Gustaf Vasa and Swedish Nobility

GustavVasaLooking for Gustav Vasa: Researching Swedish Nobility by Kjell S Andersson and Carol Stetser

Although most Swedish nobility didn’t emigrate from Sweden, some Americans can trace their ancestry back to Swedish aristocracy. Kjell Andersson and Carol Stetser explain how they traced Carol’s family line back to King Gustav Vasa of Sweden. Kjell demonstrates how he discovered the links to Carol’s noble ancestors, and Carol explains what clues led her to ask Kjell to search for her noble ancestors and then details the steps she took to prove the royal lineage that he found.

Nobility research is a specialized type of research that relies on records not often used in Swedish research. However, some aspects of nobility research are carried out in more familiar records such as parish and estate records. Even if you don’t have royal ancestors, or at least aren’t aware of them, this presentation can help you spot the clues that might lead to your own aristocratic ancestors and give insight into how to research them once they’re found.

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