Cathy Crothers 2014-10-11

Can we find living relatives in Sweden? My ancestors were from the Njurunda parish.

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1 Finding now living relatives in Sweden.

Let´s start with Elsa Ottilia Ekenberg to see if she had any siblings staying in Sweden when she emigrated to U.S. We find her in the Birth Records (GR) for Njurunda 1913. She is born 1913-01-08. The family lives at p 2206 in the Household Examination Records (HER) (Encl 1).

WE find the family on p 2206 (Encl 2):

Ekenberg, Johan Alfred b. 1886-03-30 in Bergsjö, Gevleborgs län m. 1910-04-24
Byström, Amanda b. 1885-07-19 in Gnarp, Gevleborgs län
Johan Elof b. 1911-02-05 in Guldsmedshyttan, Örebro län
Elsa Ottilia b. 1913-01-08 in Njurunda

Johan Alfred is a Planer. The family moves to Ludvika 1915-05-31. We find them in the Moving In Records (MIR) for Ludvika. They settle down at p 446 in the HER (Encl 3). From 1916 they live at p 1340. 1923-04-27 the whole family leaves Ludvika in order to emigrate to America (Encl 4).

So, Elsa Ottilia had no siblings staying in Sweden! So now we have to find out if Johan Alfred´s or Amanda Byström´s parents left any children in Sweden.

1.1 Johan Alfred Ekenberg´s parents and siblings.

Karl Johan Ekenberg leaves Gnarp 1902-04-01 to emigrate to America. He is supposed to be found on p 547 in the HER (Encl 5). WE find him and his family on p 547. It confirms that he leaves Gnarp 1902 to emigrate to America but he returns before 1908 (Encl 6):

Ekenberg, Karl Johan b. 1849-10-06 in Bergsjö, Gevleborgs län m. 1876-12-26
Kristina Leander b. 1858-03-02 in Bergsjö, Gevleborgs län m. 1876-12-26
Kajsa Greta b. 1877-07-13 in Bergsjö
Sven Petter b. 1883-07-25 in Bergsjö
Johan Alfred b. 1886-03-30 in Bergsjö
Gustaf Adolf b. 1887-06-23 in Bergsjö
Brita Erika b. 1890-06-22 in Bergsjö
Per Erik b. 1893-03-11 in Bergsjö
Inga Katarna b. 1880-09-30 in Bergsjö

Kajsa Greta leaves home 1896-11-25. Sven Petter leaves for America 1902-04-05 (four days after his father leaves). He does not seem to come back when his father does. Britta Erika moves to Ludvika 1908-12-08. Inga Katarina moves in 1903-11-19 but moves to p 458 in 1904.

Karl Johan leaves Göteborg 1902-04-18. His destination is Duluth, MN and he travels alone (Encl 7). This is not true. His son, Sven Peter, travels with him. However, he has his own ticket and that´s why he is supposed to travel alone. His destination is the sam as his father´s (Encl 8).

Now, it is time to find out what happened to all the children.

1.1.1 Kajsa Greta Ekenberg b. 1877-07-13 in Bergsjö

First we want to know if she settled down in Sweden or not so we search for her in the Swedish Death Index (SDI). She dies 1961-03-18 in Grums, Värmlands län as a widow since 1930-05-22. Her surname is Backström (Encl 9). We find her husband, Anders Backström b. 1874-04-25 in Gnarp, Gevleborgs län. They married 1896-11-29 (Encl 10).

They settle down at another place also called “Masugn”. In 1901 they move to p 463 (Encl 11). This place is called Sörfjärden. (Encl 12). In 1903 they move to p 375 (Encl 13). From here they move to p 379 in 1904 (Encl 14). In 1905 they move to p 448 (Encl 15). From here they move to the parish Skönsmon, Västernorrlands län 1907-12-12 (Encl 16).

In the MIR for Skönsmon we find that they move to p 397 (Encl 17). Here we find that they move to Guldsmedshyttan, Örebro län 1908-05-25 (Encl 18). In the MIR for Guldsmeshyttan we find that they move to p 862 (Encl 19). Here they are in 1911. In the new book (1911-1920) they can be found on p 976 (Encl 20). But in 1914-05-01 they move back to Ludvika, Kopparbergs län (Encl 21).

MIR for Ludvika shows that they move to p 620, Ångsågen (Encl 22). I cannot find that place. It certainly is not to be found on p 620. So I checked with the SDI and found out that Anders dies in Grums 1930. So I found them on p 592 in Grums 1922. Oct 31 that year they move to p 153 (Encl 23). And here we find that Anders dies 1930-05-22. They had no children (Encl 24). Anders was a Sawmill worker (Encl 25).

1.1.2 Sven Petter Ekenberg b. 1883-07-25 in Bergsjö

Sven Petter emigrates to Duluth, MN and does not come back. At least he cannot be found in the SDI.

