Blekinge; Torps and more

blekingeA Brief Overview of Blekinge Län” by Beverly Harbourt ~ SGSC President

 “A Brief Overview of Blekinge Län” is the first in a series of presentations designed to give our members some background regarding the areas from which our ancestors emigrated.  It provides a some information about the smallest province by area on the Swedish mainland and its history.

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“That Aha Moment: When You Discover a Story About Your Ancestors” by Beverly Harbourt ~ SGSC President

“That Aha Moment” walks through an afternoon research session in Arkiv Digital records that demonstrates how information to fill in gaps in birth, death, and marriage data was found. In the course of this research we arrived at one of those aha moments when a story about an ancestor was possibly discovered.

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“Are We Kissing Cousins?” by Beverly Harbourt ~ SGSC President

“Are We Kissing Cousins?” takes a brief look at how you are related to your ancestors and other “family” members using me and a “cousin” as the example.  It examines what a first and second cousin really are and what it means when someone says  they are a cousin “x” times removed.

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“Who’s Interested in Old Post Cards?” by Ron Floberg ~ SGSC Program Chair

In the early 1900’s, photographers traveled America photographing local citizens and scenes around town.  Those photos, on “penny” post cards, became popular.  What might a post card disclose about your ancestor’s past?

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“What is a Torp?” by Kjell S Andersson ~ SGSC Research and Mentoring Chair

“What is a torp” describes the history of the Swedish “torp”, the differences between a “torp”, a “backstuga” and a “farm” and the importance of the “torpare”.

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