Maggie Spetnagel 2014-04-12

I need help with both a marriage record and a death record.

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1 Where did Sara Nilsdotter come from in her Marriage record 1748-10-02?
We find her in the MR (Encl 1). It says “On the 2nd of October 1748 the farmhand Anders Håkansson from Bjurtjärnstorp and the housemaid Sara Nilsdotter from Stockfallet were married. Morgongåva 40 lod silver”. So can we find Sara in Stockfallet at the time of the marriage or earlier?

Looking at the Village index for Bjurtjärn for the period 1737-1751 we can see that there is a place called Stockfallet for the periods 1737-1743, 1744 and 1748-1751 (Encl 2). After 1751 there is no such place in the Village index.

We start by locating Sara and Anders after the marriage. Since he is from Bjurtjärnstorp we start by looking there. She is born 1719 (Encl 3). Four years before her wedding we find her living with her brother, Arvid Nilsson and his family. Arvid is married to Britta but this is Arvid´s second marriage (Encl 4). During the period 1737-1742 Arvid is married to Catharina and they have the children Catharina and Sara. Arvid´s mother, Elin, lives with them. Later that year they have a son, Nils, (He showed up in the next record (1744) as a two-year old) (Encl 5).

Arvid´s wife Carharina dies 1743-04-03 only 30 years old (Encl 6). Little Nils is Catharina´s son b. 1842-08-29 (Encl 7).

Going back to the period 1719-1725 we also find Sara Nilsdotter´s father, Nils Larsson (Encl 8).

I found several people interested in this family on the Swedish chat-board “Anbytarforum” where there is a forum entirely devoted to Bjurtjärn. Eva Widenfalk was well aware of all these persons but mainly Arvid Nilsson´s descendants. She also knows that when there no longer is any “Stockfallet” in the HERs the family can be found at “Brunnstorp”. Also DISBYT has a few, now living persons related to Sara Nilsdotter.

2 Jacob Jacobsson´s DR.

Gustav Adolf is an annex-parish in the district Norra Råda, Hagfors, Sunnemo and Gustav Adolf.

This parish covered all employees at Uddeholm´s factory (iron works) until 1820-05-01. After this date the parish became part of the district Ekshärad, Råda, Sunnemo and Gustav Adolf, where Ekshärad became the “mother parish”. 1907 Hagfors became its own parish (Arkiv Digital). In 1950 the district was cut in two. Hagfors and Gustav Adolf is now one district and Norra Råda and Sunnemo is another one.

HERs 1830-1844 were destroyed by fire 1845.

Jacob shows as a dead widower in HER Gustav Adolf 1805-1812. The same record shows his daughter, Maria Jacobsdotter b. 1759 as a widow (Encl 9). Maggie has not been able to find Jacob´s DR in Gustav Adolf. She found the daughter´s DR there, though. She died 1813-04-23 in Gustav Adolf. I have not been able to find Jacob´s DR in Gustav Adolf either. Just because Jacob shows as dead does not mean that he necessary died during that period. He could have died before the start of the time period for the record. So we need to find him during a previous period. We find him during the period 1793-1804 at Harberget p 10. This record shows that he moves together with his daughter Maria to Nain but it does not say when. The record also shows that Jacob was born 1728, probably in Gustav Adolf (Encl 10).

Interestingly, on one of the pages, covering Nain and Stenbrohöjden, it is stated that these places “still belong to Ekshärad” (Encl 11). That could mean that Jacob Jacobsson died or at least was registered in Ekshärad´s Death records. I went through all the Ekshärad death records 1800-1813 without finding him. This was not necessary since I later could see that there were multiple death records In Gustav Adolf´s parish covering persons who died in Nain, Including Maria Jacobsdotter.

Then I went through all the death records for Gustav Adolf again 1800-1820 without finding Jacob Jacobsson. He probably died sometime between 1805 and 1812. Given that he was born 1728 he was 77-84 years old when he died.

So, without a death record you spare yourself a pair of new glasses!


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