Lolly Smith 2015-03-14

Can you help me find out more about my great-great grandfather Gren. Johan Gustaf Peterson (Brodd) in military records? Toos used were Centrala Soldatregistret and ArkivDigital.

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Lolly wants to find out more about her great-great grandfather, Gren. Johan Gustaf Peterson (Brodd) b. 1817-04-19 in Korsberga, Jönköpings län.

We start by using the Centrala Soldatregistret which is an indexed database containing soldiers (Encl 2). We click on the button “Sök I Soldatregistret” i.e. “Search in the database” and up comes an introduction to the database (Encl 3). At the bottom we click on the text “Search the database >>>” and up comes the Search Form (Encl 4).

We now enter “Brodd Johan” in the box “Soldiers name” and then we click “Search”. It is important to enter the surname before the first name. This is not a very intelligent database and therefore we should enter as little information as possible. So, we do not enter the family name or the birth year. The search result is a long list of soldiers with the name Johan Brodd. We can see one Johan Brodd born 1817 having enlisted in 1838 and having the number 109. There also is a Johan Brodd without a birth year having enlisted 1845 with the number 73 (Encl 5).

We start by clicking on the Johan Brodd b. 1817 and her we find what we were looking for. Johan enlisted 1838 as SG-02-0109 with Östra Härads Kompani in Smålands grenadjärsbataljon. He is representing Åhult in Nävelsjö parish. He is discharged in 1845 (Encl 6).

Then we click on the other Johan Brodd and here we find that it may be the same person. He enlists 1845 as SG-02-0073-1845 with the same Kompani. It does not say which parish he represents and he is discharged in 1850 (Encl 7).

To find out if these two persons are identical we now want to look at the General Muster Rolls for Jönköping. We can do that with the help of Arkiv Digital where we choose “Advanced options” (Encl 8). This results in three drop down lists being presented (Encl 9):

Archive type

We do not care about County or Province but scroll down the Archive type to “Military archives” (Encl 10). Clicking “military archives” reveals a long list of regiments in different provinces (Encl 11). We scroll down until we find “Generalmönsterrullor – Jönköpings regemente” and click on it (Encl 12). We now get a long list of muster rolls from the 1600s forward. We choose 1838-1841 since he enlisted in 1838 (Encl 13).

Now we can see the cover of this book (Encl 14). The search now becomes a lot more difficult. This book covers a whole regiment consisting of several companies. A company is about 125-150 soldiers and a regiment could be up to 8 companies. In the beginning there is a lot of information that we do not care about. We need to scroll through until we find the starting point of a company with the name “Östra Härads Company”. We find that starting point for 1841 on p 333. The title is “The 1841 General Muster Roll for Östra Härad´s Company in Småland´s Royal Grenadier Batallion” (Encl 15).

The next page shows that the document was created 1841-06-29. It says (Encl 16):

“This General Muster Roll for Östra Härad´s Company in Småland´s Grenadier Batallion was created at the Enrollment 29 June, 1841 by the General Commander of the Second Military District, General Lieutenant and Knight Commander of the Big Cross of the Royal Sword´s Order, Hon. Mr Erland Hederstjerna, assisted by General Muster Commissioner, Mr Assessor Bagge”

Scrolling forward 35 pages we finally find Johan Brodd. He is 24 years old (in 1841) and he has enlisted December 12, 1838, replacing another soldier, Peter Göth, who was moved to another place with number 99 at the same date. We can see that Johan Brodd has been a soldier for 2 ½ years. He represents Åhult, has number 109, is 5 ft, 11 inches tall and he is unmarried (Encl 17).

We now go to the next book to find the next Muster event in 1844 (Muster events were held every three years). It happened 1844-06-18 (Encl 18). He still represent Åhult and he has number 109. And he is still unmarried (Encl 19).

We also have the 1847 General Muster roll in the same book, moving forward 116 pages (Encl 20). This happened 1847-06-05 (Encl 21). 29 pages later we fin Johan Brodd again. October 13, 1845 he has been transferred to number 73 and another soldier, Anders Nord, is taking over his job and number 109. So from 1845 Johan Brodd has number 73. Now we can be sure that the two Johan Brodd we found in the beginning actually are the same individual (Encl 22-23).

Backing up 9 pages we find the new place Johan Brodd is representing from 1845, Knixhult, with number 73. The records says: “Anders Nord, 1845-10-13 transported to No 109. Same day Johan Brodd was transported here from No 109”. He has now been a soldier for 8 ½ years. Interestingly enough he is now 6 feet tall. And he is married (Encl 24).

The next Muster event is 1851-06-10 (Encl 25). Johan is still representing (= living at) Knixhult in Korsberga parish and he is discharged 1850-04-25 and replaced the same day (Encl 26).

Following these procedures I hope you can now trace your other soldiers. Just so you know, Carl Johan was born 1838-05-07 in Korsberga. Not 1837-05-07.

Good luck!

Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-04

1 Title page
2 Centrala Soldatregistret.
3 Dito. Introduction
4 Dito. Search form
5 Dito. Search results
6 Dito. SG-02-0109-1838. Brodd Johan
7 Dito. SG-02-0073-1845. Brodd Johan
8 Arkiv Digital. Index page
9 Dito. Advanced options
10 Dito. Military archives
11 Dito. Military records
12 Dito. Finding Jönköpings regemente
13 Dito. General muster rolls. Choosing 1838-1841
14 Back of chosen book
15 Start of General muster roll for Östra Härad´s Kompani
16 Dito. The Introduction of this muster roll dated 29 June, 1841
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19 Record for 109 Johan Brodd
20 Start of General muster roll 1847
21 The introduction of the roll for Östra Härad´s Compagnie 5 June, 1847
22 The record for 109 Johan Brodd 13 October, 1845 transferring to 73
23 Dito. Zoomed in
24 The record for 73 Johan Brodd
25 The introduction of the roll för Östra Härad´s Compagnie 10 June, 1851
26 The discharge record for 73 Johan Brodd 25 April, 1850