Cheryl Johnson 2015-09-12

Can we interpret abbreviations in the Household Examinations records? Tool used is ArkivDigital. Cheryl asks for an interpretation of the abbreviations in the Moving-in (“Hitkom”) and Moving-out (“Bortflyttad”) columns of the Misterhult Household Examination Record (HER) AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 173 / page 164.

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“Hitkom” abbreviations (Encl 1-2)

N. p. 354  Misterhult HER is divided into two books. 6a covers the northern part of the parish and 6b covers the southern part. So “N” stands for the “Northern” book i.e. 6a.
Byn  Byn i.e. “Village” means that the individual has moved from another place in the same village i.e. Klintemåla in this case. This can be from another place on the same page or from another page in Klintemåla. In this case it is from the same page. Just look further down on the page and you will find Carl Nilsson (Encl 3). And in the Moving-out column you can see that he moved to “Byn in 1852”
(Encl 4).
Höckh. p. 348  Normally, when a page number is given it means that the place is within the parish. In this case both a place name and a page number is given. This means that the place Höckh. is a Village inside Misterhult. In order to find the place it is necessary to look at the Village index in both books. In this case the Village Höckhult can be found in the Northern book i.e. book 6a (Encl 5).
P 170  Means “p 170 in this book”.
Vickerum  Vickerum is also a parish within Misterhult. It is situated within the southern book i.e. book 6 b (Encl 6).
Byn  In this case we find Sven Magnus Nilsson just above. He has been moved down a couple of rows when he married Stina Maria Engelbrechtsdotter (Encl 7).
Agnemar This is a cottage (i.e. not even a village) within Misterhult.. We find it in book 6b (Encl 8).


“Bortflyttad” abbreviations (Encl 9).

NB 265  NB means “Nya Boken” i.e. ”the new book” i.e. the book for the next period i.e. 1861-1869 (Encl 9). For this period it turns out to be five books (Encl 10). You have to go to the third book i.e. 8c in order to find the family (Encl 11).
Vesterum  This place name is hard to read and I am not sure I have interpreted the spelling correctly. I cannot find any place with this spelling in books 6a or 6b. I checked Vickerum and Virum in book 6b without success. No place in book 6a seems to be spelled this way. So may be Vesterum is a parish in Kalmar län? I entered Kalmar län in AD and scrolled down to all parishes starting on a “V” and found “Westrum (Westerum)” (Encl 12).

Eric Otto Nilsson was supposed to have moved to this place in 1851. So let´s check the Moving-in records for Westerum 1851! And here he is! (Encl 13).

So my spelling interpretation was correct.

Örö  This is a place in book 6b (Encl 14).
NB 265 We have already dealt with this
Höckhult Höckhult can be found in the Northern book i.e. book 6a (Encl 5).
P 277 This means page 277 in this book i.e. 6b

Kjell S Andersson 2015-09-08



1 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 173 / page 164
2 D.o. Top left hand side of page enlarged
3 D:o. Bottom half of the page
4 D:o. Bottom right hand side of page enlarged
5 HER Misterhult AI:6a (1851-1860) Image 6. Village Index
6 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 6. Village Index
7 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 173 / page 164. Top left hand side enlarged.
8 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 5. Village Index
9 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 173 / page 164. Top right hand side of page
10 AD. Misterhult Index.
11 HER Misterhult AI:8c (1861-1869) Image 272 / page 265
12 AD. Kalmar län parish index
13 MIR Västrum BI:2 (1828-1875) Image 67 / page 125
14 HER Misterhult AI:6b (1851-1860) Image 7. Village Index