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Can you verify previous research about my ancestors and their connections to Swedish Royalty in the early 1700’s? Tools used were http://Runeberg.org/vemarvem/sthlm62/1396.html , Wikipedia, ArkivDigital, FamilySearch, www.ancestry.com, and DISBYT.

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I am descended from Lisa Stina Hultman, born 30 Dec 1842 in Stockaryd parish, Jönköping län. She emigrated to the United States with her parents and siblings in 1854. I have no doubt that she was my great-great-grandmother. We even have a few family heirlooms that belonged to her.

Lisa Stina is supposedly descended from Johan Hultman, taffeltäckare and personal butler for King Karl XII. I have a translation of research done by F. Wernstedt in 1934. A distant cousin, Frank Holtman, did a massive amount of research in 1970 on all of the Hultman descendants in America.

I was intrigued by your presentation at the October meeting about researching nobility. I can’t claim noble ancestry, but maybe “trusted servant of the King” is almost as cool…

I am now trying to independently confirm the research done by Wernstedt and Holtman. I have attached the Wernstedt paper (all of the notes in red are mine). I have also found some old encyclopedia-type entries (also attached).

I have been able to find many of the church records mentioned by Wernstedt from 1812 forward, but am having difficulty with the earlier records. I did find a birth record for a grandson, Jonas Hultman, but the date of the birth was 1736 not 1740 as stated by Wernstedt. That’s about all I’ve been able to accomplish for anything before 1812.

So here are my questions:

1. Is the Wernstedt paper credible? Can the earlier records (parish registers, estate inventories) be located?

I think it is credible. Wernstedt was a very credible person and he had access to records most people had not. He was a military officer before he was employed as a department manager of the Swedish National Archives 1930-1936 and also the Genealogy department manager of the House of Nobility from 1936.

Furthermore, he was a member of the boards of Karolinska Samfundet and the Swedish National Genealogical Federation. So he knew a lot about history and genealogy.

Finally, he belonged to the Nobility. He was a descendant of Gustav Vasa. His family was introduced to the Nobility as Number 78 in 1625. Christoffer von Warnstedt, who came from Germany, married the daughter, Lucretia Magnusdotter Vasa, of Gustav Vasa´s son, Magnus (Encl 2-4).

2. Is it possible to determine Johan’s place and date of birth? (birth date is estimated to be 1666).

No, it is stated in several publications that his parents and date of birth is unknown. If it had been possible I am sure Folke Wernstedt would have found out.

3. Johan’s children were said to have various noble persons including Dowager Queen Hedvig Eleonora as their baptism sponsors. Would love to see these records!

Let´s start trying to find the church records for Johan Hultman and his family! We need to go to the “Hovförsamlingen” or “Slottsförsamlingen” to find them. Interestingly enough you will not find this parish under “Stockholm” in Arkiv Digital! But if you search for “Slottsförsamlingen” or “Hovförsamlingen” at the highest level you will find it. Also, if you choose “Advance options” and then choose “Stockholms län” in the drop down box you will also find it.

Johan Hulman marries 1697-02-07. Here is what the records says (Encl 5):

Feb 7, 1697 Magister Sollenius married , in Gyllenstolpe´s home, his lackey Johan Hultman and Maid Margaretha Rahm.

So, this confirms what F Wernstedt has written.

In 1698 he shows up in a Household Examination record. At the top of this page we find the label “Anno 1698 d. 30 Marts were the following Royal Majesty´s lackeys examined regarding the knowledge of the Lutheran Catechisnii”. And then we find a list of persons we will find later on in different church records. Some of them are “absent” and for those there are no symbols that they have passes the test (Encl 6-7). Further down on the same page we find Johan Hultman participating in the same exam on April 10 (Encl 8). But he has no symbols to the right. It looks like he has been moved to Ystad at the time and therefore is not available for the examination.

3.1 Johan Hultman´s children

3.1.1 1697-11-22 Johan Hultman´s son, Nils, is baptized and there are several noble witnesses (Encl 9):

Governor Nils Gyllenstolpe Mrs Catharina Wallenstedt
Law maker Cronsteen Mrs Catharina Logenia Tressén
Captain Horn Maid Kristin ?????
??? Gustaf Cronhielm Ms Cathrina Olofsdotter
Evert Gyllenstolpe

3.1.2 1699-02-23 Johan Hultman´s son, Johannes, is baptized and there are several noble witnesses (Encl 10-11):

Governor Stenbock Mrs Margreta Erdenssvärd
Superintendent Tessin Lady´s-maid Beata Sparre
Chamberlain Cronhielm Maid Margareta Sparre
Captain Evert Erdenssvärd Ms Margareta Torn Annfors

