Cheryl Johnson 2014-11-08

Did any of my ancestor’s children stay behind in Sweden? If so, do they have still-living descendants?

Cheryl, I assume that you have identified Bertha Louise Carlson and William Carlson as Britta Lovisa Olsdotter and Alfred Carlson and that we therefore do not have to question whether the latter persons are the correct ones on which to base further research in Sweden.

The issue now is to find Britta Lovisa´s family in Sweden and to see if any of her children stayed in Sweden. Furthermore, you would like – if possible – to find Alfred´s father.

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We start by finding Brita Lovisa and Alfred in Emibas. They left Fellingsbro 1880-10-05 in order to emigrate to U.S. They are to be found on p III:112 in the HER (Encl 1-2). We find them on p 112. No other family members are there (Encl 3). Going back to the preceding period we find them together with Alfred´s 12 year older sister, Mathilda Lovisa, who moves to p 208 in 1876 (Encl 4). Mathilda Lovisa is moving forth and back to p 208 but that is where she is at the end of the period, i.e. 1878 (Encl 5).

Going back 6 more years we find the family with two more children, Anna Christina and Carl. Anna Christina moves to p 119 in 1872. Carls moves to Medåker in 1872. Brita Lovisa is a widow already 1866 (Encl 6). Going back a further 10 years to the period 1856-1866 we find two more children and the father, Carl Larsson, a farmhand (Encl 7):

Carl Larsson b. 1822-05-10 in Fellingsbro d. 1859-06-30 in Fellingsbro
Brita Lovisa Olsdotter b. 1818-10-13 in Lillkyrka
Per Johan b. 1842-06-05 in Lillkyrka
Gustaf Adolph b. 1849-08-26 in Glanshammar
Mathilda Lovisa b. 1852-03-23 in Fellingsbro
Anna Ckristina b. 1854-12-30 in Fellingsbro
Alfred b. 1864-08-16 in Fellingsbro

We know that Alfred is using the surname Karlsson (or Carlson) but Carl Larsson dies 5 years before Alfred is born. So we want to look at the birth records for Fellingsbro. Here we find that Alfred is an illegitimate child and that no father is mentioned (Encl 8).

According to the patronymics naming habits his father´s first name should be Karl or Carl. The father´s surname does not matter when it comes to the son´s surname before the turn of the century. After 1900 it became common (but not mandatory) to keep the father´s surname.

In 1856 we find the family in Öby village, Fellingsbro, except Alfred who is not yet born (Encl 9). During the previous period, 1846-1855, we find that Carl and Brita Lovisa married 1849-11-15 and had a son that died 1853 in Fellingsbro. The little family, consisting of Carl Larsson, Britta Lovisa and the two children, Pehr Johan and Carl Martinus, moved from Glanshammar to Fellingsbro in 1850 (Encl 10):

Carl Martinus b. 1847-11-16 in Glanshammar d. 1853 in Fellingsbro

We find the family in the Moving-out records (MOR) for Glanshammar. They come from Haga village in Glanshammar (Encl 11). We find them on p 176. Brita Lovisa has moved to Hagaby from p 175 in 1848 with her illegitimate son, Carl Martinus b. 1847, engaged with Carl Larsson 1849-10-12, married him 1849-11-15 and then moved to Fellingsbro with the family in 1850 (Encl 12).

She has moved in from p 174 in 1847 and then given birth to the illegitimate child Carl Martinus b. 1847-11-16 (Encl 13). In the commentary field on p 174 we can see that she has given birth to 2 illegitimate children, of which one has died. We do not know when this sentence was written down but if it was before she moved to p 175 we might find more children as we continue to search backwards in time. She moved to Glanshammar from Lillkyrka in 1846 (Encl 14).

There is no Brita Lovisa Olsdotter moving out from Lillkyrka in 1846. But there is a Brita Catharina Olsdotter moving from Slyte village to Glanshammar. Maybe that is her? (Encl 15). Scanning through the Slyte HERs we finally find Brita L Olsdotter at p 105. She is moving to Glanshammar in 1846. Furthermore, in the commentary field we find that she has been absolved of sin (having sex out of wedlock) for the second time in 1844-12-22 (Encl 16).

Brita Lovisa is at the same place in 1845. She has moved there from p 104 in 1845 (Encl 17). On p 104 we find her with her siblings and parents and also with two illegitimate children, Per Johan b. 1842-06-05 in Lillkyrka (which we know of since before) and Anna Brita, b. 1844-09-14 in Lillkyrka, d. 1845-01-17 in Lillkyrka. Brita Lovisa´s father is the honorably discharged soldier Olof Gustafson Slyt and her mother is Catharina Nilsdotter. There are four children besides Brita Lovisa (Encl 18). The family is at the same place 1836-1840 (Encl 19). One more daughter show up during the period 1831-1835 so the number of children now is six (Encl 20).

