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Can we interpret old church records and military records from the 1700’s?

A. Lars Carlsson

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Lars Carlsson marries the housemaid Maria Samuelsdotter 1774-06-19 in Ödeshög. They both live in Kushult at the time of marriage (Encl 1). Lars dies 1786-03-16 in Kushult, Ödeshög. At the time of death he is 38 and ¾ years old. This means that he should be born 38 years and 9 months earlier i.e. 1747-06-16. Since they are using quarters instead of months or days we have to calculate with a rounding error of +/- ½ quarter i.e 45 days. So his birth date could be as early as 1747-05-01 or as late as 1747-07-31 (Encl 2). There was no Lars Carlsson born in Ödeshöh during that period. I also checked with Stora Åby, Rök, Heda, Västra Tollstad, Trehörna and Svanhals parishes. They all are adjacent to Ödeshög. Nowhere could Lars Carlsson be found.

Arne Ivarsson claims that Lars was the son of Carl Johan Broberg and Brita Jonsdotter. And this family actually lives in Kushult during this period. They have the sons Jonas, Sven, Lars, Carl. And the daughters Lena and Maria. Lena has died. Lars is 19 in 1766 and Brita Jonsdotter is a widow and based of the ages in this column the family members should have been born as follows (Encl 3):

Brita Jonsdotter 1715
Jonas 1742
Sven 1745
Lars 1747
Carl 1752
Lena 1755
Maria 1757

Lars would be 26 in 1773 so the two columns could represent 1771 and 1773. As we can see Jonas is the oldest and he is 31 years old in 1773, i.e. 5 years older than Lars (Encl 4).

And now, let´s take a look at the period 1768-1772. Here we can see that the oldest son, Jonas, is the farmer. He marries Maja Andersdotter and they move to Norrköping. Then the daughter Lena is mentioned even though she was supposed to be dead earlier. Then “Bonds” i.e. “Bondsönerna” i.e. sons of farmer, Lars and Carl are mentioned. Both of them are struck out. Carl has probably moved out but Lars has got a new title, “Bruk” i.e. he is now the farmer. He also has a fiancée, Maria Samuelsdotter. The reason we can see that Maria is a fiancée is that she has the title “Q” for “Quinna” i.e “Woman”. If they had already married her title would have been “H” i.e. “Hustru” i.e. “Wife”. Finally we can see the daughter Maria. She is struck out (Encl 5).

So far we do not know where the children of Carl Johan Bråberg and Brita Jonsdotter were born. And there are no HERs available before 1766 on AD. But there are Birth records going back to the 1600s. So let´s try to find as many of the children in the Ödeshög Birth records!

Starting with 1747, when Lars was supposed to be born we find that Carl Johan and Brita Jonsdotter in Kushult had a son, Jonas, on April 10, 1747 (Encl 6). Now we know that Carl Johan and Brita lived in Kushult at that time. But what about a son called Jonas, born 1747 around two months before the date when Lars was supposed to be born? Our estimated birth date for Lars was not exact so he could have been born in April. But what about the name Jonas? My conclusion is that the name in the birth record is a typo. We saw in Encl 5 that the Lars who had Maria Samuelsdotter as a fiancée was the son of Carl Johan so Jonas must be a typo.

1744-09-24 they have son, Johan at Kushult (Encl 7). 1741-12-10 they have son, Petter, at Kushult (Encl 8). 1754-11-23 they have a son, Petter, at Kushult (Encl 9). This indicates that the son, Petter, born 1741 had died. This is confirmed in the 1743 death record stating that “Carl Johan Gråberg’s little son at Kushult had died only one year old. He was buried 1743-08-28 (Encl 10).

I have tried to find Sven, Carl, Lena and Maria in the Birth records without success. Either Carl Johan and Brita did not live continuously in Kushult or are the records not complete. I think the records are not complete. So when did Carl Johan die? He died, 59 years old, 1757-08-12 in Kushult. So he should have been born late 1697 or early 1698. He was buried 1757-08-21 (Encl 11).

B. Georg Wiksten

Georg Wiksten belonged to Västra Härad´s Company within Kalmar Län’s Regiment according to the Mustering 1757-06-29 (Encl 12). Georg is a “Förridare” i.e. an “Outrider”. He has a “furir’s” i.e. a Sergeant’s salary (Encl 13).

According to the Mustering 1758-12-19 he belongs to the 6th Company who is appointed to service in “Pommern” i.e. “Pomerania” and having its base at a town called Demin (Encl 14). Georg is appointed to serve with the “Grenadiers” (Encl 15).

The next Mustering is carried out 1761-01-03 and we can look at that part of the regiment that is staioned in Pomerania (Encl 16). And here we can see that Georg is a captive in Demin since 1859-01-18 belonging to Wästra Härads Company. So already 4 weeks after the last Mustering he was a captive (Encl 17).

14 pages later we find a summary of all the captives. It turns out to be 37 officers, 24 underofficers, 8 Drummers and 580 corprals and privates (Encl 18).

The next Mustering is 1764-08-27 (Encl 19). And we can see that Georg still belongs to Wästra Härad´s Company (Encl 20). And now we can see that he has been promoted to “Fältwäbel” since the last Mustering (Encl 21). I do not know a proper English translation of that title.

Three years later, 1767-03-11, the “Honorably discharged Fältwäbel Georg Wikstein marries Maria Håkansdotter in Hofgården” (Encl 22). Very hard to read the word “Hofgården”. The only part of the word I am reasonably sure of is the latter part “gården”. Checking with the Village index for Hultsjö for the period 1757-1768 the first place we find ending with “garden” is Hovgården p 226 (Encl 23).

On p 227 we find both of them. “Fältwäbel” Georg Wiksten is honorably discharged “Furir” i.e. “Sergeant” from Wästra Härad´s Company. Maria is “married to the grenadier Wiksten in 1767” (Encl 24-25).

We find Georg Wiksten at Lida Rote in Korsberga during the period 1784-1789 with the family (Encl 26):

Georg Wiksten
Eva Cathrina
Stina Lisa

Fältwäbel Georg Wiksten dies in Lida, Korsberga 1799-12-12, 71 years old (Encl 27). But he should have been 73 years old since he was born 1726-04-03. We get the explanation when we find the family in the HER 1790-1800 for Korsberga. The family lives at Lida Rote in a “Backstuga” when Georg dies. In this record his year of birth is given as 1728 which obviously is a typo. Three of the children is at home. Magdalena has already left home but comes back 1799, the same year Georg dies. Magdalena is born 1780. Stina Lisa is born 1782 and Giöran 1789-01-02 (Encl 28-29).

Kjell S Andersson 2015-10-04


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