Brian Rapp 2015-10-10

Can we find the location of the farm Göhult in Kalmär län? It is listed in church records but does not appear to exist today.


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In the HER for Virserum 1842-1850 the original Village Index shows Misterhult 1-4 covering around 30 pages and therefore containing a large number of farms and cottages (Encl 1). The modern version of the Village index in the same book is more detailed. It shows Misterhult 1-3 and then Gölhult separately (Encl 2).

We find the family in Gölhult 1842-1850 (Encl 3). And 1850-1856 (Encl 4). They move out of Gölhult in 1859 after Maria Christina´s mother has died in 1858. Jonas Petter Eriksson and his family takes over Gölhult (Encl 5-6). This family emigrates to America 1870-1872 and Johan August Johansson and his family moves in (Encl 7).

Let´s trace who lives at Gölhult as far as possible. Maybe we can find now living Swedes who know something about where Gölhult is situated!

The family moves out in 1890 except the son Karl Emil Oskar Johansson who takes over (Encl 8-11). Karl Emil Oskar Johansson moves out in 1920 after the oldest daughter has married Oskar Albin Fransson in 1919 and taken over the farm (Encl 12-14). This family lives in Gölhult in 1931. The youngest son is Karl Erik, born 1928-02-25. This is the latest HER available on AD over internet. As can be seen just left of the name Gölhult this estate is numbered Misterhult 3:6 (Encl 15).

We find Karl Erik in the Swedish Census 1970. He has changed his surname from Fransson to Franzén and he lives in Norrköping (Encl 16). He lives at the same place in 1990 (Encl 17). He is married to Evy Ann-Marie Franzén (Encl 18).

We find her in living at the same place now, in 2015 (Encl 19). Her telephone number is +46 11 1734 71 (Encl 20). She may know where her former husband use to live when he was young.

Rosenberg shows four different places with the name Gölhult. Only one is situated in Aspeland härad but this place is situated in Järeda parish and probably is a village rather than a cottage. Since The Lagfartsböcker mentioned a Gölhult sale with the name Misterhult 3:6 it is clear that it is not the Gölhult in Järeda (Encl 21).

I have not been able to find Gölhult on Lantmäteriet´s Historical Maps (Encl 22-24). I then searched for Misterhult 3 at And I found a Misterhult 3 and a person living there, Roland Svensson, 65, telephone +46 495 309 02 (Encl 25).

So I called him. He had not lived there for a long time but the name Gölhult sounded familiar to him. However, he could not tell me where it is situated.

I now decided to contact the Local History Society (Hembygdsföreningen) in Virserum parish (Encl 26). I managed to reach the society´s secretary, Gilbert Danielsson, ph: +46 495 312 68, He was not knowledgeable but he recommended me to call a 78 year old ex-policeman, Mauritz Bergman who was from Misterhult even if he did not live there any more, ph: +46 495 303 33. He was sure Gölhult existed or had existed in Misterhult. And he knew where it was but he could not describe the place. However, he recommended me to call a a more knowledgeable person, Esbjörn Nilsson, ph: +46 73 02 22 643.

So I did. And Bingo! He was in his car on his way back from Estonia and he definitely knew where Gölhult is. He said that it is now a ruin but he knew the size of the place on the top of his head: 40 acres. He asked me to send him an email and he promised to send back maps on which he would mark exactly where Gölhult is. It turned out that he was aware of all the hunting areas around Misterhult. So now I am waiting to hear from him.

Another opportunity is to check with the Cottage Inventory created by Virserum Hembygdsförening

Kjell S Andersson


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