Linda Crow 2015-02-14

Can I find living relatives in Sweden related to my ancestor John Victor Carlson from Kråksmåla? Tools used were Emibas, Swedish Death Index, Begravda I Sverige, ArkivDigital, Swedish Census 1990, 1970,,, and DISBYT.

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Linda’s request of the Mentoring Team was to locate living relatives in Sweden—related to her ancestor John Victor Carlson from Kråksmåla. She provided considerable family data including fact and possible hear say on John Victor and his immediate family. In fact, the overall detail was far more than required for this particular challenge. So, the initial task was reviewing Linda’s input to discard the unimportant data and identify that requiring study. The conclusion was the opportunities for success were in two lines. We’ll first follow John Victor and his siblings then, from what Linda likely calls the Peterson line, the last born individual on her input, Sven Gustaf Rune Isaksson.

1. Johan Victor Carlsson’s siblings

From Linda’s input we know the marriage of Carl Peterson and Lena Sofia Jonsdotter created only two children, Johan Victor and Karl August. Both emigrated to Amerika. (Encl 2)

For assurance that each emigrated as unmarried men, leaving Sweden with no known spouse or children) we researched emigration records via the EMIBAS data base and see both were unmarried (Encl 3)

Also, from Linda’s documentation, we know Carl Peterson died and Lena Sofia remarried to Sven Jaensson. This marriage produced six (6) half brothers and sisters to Johan Victor (Encl 4)

We then follow each of the new siblings:

1.1 Gunnar Allgot Svensson emigrated to Amerika as an unmarried man as evidenced by the EMIBAS records (Encl 5)

1.2 Sven Erlich Vilhelm died as unmarried man, as evidenced by reference to the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 6)

1.3 Emma Charlotta died as unmarried woman, as evidenced by reference to the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 6)

1.4 Johan Konrad died as unmarried man, as evidenced by reference to the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 7)

1.5 Anna Sofia died as unmarried woman, as evidenced by reference to the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 7)

1.6 Gustaf Fredrik Svensson Löfberg (name change) stayed in Sweden to die in 1934, as we find in the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 8)

From this source, we find Gustaf Fredrik married 14 February 1909.

This enclosure also includes data from the Begravda I Sverige 2 which gives the area (Nybro) church address and telephone number.

We find a marriage record for Gustaf Fredrik and Hildur Grönquist
14 February1909-(AD Kråksmåla E1:2 (1895-1925) image 31/page 23 Living at Kimramåla 1 (Encl 9)

Just as a matter in information, Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 with death of Hildur Emilia Grönquist 17 August 1938 (Encl 10)

Gustaf Fredrik Svensson Löfberg and Hildur Grönquist have one son:

1.6.1 SVEN GÖSTA AUGUST, Son of Gustaf Fredrik & Hildur was born
10 March 1910. We find his birth record in the Födelsebok on AD Kråksmåla C:6 (1895-1925) Image 115/page 105 (Encl 11)

Gustaf, Hildur and SVEN GÖSTA are found in the Household Examination Records living at Kimramåla—note the move to page 160. AD Kråksmåla AIIa:1 (1897-1913) image 258/page 245 (Encl 12)

Looking at page 160 of the Household Examinations Records (1897-1913), we find Gustaf, Hildur & SVEN GÖSTA living at Grönskåla with no additional children. AD Kråksmåla AIIa(1897-1913) image 173/page 160 (Encl 13)

We find Gustaf, Hildur & SVEN GÖSTA in Household Examination Records (1914-1924) again with no additional children. AD Kråksmåla AIIa:4 (1914-1924) (Encl 14)

SVEN GÖSTA AUGUST LÖFBERG dies 19 July 2003. His death record gives us information that he married 16 November 1940. Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 (Encl 15)

We find SVEN GÖSTA AUGUST LÖFBERG and his family in Swedish Census 1970. This provides us with names and birthdates on Sven’s spouse and children (Encl 16)

We can now look up the children of SVEN GÖSTA AUGUST LÖFBERG on to find where they are currently living and their phone numbers. BENGT LARS LÖFBERG located in (Encl 17). BENGT’S telephone number and a map of his location from via link from (Encl 18). Area map on (Encl 19) INGRID GUDRUN ANNIKA LÖFBERG BÖRJESSON is located via (Encl 20). Maps to her locations and her phone number can be found on (Encl 21).

Both of these children come from the line of Lena Sofia Jonsdotter, Johan Victor’s mother. These two children are descendants of Johan Victor’s half-siblings.



From Linda’s input, we find SVEN GUSTAF RUNE ISAKSSON, b. 13 June 1923, the last born in the line.

2.1 Sensing SVEN GUSTAF RUNE ISAKSSON would perhaps be living in the Swedish Census of 1970, we search his name and requested the names of those living at the same address. Bonanza!! We get Sven’s spouse, children and parents. (Encl 22).

2.1.1 GUNNEL KRISTINA ISAKSSON, her spouse & children are found in (Encl 23) Her telephone number and map shown on (Encl 24) and (Encl 25).

2.1.2 JAN OLOF PETER ISAKSSON from (Encl 26) listing with his spouse (Encl 27) Telephone number shown on (Encl 28) And larger map (Encl 29).

2.1.3 KERSTIN ELISABETH ISAKSSON ERNSTIG listing in with husband and children (Encl 30) Telephone number & close up map (Encl 31) Overall map (Encl 32).



And perhaps there’s a bonus in that researcher BENGT GRÖNQUIST has activity posted on Disbyt. (Encl 34).

[button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]See Linda’s meeting presentation here[/button-green]Update: Linda made a presentation about her visit to Sweden. She was able to meet relatives, thanks to the information gleaned from this One-on-One Session.


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24 Gunnel Kristina Isaksson (Detailed map & phone number)
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26 Jan Olof Peter Isaksson
27 Ditto. Jan Olof Peter Isaksson with Wife
28 Jan Olof Peter Isaksson (Detailed map & phone number)
29 Ditto. Jan Isaksson (Area map)
30 Kerstin Elisabeth Isaksson Ernstig with Family
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32 Ditto. Kerstin Elisabeth Isaksson Ernstig ( Area map)
33 Summary of Found Living Descendants
34 Disbyt. 01639. Gustaf Fredrik Löfberg (Bonus. Family researcher)