David Magnuson 2015-10-10

Can we figure out how the Household Examination Records (HER) are organized for my ancestors? Small notes such as “förra boken” are confusing.

A. Navigating BRs and HERs on Arkiv Digital

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Magnus Magnusson was born 1854-11-12 in Torskebäcken in Färnebo, Filipstad landsförsamling. His parents were Crofter Magnus Larsson and Stina Cajsa Andersdotter. The mother was 39 years old when Magnus was born and the family can be found on p 208 in the corresponding HER (Encl 1-2).

We find the family in the HER for Färnebo (which belongs to Filipstads landsförsamling). In the Moving-in column we can see “FB 183” i.e. “Förra boken”. This means that they did not move to this place but rather can be found at the same place, on p 183, in the preceeding book (“Förra boken”) in the same parish. And in the “Moving-out” column we can see “NB 210” i.e. “Nya Boken 210”). This means that they are not moving away from this place but rather can be found on p 210 in the succeeding book in the same parish (Encl 3-4).

Let´s start with finding the preceeding book by looking at Färnebo Index. We can see that there are multiple books for each time period, going from a to c. Encl 2 and 4 coverd book AI:21a so going one period back we need to look at book AI20a (Encl 5-6).

We find them on p 183 as expected. But now the place is “Torskebäckshyttan” which indicates that they live at a place where there is a “Hytta” i.e. a “Smelting Works”. (Encl 7). To read the text in the Commentary field to the right we need to enlarge that part. And now we can see that the daughter, Anna Maja, was absent at the Household Examination Records taking 1847-07-31 and that she would get a reprimand for it in the records. On the other hand she participated at the Household examination Records taking at Saxån (Encl 8).

Now let´s go to the “New Book”. It should be AI:22a (1856-1860) according to the Färnebo Index (Encl 9-10). And, again, we find them as expected at Torskebäcken (Encl 11-12).

B. Navigating the Death database

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C. Navigating SVAR

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Kjell S Andersson 2015-10-06


1 BR Filipstad C:12 (1849-1856) Image 52
2 D:o. Enlarged
3 HER Färnebo AI:21a (1851-1855) Image 213 / page 208
4 D:o. Enlarged
5 Färnebo Index
6 HER Färnebo 1846-1850. Spine
7 HER Färnebo AI:20a Ver:a (1846-1850) Image 192 / page 183
8 D:0. Right hand side of page
9 Färnebo Index
10 Färnebo HER 1856-1860. Spine
11 HER Färnebo AI:22a (1856-1860) Image 226 / page 210
12 D:o. Enlarged