3.1.3 1700-11-16 Johan Hultman´s third son, Carl Niclas, is baptized and again there are several noble witnesses including the Dowager Queen Hedwig Eleonora (Encl 12-13):

Her Royal Majesty Dowager Queen ??? Carl Gyllenstierna
(Enkedrottningen) Countess Governor Nils Gyllenstolpe
(Hertiginnan) Hedvig of Holstein Governor Carl Wallenstedt
Princess Ulrika Chamberlain Carl Bonde
Governess Merta Berndt
Governess Mrs Anna Beata Cronhielm

3.1.4 1703-09-27 Johan Hultman´s daughter, Hedvig, is baptized. This time there are fewer, and different, witnesses (Encl 14):

3.1.5 Folke Wernstedt claims that Johan Hultman had one more son, Daniel Magnus Hultman, born in 1707. I have not been able to find him in the birth records for Hovförsamlingen. He might have been born somewhere else.

Just a few words about the Dowager Queen Hedwig Eleonora:

Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp (23 October 1636 – 24 November 1715) was Queen of Sweden from 1654 until 1660. She was the wife of Charles X Gustav of Sweden and mother of Charles XI. She served as regent during the minority of her son from 1660 until 1672, and during the minority of her grandson Charles XII in 1697. She also represented Charles XII during his absence in the Great Northern War from 1700 until the regency of her granddaughter Ulrika Eleonora in 1713. Hedwig Eleonora was described as a dominant personality and was regarded as the de facto first lady of the royal court for 61 years, from 1654 until her death.

A more complete article on Hedwig Eleonora can be found at:


In the following I will focus on Johan Hultman dies in Stockholm 1735-12-19. He is buried in Johannes parish (Encl 15).

The path towards your own, known, ancestor, Lisa Stina Hultman b. 1842-12-30 in Stockaryd paris, Jönköpings län. She was a descendant from Carl Niclas Hultman.

3.1.3 Carl Niclas Hultman b. 1700-11-16 Jonas Hultman b. 1736-09-22

As you have already found out Jonas Hultman was a son of Carl Niclas Hultman. He was baptized 1736-09-22 in Uppsala. As a symbol of how close the Hultman family was to the crown we can see that the top sponsor at the baptism is Olof Rudbeck, botanic professor in Uppsala and in charge of the University there. He was also the teacher of Carl von Linné, a well known name in the botanic history. Olof was also promoted to Arkiator, i.e. the chief medical officer for the King (Encl 16-17).

Long before that, in 1686, when he published his thesis he received 100 “dukater” from Queen Ulrika Eleonora (Encl 17).

Olaus Rudbeckius, junior or Olof Rudbeck (d.y.) (1660–1740) is a Swedish explorer, scientist, and the son of Olaus Rudbeck Sr, Rudbeck Jr. He succeeded his father as professor of medicine at Uppsala University. Serving aside Lars Roberg, he specialized in anatomy, botany, zoology, and pharmacology, while Roberg gave lectures in medicine, surgery, physiology, and chemistry.[1]

Young Rudbeck was an able botanist and ornithologist who took his doctor’s degree in Utrecht in 1690. He traveled to Lapland in 1695, joining an expedition commissioned by the King, for which his mission was to study nature, the mountains in particular. He returned with an album of beautifully colored pictures of birds, flowers and scenery, for which he is best remembered.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Rudbeck Jr. turned his attention away from nature studies to speculation about the relationship between Sami and Hebrew languages. To honor his accomplishments (and posthumously, those of his namesake father) he was ennobled in 1719 by Queen Ulrika Eleanora as a “naturalized nobleman” (noble family of Rudbeck, nr. 1637). His student, the botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778), named a genus of flowers Rudbeckia in honor of him and his father.

Rudbeck had 24 children with three wives.[1] His sister, Wendela, married Peter Olai Nobelius, and from them descends the Nobel family, including Ludvig Nobel, founder of Branobel and Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prizes. Isac Jonasson Hultman b. 1782-01-13

Isac Hultman was born at Hellevedsqvarn, Norra Sandsjö 1782-01-13 and he was baptized 5 days later. His mother was Christina Jönsdotter (Encl 18). He marries Christina Catharina Olofsdotter b. 1792 in Mellby. In 1825 they have 5 children (Encl 19-21):

Isac Jonasson Hultman b. 1782-01-13 in N Sandsjö
Christina Catharina Olofsdotter b. 1792 in Mellby
Maria Christina b. 1809-11-23
Jonas Peter b. 1812-08-01 in Skepperstad
Britta Lovisa b. 1819-01-31 in Skepperstad
Anna Cathrina b. 1822-05-12 in Skepperstad
Lisa Beata b. 1825-08-29 in Skepperstad Jonas Peter Hultman b. 1812-08-01 in Skepperstad

Jonas marries Maja Lisa Johannesdotter b. 1812-08-01 in Stockaryd and they have a daughter:

Lena Carin b. 1838-01-07 in Stockaryd

Maja Lisa Johannesdotter dies 1839-09-25 and Jonas and his daughter moves to Stockaryd the same year (Encl 22).

