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Can we fine my Norweigian ancestors? Skills used were Swedish Death Index 1901-2013, Swedish Census 1970, Digitalarkivet Folketellinger, Digitalarkivet Kirkeböker.

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Since we know the name and death year of Carl Georg Roland Wahlström, let´s start with him. He was born 1933-11-25 in Kristianstad and died 2005-01-05 in Valla (Encl 2). His wife is Aslaug Wahlström b. 1933-09-26 (Encl 3).

In 1970 they have three children:

Carl Erik Wahlström b. 1962-01-13 in Perstorp, Kristianstads län (Encl 4)
Ole Johan Wahlström b. 1964-06-02 in Kungälv, Göteborgs och Bohus län (Encl 5)
Björn Fredrik Wahlström b. 1967-06-23 in Nyköpings östra, Södermanlands län (Encl 6)

Erik told you that his mother was born in Bergen, Norway and that her father was Ole Johan Amlie b. 1898-09-10. To find him we now go to the Digital branch of the Norweigian National Archive, http// (Encl 7). In the upper right hand corner there is a button “English”. If we click that button all the headlines will change to English (Encl 8).

As you can see there are a lot of different records available here. And this is a free site. We choose the Census 1900 and enter the name Ole Amlie and get one hit (Encl 9). When we click on him we can see his family (Encl 10-15):

Einar Amlie b. 1864 in Gjövik Parish Minister
Margit Amlie b. 1869 in Levanger NT Housewife
Marie Amlie b. 1861 in Gjövik The Minister´s sister
Ole Amlie b. 1898 in Sörfold county son
Ragnhild Amlieqq b. 1899-11-04 in Sörfold county daughter

Since the Census 1910 is also available we want to see if we can find more family members (Encl 16). And we do. And here we get the birth dates as well (Encl 17):

Einar J.B. Amlie b. 1864-12-29 in Gjövik Parish Minister
Margit Amlie b. 1869-11-18 in Levanger Wife
Ole Amlie b. 1898-09-10 in Folden Son
Ragnhild Amlie b. 1899-11-04 in Folden Daughter
Kristian Amlie b. 1901-02-21 in Folden Son
Gustav Amlie b. 1902-05-19 in Flakstad Son
Margit J. Amlie b. 1903-07-13 in Flakstad Daughter
Einar Ö. Amlie b. 1905-09-20 in Flakstad Son
Gudrun Amlie b. 1907-03-02 in Flakstad Daughter
Brynjulf Amlie b. 1909-08-09 in Fränen Son

Now we want to find Einar J.B. Amlie in the 1875 Census (Encl 18). And we do (Encl 19):

Johanne Bramine Amlie b. 1827 in Vestre Toten Widow, In charge of a household
Einar John Amlie b. 1864 in Gjövik Her son
Ragna Amlie b. 1864 in Gjövik Her daughter

Now, we continue to the Census 1865 and we get only one hit (Encl 20). We also find one more of Einar´s sisters. Einar´s mother is already now a widow (Encl 21-22):

Marie Katarine Amlie b. 1861 in Gjövik Her daughter

Now, let´s move on to finding Erik´s grandmother, Tone Kleppen in the Census 1910. She is born 1893-12-01 in Hjartdal (Encl 23). And we find her family (Encl 24):

Torgrim M. Kleppen b. 1849-10-06 in Hjartdal Farmer and forest owner
Aslaug Kleppen b. 1865-01-04 in Hjartdal Wife
Mathias T. Kleppen b. 1885.02-02 in Hjartdal Son, farmhand
Anlaug Kleppen b. 1886-10-01 in Hjartdal Daughter
Ingebjörg Kleppen b. 1888-03-01 in Hjartdal Daughter
Tone Kleppen b. 1893-12-01 in Hjartdal Daughter

In the Census 1900 we find one more daughter (Encl 25):

Aslaug Torgrimsd. Kleppen b. 1882 in Hjartdal Daughter

But in the Census 1900 Torgrim’s wife, Aslaug Halvordatter Kleppen is said to be born in Bö, Telemarken. This is very important. Searching through the Census 1865 for Aslaug Halvorsdatter born around 1864 there are several hits but only one that was born in Bö, Telemarken (Encl 26). Her family lives at the farm Opdal in Bö parish in 1865 (Encl 27):

Halvor Halvorsen 38 years old b. in Bö Farmer
Aslaug Gunnuldsdatter 27 years old b. in Bö Wife
Halvor Halvorsen 12 b. in Bö Son
Gunnuld Halvorsen 6 b. in Bö Son
Aslaug Halvorsdatter 2 b. in Bö Daughter
Halvor Chlausen 84 b. in Silgjord The Farmer’s father

Clicking on the Residence name (Opdal) we learn that they have 3 horses, 16 cows, 26 sheep, 1 goat and 2 pigs (Encl 28).

We now try to find Halvor Chlausen in the Census 1801. He is said to be 84 years old in 1865 so he should be 64 years younger in 1801, or around 20 years old +/- 2 years. He was born in Seljord. And we find his family in Seljord. His father is Claus Jörgensen b. around 1750. His married for the fourth time with Ingeborg Olsdotter who is 28 years younger than him (Encl 29):

Claus Jörgensen 50 years old 1801 Farmer. 4th marriage
Ingeborg Olsdatter 22 Wife. 1st marriage
Halvor Clausen 18 Son
Jörgen Clausen 10 Son
Ole Clausen 6 Son
Karie Clausdatter 16 Daughter
Groe Clausdatter 13 Daughter
Margit Clausdatter 4 Daughter

Ingeborg cannot be the mother of the four oldest children. She could be the mother of the two youngest but probably not since Claus had been married three times before he married Ingeborg and she is only 22.

We could try to find Halvor Clausen in the birth records for Seljord to see who his mother is. And we find that parish in the birth records. Let’s start with the birth year 1782 (Encl 30). We find him, born Oct 28, 1782. It looks loke his mother is Gro Kittilsdatter (Encl 31).


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