants from a Pehr Hemmingsson b. 1784 in the same parish as her Hemming Hemmingsson. Her question now is: Could these two individuals be related and could therefore Carol be related to the person she met in Sweden this summer.

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We already know from earlier research that Hemming Hemmingsson´s parents were Hemming Andersson b. 1751 and Elisabet Andersdotter b. 1758. Could Pehr Hemmingsson be an older brother of Hemming Hemmingsson? Well, I found the MR for Hemming Andersson and Elisabet Andersdotter. They married in Döderhult 1789-10-29. This shows that Pehr Hemmingsson probably was not their son since he was born 1784 (Encl 1).

I found Pehr Hemmingsson in The 1807-1822 HER for Döderhult. His father lived with him. His father was Hemming Svensson b. 1747-02-18 in Döderhult (Encl 2-4). So, this shows that Hemming and Pehr were not brothers. Could they be cousins? Well, since Hemming Andersson´s father´s first name must have been Anders while Hemming Svensson´s father´s first name must have been Sven They could not have been cousins, at least not paternal cousins.

How about maternal cousins? Well, Hemming Andersson´s wife was Elisabet Andersdotter so her father´s first name must have been Anders. Hemming Svensson´s wife was Lena Svensdotter (Encl 5) so her father´s first name must have been Sven. So, no maternal cousins either. By the way, the first name Hemming was quite common in this area, contrary to most other places in Sweden.


1 MR Döderhult C:3 (1739-1784) Image 41 / page 71
2 HER Döderhult AI:2 (1807-1822) Image 94 / page 173 Torpet Boberg
3 D:o. Pehr Hemmingsson zoomed
4 D:o. Hemming Svensson zoomed
5 HER Döderhult AI:1 (1766-1799) Image 108 / page 195) Torpet Boberg

Kjell S Andersson 2014-04-06