Indexes: Why They Don’t Work – and Why We Can’t Live Without Them

Short: “Småland län: The Heartland of Emigration”, Monta Lee Dankin, SGSC member

Monta Lee has been a member of SGSC for several years and currently is serving as Vice President. She is interested in history and museums and is currently Director of a ten-state museum association, the Mountain-Plains Museums Association. Monta Lee traveled to Sweden in 2001 in search of ancestral land and people.

2015-11IndexMain Program: “Indexes: Why They Don’t Work – and Why We Can’t Live Without Them”, SGSC member, Larry Dodge

Larry will explain some of the basic problems you might encounter in working with indexes. These issues tend to be the same in any country.

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Larry Dodge Larry has been a traveler for most of his life. He went to eight different schools through high school and graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1973. With the engineering and math background which he brings to genealogy, he expects things to be reasonably logical.

As a child, he heard stories as he played under the table at family gatherings. He has always been interested in family and how they are all related. Because he has made the same mistakes all of us have made, he enjoys teaching others and helping them avoid some of the pitfalls awaiting them in their research.

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