1.1.3 Johan Alfred Ekenberg b. 1886-03-30 in Bergsjö

Johan Alfred Ekenberg emigrates with his family 1923-04-27 from Ludvika. They leave Göteborg 1923-05-09 and their destination is Boston (Encl 26).

1.1.4. Gustaf Adolf Ekenberg b 1887-06-23 in Bergsjö

Gustaf Adolf Ekenberg leaves Guldsmedshyttan during the period 1909-1914 to emigrate to America. He leaves without moving out certificate and in 1914 he is moved to the “Non-present persons” (“Obefintlighetsboken”) in the HER (Encl 27-28). He could not be found in Emihamn so I do not know his destination.

1.1.5 Brita Erika Ekenberg b. 1890-06-22 in Bergsjö

We find Brita Erika in the SDI. She dies in Ludvika 1980-01-15. Her surname is Pettersson and she was divorced 1941-03-03 (Encl 29). Enterring the divorce date and the surname Pettersson results in only one hit: Karl Henry Pettersson b. 1891-01-28 in Adolf Fredrik, Stockholm, d. 1958-12-25 in Katarina, Stockholm (Encl 30).

From above we know that Erika moves to Ludvika 1908-12-08. The MIR for Ludvika tells us that she moves to p 1289 (Encl 31). 1908-12-31 she marries Daniel Pettersson b. 1886-03-01 in Grangärde and 1909-05-28 they have a son, Arnold Verner Pettersson. The family is supposed to be found on p 530 during the next period (Encl 32). But I could not find them there. Daniel dies 1959-10-11. He is divorced and he is domiciled in Grangärde (Encl 33). Arnold Verner Pettersson b. 1909-05-28

Arnold Verner marries Greta Eleonora 1935-01-19. In 1990 they live at Vretg 1, Ludvika. No parish for the marriage is given but Greta Eleonora is born in Grängesberg (Encl 34-35). They really married in Grängesberg. Arnold Verner is a factory worker at ASEA, Ludvika and Greta Eleonora is a hairdresser in Grängesberg (Encl 36). And the same day they married Greta Eleonora, born Norberg, moves to Ludvika (Encl 37).

Now we want to know if they had any children. Birth records in Ludvika do not go beyond 1935 but SVAR has birth records for all parishes available all the way from 1860-1943 (the 70 year privacy law kicks in here). So I started going through the 1936 birth records and I found their first child, Bo Arnoldsson, b. 1936-05-29 in Ludvika (Encl 38). Bo Arnoldsson b. 1936-05-29 in Ludvika

In 1970 Bo Arnoldsson has married Gun-Britt Elisabet Arnoldsson b. 1937-06-09 in Ludvika. They live in Sundsvall and they have two children:

Bo Arnoldsson b. 1936-05-29 in Ludvika (Encl 39)
Gun-Britt Elisabet b. 1937-06-09 in Ludvika (Encl 40)
Gunilla Maria b. 1961-02-16 in Nyköpings Östra (Encl 41)
Camilla Elisabeth  b. 1968-02-06 in Torshälla stadsförs (Encl 42)

In 1980 Gunilla Maria has left home but Camilla Elisabeth has not. The family now lives in Mariestad, Skaraborgs län (Encl 43-45). In 1990 Bo Arnoldsson has remarried 1988-11-29. His new wife is Karin Cecilia Fellström Arnoldsson b. 1943-04-22 in Oscar, Stockholm and they live in Timrå. Both daughters have left home (Encl 46-47). Bo and Gun-Britt Elisabet divorce 1988-02-02. In 1990 she lives alone in Sundsvall (Encl 48).

Today (2014) Bo Arnoldsson and Karin Cecilia Fellström live at Trålgränd 5 in Brantevik, south of Simrishamn, Kristianstad län in Skåne province. His phone number is +46 414-224 88. His cell phone is +46 70-351 6810 (Encl 49-50).

Gunilla Maria today (2014) lives at Vasagatan 15, Göteborg (Encl 51). Her phone number is +46 76 823 2575 (Encl 52).

1.1.6 Per Erik Ekenberg b. 1893-03-11 in Bergsjö

Per Erik is moved to the ”Non-present persons” page in the HER for Guldsmedshyttan at the same time as his brother. So this indicates that also he has emigrated to America in a non-orderly fashion (Encl 53). He did not settle down in Sweden since he cannot be found in the SDI.

I´ll stop here. If you contact Bo or Gunilla Maria I think they can tell you about some of their relatives in Sweden so that you can trace the rest of your family.

I hope the way I have documented the research and how it has been described will help you to find other now living relatives, like descendants of Amanda Byström´s siblings.

Good luck!

Kjell S Andersson 2014-10-06

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