Janet Folden 2015-09-12

Can we break down the brick wall in my Swedish soldier research during the late 1700s and early 1800s? Tools used were ArkivDigital and Centrala Soldatregistret.

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1 Sven Nilsson Lustig

1.1 Sven Nilsson Lustig´s birth record

We find the Carabineer Sven Nilsson Lustig, b. 1789-09-28 in Österslöv, and his wife Hanna Jönsdotter, b. 1791-05-19 in Fjelkestad. They have a daughter, Bengta, b. 1814-11-27 in Torseke. The family has moved to Norra Åsum 1816-04-28 or maybe 1816-11-28. Above Sven´s family we find another Carabineer, Måns Lustig and his wife and daughter. This family leaves this place to move to Nosaby 1816-09-28. This is the reason Sven gets his soldier name Lustig. He is taking over Måns Lustig´s job! (Encl 1).

There are no Moving-out records for Fjelkestad 1816, at least not on AD. This makes it more difficult to find out where they lived in Fjelkestad. But not impossible. The daughter is born in Torseke in 1814 17 months before they move to Norra Åsum. But where is Torseke? It should be a parish but it is not. Rosenberg tells us that Torseke is a village within Fjelkestad!

We find Bengta´s BR in Fjelkestad and here we can see that Sven and Hanna are engaged, but not married, at the time of Bengta´s birth. We cannot see where Sven lives but Hanna lives at No 5 Torseke. Bengta is baptized 1814-12-01 in Fjelkestad (Encl 2).

When the family left Fjelkestad 1816-04-28 Sven and Hanna were married. We find their Marriage Record in Fjelkestad. They were married 1815-12-29. Here we find that Sven lives at No 12 Torseke at the time of their marriage while Hanna lives at No 5 Torseke. Her surname is Nilsdotter but that is probably a typo (Encl 3).

Since Sven was a Carabineer in April, 1816 he must have been enlisted before that time. We find him in Centrala Soldatregistret. He was enlisted under Torp 18 in 1815 to the Livkompaniet in Skånska Dragonregimentet (Encl 4).

Also Måns Lustig is found in Centrala Soldatregistret. He was enlisted 1808 and discharged 1815 when Sven was enlisted (Encl 5).

We find Sven in the HER Fjelkestad 1813-1819. Here we can see that he has moved in from Kristianstad in 1813. His birth year is stated to be 1788 instead of 1789 but that is probably a typo (Encl 6). There are no Moving-out records for Kristianstad, at least not on AD.

There is a Sven Nilsson baptized in Österslöv 1789-10-11. His parents are Nils Svensson and Ingar Andersdotter at No 11, Karstad. But he is said to be born on the 5th of ??? ( probably October) (Encl 7).

We find this family in HER Österslöv 1781-1789. Nils Svensson is 40 years old and Ingar is 32. So they should have been born around 1749 and 1757. The son Sven is born Oct 5, 1789. They also have a daughter, Karna, 2 years old i.e born around 1787 (Encl 8).

So, these records make sense, besides the birth date for Sven being off with one week.

1.2 Sven Nilsson Lustig´s family after his death

Sven Nilsson Lustig dies 1830-02-08 in Norra Åsum. He is a Dragoon i.e. the same thing as a Carabineer. “R.T” to the left of Sven is an abbreviation for “Ryttartorpet” i.e. “The Cavalry Cottage”. The son Nils is moving out and the son Ola dies 1830-02-12, just 4 days after his father´s death. There is a comment in the margin: “Skola sättas I Bergs Hus” i.e “Will be moved to Berg´s cottage” (Encl 9). Three pages before this page there is a comment “Här sättes Bergs Hushåll” i.e. “Berg´s household shall be moved here”. At this very place a discharged Artillery soldier, Jöns Alm lives and his wife dies 1839-02-06 i.e. just 2 days before Sven Nilsson Lustig dies. It does not look like Hanna Jönsdotter and her children are moved to this place (Encl 10).

In order to find them during the next period, 1831-1836, we need to understand how that record is organized. It turns out that this “book” consists of 6 separate books, each covering just one year (Encl 11). This is not unusual in some old records.

So we try to find them during the first year, 1831. We find them at Åsum No 14. The son Nils has returned. The children´s surnames are changed from Nilsson to Svensson (Encl 12). The family is at the same place 1832. Son Nils is to serve in Köpinge at Pär Pärsson (Encl 13). The rest of the family is still intact 1833 (Encl 14). No change 1836 except that daughter Nilla moves to p 64 in 1836 (Encl 15).

Page 393 in the “combined record” corresponds to p 67 in the original book for 1836 (Encl 16). And we find Nilla 3 pages earlier. She works as a housemaid (Encl 17).

Time to move to the next period (1837-1840). The village index indicates that each village can be found at four different sections of the book, one for each year. Åsum will start at p 60 for 1837, p 153 for 1838 etc (Encl 18).

We find the family on p 84 1837. Son Pär has moved to Köpinge 1836 (Encl 19). 1838 the family is said to live at an unknown place within the parish. Daughter Nilla moves to Ulås in 1838 (Encl 20). No change in 1839 except that daughter Anna move to No 17 in Kop (Encl 21).

The same comments in 1840 except that now Hanna Jönsdotter moves to No 27 Åsum and son Anders moves to No 7, Åsum (Encl 22).

We find Anders at No 7, Åsum p 273 in 1841. 1842-11-28 he moves to p 324 (Encl 23). Hanna Jönsdotter can be found on p 340. She moves to p 318 1841-12-07 (Encl 24-25).

Sven Nilsson Lustig´s death record shows that he died from Pleuresia i.e. Pneumonia. His son Ola dies four days later from “Convulsjoner” i.e. “Convulsions” (Encl 26).

2 Nils Månsson´s birth record

Here is what the birth record says in Swedish:

“Måndagsmorgon d: 16 augusti, strax före solens uppgång, föddes Måns Nilssons och dess hustru Karna Andersdotters son i Ugerup, som frambars till dopet Dom 10. Post Trinitatis, d: 22 augusti, af fadrens broders hustru, Sissa, från Lyngby, och kallades Nils. Vittnen …”. (I am not absolutely sure of the mother´s first name).

And here is a translation:

”Monday morning, just before dawn, Måns Nilsson´s and his wife Karna Andersdotter´s son was born and carried to the baptism Dom 10 Post Trinitatis, on August 22nd by the father´s brother´s wife, Sissa, from Lyngby, and was named Nils. Wittnesses …”. (Encl 27).

Ugerup is a village within Köpinge parish. There are several farms within Ugerup village. Each farm has a number as can be seen in the Household records.

3 Karna Pehrsdotter´s birth record

“Wednesday evening at 10 o´clock, August 18th, Pehr Olsson´s in Ugerup and his wife Karna Pehrsdotter´s daughter was born and carried to the baptism Dom: 11. Post Trinitatis: August 22nd by the father´s brother´s wife, ????, in Ugerup, and was named Karna. Witnesses …”. (Encl 28).

Kjell S Andersson 2015-08-31

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