Forest Finns and C. G. Nyberg

ForestFinnsShort: “Forest Finns – Who were they – What did they do – Where did they go?” Kjell S Andersson, Research and Mentoring Chair, SGSC

This presentation starts with putting the Forest Finns into an historical perspective especially related to the friction between a rising Russian empire and Sweden during the 16th century. Then the migration to the western part of Sweden is described including the lesser known fact that they constituted the majority of the Swedes that eventually settled down in New Sweden on American soil. Then their integration into the Swedish culture and landscape is described. Finally, some examples of well-known descendants of Forest Finns are given.

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Main Program: “C.G. Nyberg:  Where in Sweden Did He Come From and Are There Any Living Relatives?” Case Study by Ed Peck, SGSC Member

Ed will cover the necessary research to find the information needed to “jump the pond” for his wife’s ancestor C.G. Nyberg of Osage County, Kansas.  He will also take us down the trail to find living relatives in Sweden.  The emphasis will be on how others can do the same and how all alternatives must be pursued to break down a brick wall.  How do you detect a name change in one of the ancestors you are researching?

Ed Peck has been a parts-man at Dodge, Chrysler dealerships since 1973.  He became interested I genealogy as a hobby in 1978 – back in the dark ages when computer programs were on floppy discs.  He began computerizing Tracy’s (his wife) great-aunt Ellen’s Swedish-American tree that she had collected over a lifetime.  He was hooked on genealogy and now has over 4,000 relatives in four countries.  Ed is a member of the Mayflower Society and the Osage County Historical Society.  His serious Swedish research began with the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado three years ago.  His wife, Tracy is the Swede, Ed is English and Scots.

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