Barbara Allen 2015-02-14

Can we trace ancestors before they emigrated in 1880 and 1883? Tools used were Family Tree Maker (FTM). Arkiv Digital, Emibas, and FTM.

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Enclosures 1 and 2 show the 1854-1860 Household Examination Record (HER) for Nils Olsson who was born 9 May 1815 in Blentarp, Malmöhus, Sweden, his wife Karna Hansdotter who was born 19 February 1825 in Blentarp and their children Maria born 2 March 1855, Ohla born 20 October 1856 and Nils born 28 April 1859. It also shows that Karna died on 6 May 1859 at No. 20, Blentarp, Malmöhus, Sweden just nine days after the birth of Nils (most likely from complications of childbirth). Karna is actually listed on this page twice…once with her husband and children and below that prior to her marriage to Nils.

Enclosure 3 shows Karna Hansdotter’s birth in 1825.

Enclosure 4 shows the marriage record for Nils Olsson and Karna Hansdotter on 29 December 1854.

Enclosure 5 shows Karna’s death record.

Enclosure 6 show Nils Olsson at No. 23 Blentarp where he was before he moved to No. 20 in 1855. It also shows that he came from No. 12 in 1852.

Enclosure 7 shows shows Nils Olsson and children in Household Examination Records(HER) 1859-1863.

Enclosure 8 shows Nils Olsson and his children at No. 18 in the HER 1863-1868.

Enclosure 9 shows the family in the HER for 1868-1873. They are in the Blentarp fattighus. Maria moved out in 1869 and Ola moved out in 1871.

Enclosure 10 shows Nils Nilsson moving from the Blentarp fattighus in 1871. He is at Blentarp AI:39 (1874-1879) Image 181 / page 201 (AID: v108580.b181.s201, NAD: SE/LLA/13031) in 1874; Blentarp AI:39 (1874-1879) Image 180 / page 200 (AID: v108580.b180.s200, NAD: SE/LLA/13031) in 1875;

Enclosure 11 shows Nils Nilsson’s moving out record from Blentarp to Ystad.

Enclosure 12 shows the moving in record for Nils Nilsson for Ystad. As I wasn’t sure which Ystad he moved to I searched the moving in records for all three until I found him.

Enclosure 13 shows Nils Nilsson HER for 1876 at No. 287 in Ystad. He moved to Sövde in 1877. I wasn’t sure of the place he moved so I looked at the map for Malmöhus (map for Malmöhus län parishes and found Sövde to be the most likely place he moved. I then checked the moving in records for Sövde and found him.

Enclosure 14 shows the moving in record for Nils, which tells you where to look in the HER for him. I wasn’t exactly sure of the spelling of the farm, but looked at the index and decided to look at Vrångaback (Enclosure 15). (I have found that w and v can be interchangeable in Swedish records).

Enclosure 16 shows Nils’ residence from 1877 to 1880 in Sövde. In 1880 he moved from page 184 to 186. According to the HER [Sövde AI:40 (1883-1893) Image 199 / page 245 (AID: v112523.b199.s245, NAD: SE/LLA/13400)] he emigrated to America in 1883. Karna Mårtensson is on the same page in the Sövde HER as Nils Nilsson. Her father was the åbo of the farm Nils was a farmhand at before he emigrated. She emigrated in 1885. (Enclosure 20)

Enclosure 17 shows the Emibas record for Nils Nilsson.

Enclosure 18 shows Nils Olsson’s death date, 3 Aug 1887. This page in the household examination book is titled Qvarstående obefintlige which is the “remaining [missing] persons” usually a list of people at the end of the household examination roll (according to the Swedish Genealogical Dictionary) whose current whereabouts is unknown.

Enclosure 19 is Nils Olsson’s death and burial record.