So now we have found the family of Brita Lovisa Olsdotter. If we trace her parents further back we may find more siblings of Brita Lovisa.

To summarize Brita Lovisa´s own family we can now draw the conclusion that she was married only once. She had eight children of which four were illegitimate. Alfred was one of them. He was the youngest and his father is unknown. Here is her own family according to the research so far:

Brita Lovisa Olsdotter b. 1818-10-13 in Lillkyrka
Per Johan b. 1842-06-05 in Lillkyrka Illegitimate son, joining Brita 1854
Anna Brita b. 1844-09-14 in Lillkyrka Illegitimate daughter d. 1845-01-17
Carl Martinus b. 1847-11-16 in Glanshammar Illegitimate son d. 1853
Carl Larsson (Husband) b. 1822-05-10 in Fellingsbro m. 1849-11-15    d. 1859-06-30
Gustaf Adolph b. 1849-08-26 in Glanshammar Legitimate son
Mathilda Lovisa b. 1852-03-22 in Fellingsbro
Anna Christina b. 1854-12-30 in Fellingsbro
Carl b. 1857-07-01 in Fellingsbro
Alfred b. 1864-08-16 in Fellingsbro Illegitimate son. Father unknown

In order to find any now living relatives in Sweden we need to find out who stayed and who emigrated. Eliminating Alfred and two of the other children who died as children we have 5 candidates:

Per Johan
Gustaf Adolph
Mathilda Lovisa
Anna Christina

Anna Christina leaves Korrvike by, Fellingsbro 1875-08-26 in order to emigrate to U.S. We are now down to four candidates (Encl 21).

In 1890 Gustaf Adolf lives in Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholm. He is a stone-worker. He is married to Johanna Charlotta Ed, b. 1841-12-13 in Ed. Two foster-children live with them. They have no children together (Encl 22-25). Johanna Charlotta was a widow after shoemaker Hafvarsson in 1880 (Encl 26). Johanna Charlotta dies 1898-04-12 in Stockholm (Encl 27).

Gustaf Adolf remarries with Kristina Sofia Pettersson b. 1850-10-24 in Augerum, Blekinge län (Encl 28). Gustaf Adolf dies 1912-09-20 in Kungsholm, Stockholm (Encl 29).

So, there are no descendants from Gustaf Adolf. We are now down to 3:

Per Johan b. 1842-06-05 in Lillkyrka
Mathilda Lovisa b. 1852-03-22 in Fellingsbro
Carl b. 1857-07-01 in Fellingsbro

Per Johan has the surname Pettersson when he emigrates with his wife, Johanna Charlotta Andersdotter b. 1831-04-22 in Fellingsbro, from Sköllberga, Fellingsbro, to U.S. in 1882-03-24 (Encl 30-31). Now we are down to just 2.

Mathilda Lovisa Karlsdotter emigrates to U.S. 1881-03-25 from Fyrby, Fellingsbro. She is not married (Encl 32). Now, our hope is reduced to one person: Carl Carlsson.

Carl moves to Medåker 1872 (Encl 6). He arrives in Medåker 1872-11-18 and settles down in Smedby, p 163 (Encl 33). He moves back to Fellingsbro in 1873 (Encl 34). He settles in at Oppeby, p III.177 (Encl 35). In 1875 he moves to p 88 (Encl 36). He gets permission to work in Stockholm in 1876 and in Kolsva in 1878 (Encl 37). Karl Karlsson moves to Stockholm in 1879 (Encl 38).

Via Rotemannen we find Carl as a boarder at Johanna Charlotta Halvardsson in Maria parish, Stockholm. This is around 10 years before she marries Carl´s older brother, Gustaf Adolf! May be Carl is the reason Johanna Charlotta and Gustaf Adolf meet? Carl stays for 6 weeks before he moves to Bromma 1879-04-23 (Encl 39). He checks in at Bromma 1879-05-07 and settles down on p 68 (Encl 40).

Unfortunately, Carl Carlsson, our last hope, emigrates to U.S. in 1879-07-12 from Bromma (Encl 41). I cannot find him in Emibas or Emihamn.


Per Johan b. 1842 Illegitimate son Emigrates to U.S. 1882
Anna Brita b. 1844 Illegitimate daughter d. 1845
Carl Martinus b. 1847 Illegitimate son d. 1853
Gustaf Adolph b. 1849 d. 1912 in Sweden. No children
Mathilda Lovisa b. 1852 Emigrates to U.S. 1881
Anna Christina b. 1854 Emigrates to U.S. 1875
Carl b. 1857 Emigrates to U.S. 1879
Alfred b. 1864 Illegitimate son Emigrates to U.S. 1880

So, of all Brita Lovisa´s children none left any descendants in Sweden and therefore there are no living relatives, descendant from her, in Sweden today. To find now living relatives you have to go back to Brita Lovisa´s siblings and trace them forward in time the way I did with Brita Lovisa´s children.
Kjell S Andersson 2014-10-24


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