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Can we find where my ancestors came from in Sweden, and whether I have any still-living relatives there?

Given: Emma Elvina Peterson b. 1872-11-25 in Arvika. Emigrated 1890-07-25. Had a sister Britta Marie who had a daughter, Karin Skoog, living in the Stockholm area after she retired.

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I could not find Emma in the Arvika birth records, Emibas, Emihamn or Emiweb. Birth dates are normally more accurate than birth places so I entered just Emma, b. 1872-11-25 in the Province Värmland (Encl 1). And I got just one hit. So only one Emma b. 1872-11-25 in Värmland emigrated to America! She was born in Norra Ny and she emigrated 1896, not 1890 (Encl 2).

Emma´s birth record (BR) shows that her father is Pär Jansson and he is a tailor! Her mother is Britta Pärsdotter (Hmm, it should have been Olsdotter). The family lives at a place called Åstrand p 432 in the Household Examination Records (HER) (Encl 3). And on p 432 we find the family, having 12 children. Britta Maja (Maja is a spelling version of Maria or Marie) is the oldest, b. 1854 and Emma is the second youngest, b. 1972. And here the mother´s surname is Olsdotter, not Pärsdotter. So Pärsdotter was wrong in the birth record! The daughter Anna Stina moves to Ekshärad in 1873. Britta Maja moves to p 317 in 1875 but she is back the same year (Encl 4).

Emma´s father, Pär Jansson dies 1878-07-28 and three of his children die in September of 1880. Britta Maja has an illegitimate son, Johan, b. 1879-11-03 in Söderala, Gävleborgs län. The commentary field states that his father is Nils Johan Svensson in Råda parish. Britta Maja moves to Djupvik in Söderhamn but probably is back before 1880 (Encl 5).

Emma´s brother, Per Magnus Persson, emigrates to America 1882-04-21. Another brother, Lars Gustaf Persson, moves to Ekshärad 1882-10-06. Her sister, Kajsa Persdotter, moves to Hosjö parish, Kopparbergs län in 1881-11-04. Britta Maja and her son Johan Nilsson move to p 480 in 1883-10-30. Emma´s brother, Jan Olof Persson, b. 1858-02-27, takes over the tailor business and marries Marit Persdotter 1881-10-21. 1885 they have two children. 1885 four siblings remain with their mother, Britta Olsdotter. One of them, Jan Olof Persson, has taken over as the new tailor (Encl 6).

In 1885 Britta Maja lives at p 480 as a house maid with her son Johan Nilsson (Encl 7). In 1889 she and Johan lives at the same place but June 28 that year they both emigrate to America. Unless she returns to Sweden she cannot have had a daughter, Karin Skoog. I cannot find her in the Swedish Death Index (SDI) 1901-2013 so she probably did not return to Sweden. Did Britta Maja have the daughter Karin Skoog in America? (Encl 8-9).

Emma´s sister, Johanna Persdotter, moves to p 379 in 1888 in order to marry. Her brother Jan Olof Persson, tailor, has three children 1889 after one has died, 2 years old. Another brother, Anders Petter, stills live at home 1890. Emma moves to St Kil 1889-11-02 (Encl 10).

Anders Petter marries 1893-12-26. 1894 he is admitted to the Mental Hospital Marieberg. In December- 94 he is released and 1896 he moves to p 156. Interestingly, his brother, Jan Olof Persson, the tailor, who is penniless and has six children 1895, is also hospitalized in 1894 in the same hospital and for mental illness. He is released on the same date as Anders Petter! Emma returns from St Kil 1891-10-24 but moves to Arvika 1893-11-17. She returns from Arvika 1895-11-26 (Encl 11).

Emma leaves Norra Ny 1896-08-10 to emigrate to America (Encl 12). Her mother, Britta Olsdotter, dies 1899-08-07. The wife of Jan Olof Persson (Emma´s brother), Marit Persdotter, dies 1900-05-29 leaving Jan Olof with 7 children between 18 months and 18 years of age (Encl 13).


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