Jonas marries with Anna Stina Johannisdotter b. 1818-08-06 and 1842 they have two children (Encl 23). During the next period they have two more children. The family moves to Wrigstad in 1853 (Encl 24):

Jonas Peter Hultman b. 1812-08-01 in Skepperstad
Anna Stina Johannisdotter b. 1818-09-06 in Stockaryd
Lena Carin (Jonas´daughter) b. 1838-01-07 in Skepperstad
Anna Lovisa b. 1840-10-17 in Stockaryd
Lisa Stina b. 1842-12-30 in Stockaryd
Claes August b. 1848-03-07 in Stockaryd
Joel Frithiof b. 1851-12-03 in Stockaryd

Lisa Stina is your great-great-grandmother. Mission completed! Anna Christina Hultman

Jonas had a sister, Anna Christina Hultman, according to Folke Wernstedt, and she married Professor Evald Ziervogel. Wernstedt claims that there are now (1934) living descendants of them in Sweden.

The Ziervogel family is interesting and a lot of information can be found on the internet. Evald, who was a Professor in Numismatics in Uppsala, was the grandson of a brother of Johan Martin Ziervogel who was one of the most important doctors in Sweden at his time (Encl 25). Pictures of both Evald, who was born 1728, and Anna Christina, who was born 1732, can be found at at this link (Encl 26). Johan Martin worked for King Karl XI and King Karl XII as well as for the dowager Queen Hedwig Eleonora. He was enobled in 1698 with the name Rothlöben, which was his mother´s family name. He accompanied King Karl XII when he travelled to Livland in 1700. He died 1701 in Reval (Encl 27).

4. Johan supposedly served with King Karl XII at Bender and was with him at Fredriksten when he was shot and killed. Is it possible to independently confirm these facts?

I do not think so. It looks like the whole nobility trusts the diary Johan wrote, and a copy of which is still available in Uppsala University Library. However, there is said to exist a letter as of June 8, 1711 in the National Archives of Sweden from the King confirming the 200 “Daler” of silver Johan received ( “as a yearly help for the upbringing of his children”) as a compensation for not being allowed to travel back to Sweden after his wife had died in 1710. May be it is possible to find that letter.

This letter was obviously sent between the battle of Poltava in Ukraine and the Kalabalik of Bender in Moldavia 1713.

5. Johan ended up in a crazy court case involving a spurned love interest (!) sometime 1722-1725 (see Wernstedt paper). Where are the records for this?

I have not done any research on this.

6. Would like to learn whatever I can about Johan’s son Carl Niklas, grandson Jonas and great-grandson Isaac. Wernstedt has very little information on them. (When we were in Sweden a year ago, we found the remains of Jonas’ mill at Hällevedsqvarn.)

I have not done any further research on them. I am not sure it is possible.

7. Why did the family go to America in 1854? They ended up in Henry County, Illinois, only 10 miles from the Jansson colony at Bishop Hill. I doubt that they were motivated by religion and anyway, Jansson had died four years before they got there. Very few Swedes emigrating during this time…

I do not know why they emigrated. I could not find them in the HER for Stockaryd after 1851 and there is no Moving out records for this period in Stockaryd. And there is no Moving-in records for Vrigstad at this time. And I could not find the family in Vrigstad´s HER even though I scanned through all the pages 1851-1856. Finally, 1854 is before Emibas and Emihamn starts so I could not find them there either.

8. Living relatives in Sweden? Others doing research on this line?

Per Anders Johanssen has a family tree for Evald Ziervogel and Anna Christina Hultman on www.geni.com containing 4,408 blood relatives, 33 ancestors and 485 descendants. So, yes, others are doing research and I am sure there are many now living relatives in Sweden (Encl 28-29).

On www.Ancestry.com we find the Kilde Public Family Tree for Johan Hultman. There are a lot of descendants going into the 20th century in his tree (Encl 30-32).

On DISBYT Sven-Erik Larsson in Veddige has put in a family tree for Isac Hultman which you can follow into the 20th century (Encl 33-35).

I hope this gives you the ability to continue your research of Johan Hultman´s family tree.


Kjell S Andersson 2015-02-13

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