David Magnusson 2015-03-14

What happened to my grandparents and their children as they emigrated to Buenos Aires via Hamburg in 1909? Tools used were Arkiv Digital, www.ancestry.com, Wikipedia, DISBYT, and www.personer.eniro.se. Since you have asked for source records let’s start with what is known regarding Elin Eugenia Rönnqvist and Kurt Hilding Rönnqvist, namely their birth records.

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Elin was born 1904-07-27 in Nederkalix to Petrus Rönnqvist, b. 1864-01-29 and his wife Anna Ribom, b. 1866-08-04 (Encl 2). Kurt Hilding was born 1908-06-17 in Nederkalix. The family can be found on p 105/3 (Encl 3). We find the family at Månsbyn in Nederkalix. They all move to Jukkasjärvi 1909-02-19 (Encl 4).

The family registers in Jukkasjärvi 1909-02-24 and settles at p 1090 (Encl 5). Here Petrus is a worker. In 1909-12-08 the whole family leaves in order to emigrate to South America (Encl 6). They travel to Hamburg to embark on the ship San Nicolas bound for Rio de Janeiro and Santos (Encl 7). The ship manifest shows that the ship leaves port 1909-12-22 and will also visit Lissabon and Madeira on its way (Encl 8).

At the bottom of the first page of the passenger list we find Petrus and Anna (Encl 9). And at the top of the next page we find the five children. It looks like Elin is crossed out but the crossing-out looks suspicious since it continues over to the right hand side of the page (Encl 10).

I now looked at the next twenty pages and each one of them showed the same line(s) roughly 4-5 rows below the top of the page. On p 211, as an example, the line is at the same position and it is clear that it extends into the adjacent page (Encl 11). This picture is confirmed on the next few pages (Encl 12-13). It is further confirmed when both the left hand side and the right hand side of the book is displayed at the same time (Encl 14-15).

The conclusion is that these strikes are not part of the book. They have been created by careless handling of the micro-film that shows the passenger lists!!

So Elin was not crossed out!

The only way to find out about the ship San Nicolas around 1900 was to Google “San Nicolas aus Hamburg” i.e. “San Nicolas of Hamburg” but in German. (All other hits just returned more modern container ships with the name “Cap San Nicolas”) (Encl 16).

Now I wanted to see if there are any public member trees on www.ancestry.com containing Petrus Rönnqvist. And there are five of them (Encl 17). I found a Magnusson/Ronnqvist family tree and since your surname is Magnusson I thought it was related to you. The tree owner is “arcticblonde”. Your “niece”? The family is very incomplete (Encl 18).

There is also a Campbell/Loud tree which is more complete including some sources and pictures. Tree owner is still “arcticblonde” (Encl 19). And here we can see the cause of death for both Petrus and Anna in 1910: “Yellow fever in South America”. No source is cited (Encl 20).

This tree also has a big pedigree chart (Encl 21).

So, if both Petrus and his wife died in yellow fever in 1910 (what is the source for that?) maybe Elin and Kurt died the same way and at the same time if not during the journey.

None of them can be found in the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013. And I checked the Death records for the period 1910-1911 for both Nederkalix and Jukkasjärvi without success.

It happens that death information is sent from abroad back to the parish where they lived or to relatives. Therefore I thought I should take a look at the HER at this time for Petrus´mother (his father died already 1866). But according to the Disbyt record she died already 1869 (Encl 30).

To find out where Petrus lived when he was born I tried to find him in the BR Nederkalix where he was supposed to have been born 1864-01-29. And we find him. His family is to be found on p 206 in Månsbyn (Encl 22). And we find the family (Encl 23). It looks like the son, Gustaf Ulrik, takes care of the family in 1869 when the mother dies. His sister, Amanda Karolina, dies 1870, 13 years old (Encl 24). Gustaf Ulrik marries Brita Wilhelmina Nilsson 1884-04-27 and 1884-07-11 they have a daughter, Ida Wilhelmina. 1885-09-02 they have a son, Gustaf Walfrid. He dies 1886-01-08, 3 months old. 1887-01-12 they have a son, Gustaf Walfrid, who dies 1888-11-07, 22 months old (Encl 25).

In 1897 they have five children. Gustaf Ulrik dies 1896-07-06 (Encl 26).Brita Wilhelmina have her banns announced 1901 with the Baker Albert Börjesson but there is no marriage. 1903-08-29 they have a son, Helge Engelbert. He dies 1903-11-02, 2 months old. 1906-10-23 they have a daughter, Anna Ingeborg (Encl 27). Up until 1921 there has been no information in the HERs for Gustaf Ulrik Rönnqvist and his family on Petrus and Anna Rönnqvist (Encl 28-29).

I then tried to find Petrus Rönnqvist in DISBYT. I got one hit (Encl 30). This tree does not contain any descendants of Petrus but it contains a lot of ancestors. The tree owner is Leif Boström, Stralsundsvägen 18, 18741 Täby. He is one of your distant cousins. His phone number is +46 8 792 4697 and his email is info@familjenbostrom.se. He also has his own web site: http://familjenbostrom.se/genealogi. On Petrus´father´s side this tree goes back to the early 1600s (Encl 31).

Finally, you wanted to have the phone number to Bengt Gunnar Wallin. It could not be found on www.birthday.se but I found it on www.eniro.se (Encl 32).

Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-03



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