Brian Rapp 2014-10-11

Can we find the parish that my ancestors emigrated from?

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1 From which parish did Johan Vedin and his family emigrate?

Johan could not be found in Emibas, Disbyt or the Central Soldatregistret. Alternate spellings did not help according to Brian. As we know, Emibas is only 75% complete. So I checked with Emihamn. I found Johan Petter Wedin from Wirserum, Kalmar län, (even though the parish in this record was spelled Wiserum) leaving Göteborg 1870-09-30 togeteher with his daughter Emma Christina. Their destination was Jamestown (Encl 1-2).

Since we know that Emiweb has been working for some time to make the emigration database complete I logged into Emiweb. And I found Johan Peter there. He was born 1826-04-15 in Virserum, Kalmar län. He lived at Hvensjögle when he left Virserum 1870-09-24. He had his daughter Emma Kristina going with him. She was born 1856-09-29 in Norrköping. The Emiweb record says that Johan Petter Wedin can be found on p 175 in the Household records for Virserum (Encl 3-4). And there we find him and his family. He was married to Karolina Kristina Svensdotter b. 1836-03-04 in Åsheda. They married 1859-11-26 and had three children, Emma Kristina b. 1856-09-29 in Norrköping, Hilda Karolina b. 1860-09-15 in Virserun, Jenny Lydia Josefina b. 1869-04-11 in Virserum.

Johan Peter and Emma Kristina leave home 1870-09-29 to emigrate to America. Karolina Kristina and the other two children leave 1871-05-12 to emigrate to America (Encl 5). I could not find them in Emihamn but I did find them in Emiweb.

2 From which parish did Mathilda P. Clemens emigrate?

I cannot find Mathilda Clemens in Swedish records. Clemens (or Clement) is a male´s first name. As a surname it should be Clemensson or Clementsson. In the U.S. Federal Censuses she is named Johnson of course since her husband is John Johnson (even though he was Johan Peter Johansson in Sweden). What is the source for the name Clemens? Can you send her obituary?

1 Emihamn 4:307:1388. Johan Petter Wedin
2 Emihamn 4:307:1388. Emma Christina Wedin
3 Emiweb 2014-10-04. Johan Peter Wedin
4 Emiweb 2014-10-04. Emma Kristina Wedin
5 HER Virserum AI:12a (1868-1872) Image 185 / page 175

Kjell S Andersson 2014-10-05