Don Carlson 2015-10-10

Can we find the farm where my grandfather was born? I know the name of the farm but I cannot find its location.  Tools used were Emibas, Arkiv Digital, Svenska Gods och Gårdar, and


For five generations Don´s ancestors lived at a place called Östra Takene in Brunskog parish, Värmlands County. The last ancestor to live there was Olof Olsson, Don´s grandfather, b. 1875-07-11. Don wants help with finding where the farm is where they lived.

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To find from where Olof Olsson departed when he emigrated we take a look at Emibas. He emigrated 1899-04-21 as a son of a homestead owner at Takene, Brunskog, Värmlands län. He will be found on p 298 in the Brunskog HER (Household Examination Records) (Encl 1).

We find him together with his parents and two younger siblings on p 298. The father, Olof Olsson b. 1822-09-16 at Långängen, Ö Takene, dies 1897-11-03. His mother, Maria Olsdotter b. 1836-08-27, dies 1902-02-17. Sister Hulda Maria b. 1880-02-02 moves to p 203 in 1898-11-02. Olof leaves Brunskog 1899-04-21 to emigrate to U.S. His brother Johan b. 1877-05-23 leaves Brunskog 1902-06-13. So now we know that the name of the farm is Långängen (Encl 2).

SGG is a series of books containing photographs of farms in Sweden taken mainly in the 1940ies. In part 2, covering southwestern Värmland we find the village Östra Takene in Brunskog. And on p 162 we find a picture of the main building at the Långängen farm.

This farm consists of 12 acres of land and 40 acres of forest. The main building was renovated in 1937. The economy buildings (barns etc) were erected in 1908. 1 horse, 4 cows, pigs and chickens for family needs. This farm was acquired by the present family in 1903. Present (1947) owner bought it 1933. Before that it was owned by his father-in-law, Viktor Jonsson b. 1868, and his wife Maria Olsson b. 1870. Present owner is Fritiof Ingfeldt b. 1892. Son of Nils Ingfeldt (b. 1853) and his wife Kristina Olsson (b. 1852). Married 1918 with Hulda Jonsson b. 1895. Children: Gösta Nils b. 1919, Karin Majlis b. 1924, Viktor Lennart b. 1933 (Encl 3).

To be sure we have found the right place we now want to take a look at the HERs for Långängen during the period 1909-1920 to confirm that Viktor Johnsson really lived there at the time.

And he did. Furthermore we can see that the place Långängen has number 14 in Takane Village as was the case during the previous period as well. So this confirms that the picture shows the correct farm (Encl 4).

I now decided to go further back to try to confirm some dates in the family. We start with the HER for 1891-1905 (Encl 5). We find the family on p 190. Olof´s two year older sister, Betty, leaves for America already 1893-03-08 (Encl 6).

The previous period is 1881-1890 (Encl 7). We find the family on p 213. Here we can see that the two oldest daughters, Karin and Anna, leaves 1888-04-20 and 1890-05-01 in order to emigrate to America (Encl 8).

The previous period is 1871-1880 (Encl 9). We find the family on p 206. Here we can see that Olof Olsson married Maria Olsdotter in 1867 rather than 1872. The daughter Maria b. 1871-05-07 dies 1874-08-22 (Encl 10).

The previous period is 1866-1970 (Encl 11). We find the family on p 205. Here we can see that the marriage date in 1867 in January 1. We also find your great-great grandfather, Olof Olsson b. 1799-06-04 in Östra Takene. His wife is Ingegerd Nilsdotter b. 1793-11-24 (not Oct 25) (Encl 12).

These records are easy to find and I am sure you can continue the search further. But where is Långängen in Östra Takene? The web site will answer that question (Encl 13-14).

As we can see this place is not far from Västra Ämtervik.

Kjell S Andersson 2015-09-14


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