Beverly Harbourt 2015-03-14

Can we find the death date of an ancestor born in 1733? Can we locate another who was born in 1778 in Blekinge län? Tools used were ArkivDigital, Lantmäteriet maps and Svenska Gods och Gårdar.

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1. Bjurtjärn
Anders Nilsson and his wife Greta Ersdotter moves to Mellösa in 1814. Greta is born in Långbans by, Gåsborn in 1766. Anders is born 1764 in Bjurtjärn. His title is Ängv. I do not know what that is (Encl 2). BR for Gåsborn starts already in 1694, fortunately (Encl 3).

There are two different Mellösa. Lilla Mellösa is situated in Södermanlands län (D). Stora Mellösa is situated in Örebro län (T). Since Stora Mellösa is much closer to Bjurtjärn it is likely that they moved there. However, Moving-in-records for Stora Mellösa are missing for the period 1800-1826 (Encl 4). So, to find out where they went you have to scan through a whole book for Stora Mellösa.

You have not been able to trace Nils Andersson (Anders Nilsson´s father) beyond 1801 (Encl 5). But Nils Andersson lives with Anders Nilsson and his wife, Greta, also during the period 1802-1807 (Encl 6). Amd also 1808-1810. At least Anders and Greta visited church 1808, 1809 and 1810 but not after 1810. All three of them are crossed out simultaneously indicating that they all moved in 1810 or 1811 (Encl 7).

I could not find them in the MOR 1809-1812. This indicates that they have moved to another place in Bjurtjärn. Suddenly, I now remember that we already know where Anders and Greta is 1813-1814, namely on p 76 (Encl 2). This place is called Skinnarhöjden. Next step is to look at this place for the preceding period, 1808-1812. And there they are. But I cannot see that Nils Andersson is with them now (Encl 8).

I looked through the whole HER for 1808-1812 without finding Nils Andersson. And he is not in the Poor-house in 1808-1812. Not in 1813-1818 either. I could not find him in DISBYT either.

2.  Backaryd

Your ancestor, Pehr Månsson, lives at Ulfsmåla Rote No 14, Västra Hall, Backaryd 1813-1818 (Encl 9). Your question is whether I think you have found the places of Västra and Östra Hall on the historical map provided (Encl 11). I do not think you have found the right area for Västra Hall and Östra Hall. According to the HER they should be within the Ulfsmåla Rote. Ulfsmåla is to the north-west of Backaryd. And there were many families living both at Västra Hall and Östra Hall which would not have been possible within the single-family farms we can see on your map. Furthermore, the area adjacent to the Backaryd center belongs to Kalmare and Backaryds rrotes or “Backarij rote” as it is called in the HER.

Looking at the Ulfsmåla area we find both V Hallen and Ö Hallen. These places are west and east of both the Halla train station and the Haal pond, i.e “Hallagölen” (Encl 12-13)
Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-02

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