David Magnuson 2014-10-11

Can we find now-living descendants on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family?

David’s questions: The first 3 names I will give you are the people I would like to find moving towards the present day they are descended on my father’s side of the family. The last name [Petrus] is from my mother’s side and with him I would like to see what I can find going back in time. My sister’s granddaughter believes his parent’s names were Olof Ronnqvist and Kajsa Lena Berglund, but no birthdates for them. Also the name Ronnqvist I’ve seen spelled Rundquist [aunt matilda], Ronnquist, and Ronnkvist the latter seems the most common. So:

  1. Karl Herman Emanuel Magnusson b. 9 April 1916 Grythyttan, Orebro Sweden
  2. Karl Ingvar Viktor Magnusson b. 16 Nov 1923, Jarna, Kopparberg Sweden
  3. Anna Sofia Stam b. 14 Nov 1921, Jarna, Kopparberg Sweden. Anna, I believe had 2 sons Jorgen Wallin 1943, and Beugt Wallin 1945 but no dates.
  4. Petrus Ronnqvist b. 29 Jan 1864, Mansbyn, Nederkalix Norrbotten, Sweden. He’s the one I would like to trace backwards in time if possible.

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[1] Karl Herman Emanuel Magnusson
For this person I first went to the church records for Grythyttan parish. On page 18 of the CI:16 (1914-1935) birth and christening book I found Karl Herman Emanuel (Encl 1). Note that only his mother’s name, Signe Bernhardina Magnusson is given and that is because this birth was out of wedlock (oäkta). The mother was born 1896-06-24 and the page in the Household Examination Records (HER) where they are registered is 1339. Going to this page we see that Signe is listed with her siblings and parents but no husband, as expected (Encl 2). Karl is listed a few lines below her. At the top of the page the names of Karl Herman’s grandparents are given and they married 1884-11-15. In the far right-hand column gives where people moved to and in the case for Signe it is next book or new book (NB) page number 983. This page records the death of his mother and the date is 1927-11-26 (Encl 3). Below Karl is his sister Sonja Olivia Sofia, who was also born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, 1935 is as far forward in time as we can currently go with the church records for this parish. So next I went to a death database and see if Karl Herman has died.

Enclosure 4 shows that death record of Signe from the Swedish Death Index 1901-2009. The place and date of birth and death, and marital status [unmarried woman (Ogift kvinna)] are all consistent with the church records. Replacing Signe’s date of birth with Karl’s DOB in the search box and clicking the search button we see that Karl died 1979-08-07 (Encl. 5). He was widowed 1979-05-31. Entering this date in the date of death box and removing the DOB results in the record of his likely wife (Encl. 6). Note that she married in 1976, so this couple didn’t have children. So Karl Herman may have had children via an earlier marriage but we can’t determine that with the records that are currently available.

[2] Karl Ingvar Viktor Magnusson
Going back to the church records for Järna Parish I found Karl Ingvar’s birth record on page 147 (Encl. 7). The record shows that his father was Viktor Emmanuel Magnusson and mother, Edit Alfrida Karlsson. The HER when he was born is shown in Encl. 8 and for this time period (1921-1933) he had two siblings (or half siblings) Gustaf Einar Olsson, b. 1914-09-25, Färnebo, Värmlands län; Agnes Linnéa, 1920-07-28, Färnebo, Värmlands län. In the Grythyttan parish the HERs end in 1933 so I then went to the death index. His record (Encl. 9) shows that he died 2003-07-26, was unmarried, and wasn’t widowed, so it is unlikely that Karl Ingvar had children.

[3] Anna Sofia Stam and sons Jorgen and Bengt Wallin
Repeating the process that I used for the other two I located her birth record (C:10, page 100) and the HER that includes her birthdate from the church records. The zoomed in view of the birth HER (Encl. 10) provides information for eight siblings (as well as her parents). In the zoomed out view (Encl. 11) you can see than they are page 504 in the next book. The next HER (Encl. 12) shows that her younger sister, Katrin Margareta b. 1923-12-29 and just weeks later died on 1924-01-15. Anna Sofia nor her children are in the Death Index.

The next step was to determine if Jörgen or Bengt were living. The 1970 Census (I need to thank Kjell for finding this since I don’t have the later censuses) provides a good match to the Jörgen Wallin we are looking for (Encl. 13). To further confirm this match I went to the birth records for this person on SVAR. His birth record (Encl. 14) indeed shows that this is the person that we are looking for since his mother was Anna Sofia Stam. His contract information from the birthdays.se website is provided in Encl. 15. We found that Bengt was born 1945-10-15, from the 1970 Census. However, the SVAR birth records were not available past 1943 so I couldn’t do that check. Birthsday.se has four Bengt Wallins but has only one that was a born date of 1945-10-15 (Encl. 16). The website didn’t provide a phone number for Bengt.

[4] Petrus Rönnqvist
Again I started with the church birth record [Nederkalix CI:7 (1861-1877)] and the birth HER (Encl. 17). His father was Olof Andersson Rönnqvist and mother was Kajsa Lena Nilsdotter Berglund (consistent with your sister’s granddaughter) and during this HER period eight children were living with them. Note also that the father and two children died. Going further back in time they can be found in Nederkalix AI:7a (1849-1859) page 174 (Encl. 18). This page shows that the Olof came from page 154 and Kajsa came for page 118. I assumed you are most interested with the father and I continued researching him. Olof is next on page 154 (Encl. 19), then p. 69. Next period (1839-1848) I found Olof in book AI:6a, page 58 and AI:6b, page 254a. On the latter page the Rönnqvist surname is no long used. Continuing to back in time, I next found him in book AI:6a, page 71 and 133 and then in AI:5a (1829-1838) page 145 (Encl. 20) Olof is with his parents (Petrus’ grandparents), Anders Johnsson, b. 1787 and Anna Lisa Olofsdotter, b. 1789 and six siblings. As you can see the records get harder and harder to read as you go back in time. It should be possible to go back at least one more generation.

I also went forward in time with Petrus. I found that on 1909-12-08 he left Jukkasjävi Parish and headed for South America.


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Brian J Rapp and Kjell S Andersson 2014-10-11