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An alternative approach so Sue’s question: Can I find living descendants in Sweden of the siblings of my ancestor Olof Ersson? He lived in Hälsingland. Tools used were ArkivDigital, Swedish Death Index 1901-2013, Swedish Census 1970,, and

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Sue had heard in the family that her great-grandfather, Olof Ersson b. 1823-11-29, had brothers who did not emigrate. Actually he had only one brother, Anders. He did not emigrate but he did not have any children either as Brian Rapp has already shown. Anders only had a foster daughter but does not count in genealogy. However, Olof also had two sisters, Sara b. 1827 and Karin b. 1831. The whole family can be found in (Encl 2):

Erik Olsson b. 1791-01-15 in Norrala, Gävleborgs lä (X)
Karin Andersdotter b. 1797-02-07 in Norrala
Anders b. 1819-05-24 in Norrala
Olof b. 1823-11-29 in Norrala
Sara b. 1827-11-23 in Norrala
Karin b. 1831-12-04 in Norrala

We choose to trace Karin forward. In 1861 she moves to page 40 (Encl 3). She marries Erik Carlsson and 1864 they have two children, one of which is Carl Erik b. 1862-10-24 in Enånger (Encl 4). He marries in 1887-03-25 and dies 1936-01-19 at Bölan, Enånger (Encl 5). This helps us finding him in the HER for Enånger. Here we find both his parents and siblings and also his own family (Encl 6):

Erik Carlsson b. 1834-12-23 in Enånger, Gävlebors län (X)
Karin Ersdotter b. 1831-12-04 in Norrala, Gävleborgs län
Karl Erik b. 1862-10-24 in Norrala
Emma Christina b. 1864-11-21 in Norrala
Katarina b. 1867-03-23 in Norrala
Sara b. 1870-11-08 in Norrala
Anders Olof b. 1873-05-06 in Norrala


Karl Erik Eriksson b. 1862-10-24 in Norrala m. 1887-03-25
Anna Brita Henriksson b. 1861-01-21 in Enånger
Erik Allgot b. 1887-05-30 in Enånger d. 1887-09-16 in Enånger
Anna Kathrina b. 1889-08-31 in Enånger
Agnes Kristina b. 1893-05-17 in Enånger

During the next period they have one more daughter (Encl 7):

Esther Brigitta b. 1896-11-01 in Enånger

Karl Erik and Anna Brita lives at the same place with their three daughters in 1914 (Encl 8). The oldest daughter, Anna Kathrina, moves to page 146 in 1920 and we decide to follow her (Encl 9).

She marries the factory worker Per Johan Hedlund in 1920-06-27. Before 1930 they have six children (Encl 10):

Per Johan Hedlund b. 1883-08-22 in Enånger
Anna Katrina Eriksson b. 1889-08-31 in Enånger
Elsa Katarina b. 1920-10-31 in Enånger
Märta Birgitta b. 1921-12-14 in Enånger
Ingrid Kristina b. 1923-09-16 in Enånger
Aina Maria b. 1926-05-01 in Enånger
Anna Barbara b. 1928-01-14 in Enånger
Sven Erik b. 1929-09-15 in Enånger

We now choose to trace Sven Erik Hedlund. So, we look him up in the Swedish Census 1970. And here we find that he has married and has four children in 1970 (Encl 11-17):

Sven Erik Hedlund b. 1929-09-15 in Enånger
Märta Ulrika Hedlund b. 1932-01-06 in Enånger
Åsa Marie Hedlund b. 1957-07-17 in Enånger
Sven Ove Hedlund b. 1960-04-13 in Norrala
Hans-Erik Hedlund b. 1965-08-31 in Söderhamn, Gävleborgs län (X). Twin
Ulla-Lena Hedlund b. 1965-08-31 in Söderhamn. Twin

We now choose to find where the oldest daughter, Åsa Marie, lives today (2015). We find her at Västansjö Nygårdsbackane in Kilafors (Encl 18). You can find her phone numbers on (Encl 19) and her position on the map of Sweden (Encl 20).

This family branch has a lot of descendants and it is fairly straight forward to find more now living relatives in Sweden following the same procedure gain and again.

Good luck!


Kjell S Andersson 2015-03-09



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