Marilyn Pearson 2015-11-14

Is it possible to find my great-grandparents in Sweden? I have American stories and documents but can’t seem to “jump the pond”. Tools used were Swedish Census (1880, 1890, 1910), ArkivDigital,, Emihamn, Swedish Death Index, and Emibas.

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Here is Marilyn´s request for research help:

Dear Mr. Andersson,

Thank you for looking into my Genealogy problem for me.

Here is the information I have on my paternal grandfather. His name was Conrad Carl Peterson.

My cousin thinks he might have been Carl Conrad in Sweden. His birthdate was June 29th, 1880 and he was born in Bettorp (a small village) on the island of Oland. He came to the United States in about 1902 and settled in Rockford, Illinois. He died in Rockford on Sept. 23, 1971. His death certificate (according to my cousin) showed his father’s name as Peter Anderson. His mother’s name was not listed, but may have been Lisa.

Peter Anderson came to the United States prior to his son sometime in the 1890’s. His wife did not come but stayed on the farm in Bettorp. Peter Anderson died inRockford, Illinois before his son came and was buried in the potter’s field section of the Scandinavian Cemetery in Rockford, Illinois. I’ve heard stories that a daughter may have also come to the U.S. And died in the 1906 fire in San Francisco. I don’t know her name or if this story is true.

My father’s maternal line is also from Sweden. Buried as Alfred J(ohan) Swanson, 1855-1901, my great-grandfather was naturalized on October 17, 1896 as Johan A. Svenson. He also came to Rockford, Illinois from southern Sweden with his wife, Emma G. Swanson , 1857-1947, his young daughter Alma (Swenson) Johnson, 1882-1973, and his mother-in-law, Johanna Domalder, 1824-1918. It is believed they came to the U.S. When Alma was a young child, probably 1884 before their next child was born.

One of the trunks they brought with them has a sticker for the White Star Line on it and nail heads on the top show their destination as Rockford, (Illinois) North Amerika. I do not know what province, Parrish or town they came from. It is thought that Domalder may have been a name given to my great-great grandfather while in the military.

If you can give me any clues, ideas or leads I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Marilyn Pearson, SGSC member

1 Conrad Carl Peterson

We start by trying to find Conrad Carl (or Carl Conrad) in the Swedish Census 1890. We use a very wide search: First name, Birth year and father’s first name. And when it comes to his first and middle names we use a “*” in the beginning in order to capture both Carl, Karl, Conrad and Konrad (Encl 1).

We get only two hits of which only one has a mother with the name Kajsa Lisa. Karl Konrad is born in Gärdslösa parish on Öland and in 1890 the family lives in Störlinge village, Gärdslösa parish, Kalmar County (Encl 2).

His father, Peter Johan Andersson, is born 1849 in Ås, Kalmar län (Encl 3). His mother, Kajsa Lisa Larsdotter, is born 1850 in Gärdslösa parish, Kalmar län (Encl 4). Karl Konrad’s older sister, Anna Karolina Elise, is born 1877 in Gärdslösa, Kalmar län (Encl 5). And Karl Konrad is born 1880 in Gärdslösa, Kalmar län (Encl 6).

So, Karl Konrad was not born in Bettorp.

Now, in order to be sure we have found the correct Karl Konrad we need to find his exact birth date. And we find him in the Birth records (BR) for Gärdslösa 1880. He was born June 29th, 1880 as the second child to the laborer Peter Johan Andersson and his wife Cajsa Lisa Larsdotter in Störlinge, p 330. He was baptized July 11th (Encl 7-8).

We can now find the whole family in the Household Examination Record (HER) 1873-1883 for Gärdslösa (Encl 9-10):

Peter Johan Andersson b. 1847-07-22 in Åhs m. 1876-02-18
Cajsa Lisa Larsdotter b. 1850-02-24 in Störlinge, Gärdslösa m. 1876-02-18
Anna Carolina Elise b. 1877-09-06 in Störlinge, Gärdslösa
Carl Conrad b. 1880-06-29 in Störlinge, Gärdslösa

So, where is Gärdslösa parish? Well it is north of the Kalmar-Färjestaden area. And Störlinge is a village belonging to the Gärdslösa parish (Encl 11).

During the next period (1884-1895) we can see that Peter Johan Andersson is a “Backstugusittare” i.e. a laborer without any assets. 1891-03-27 the family moves to p 292 (Encl 12-13).

Peter Johan becomes the owner of a very small part (5.76%) of Störlinge No 1. 1891-05-22 he leaves Gärdslösa parish to emigrate to USA. He dies 1892-10-23 in Rockford, Illinois. His death certificate was received 1895-05-27 from Pastor Charles Rove, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rockford, Illinois. Karl Konrad goes through Confirmation in 1895. 1896-04-06 Kajsa Lisa Larsdotter remarries with Erik Peter Larsson b. 1843-10-01 in Norra Möckleby. He moves in with Kajsa Lisa the same day. The daughter, Anna Karolina Elise moves to p 57 1896-11-17 (Encl 14-16).

Anna Karolina Elise works as a housemaid for a year at Gärdslösa No 4 before moving to the Repplinge parish 1897-10-29 (Encl 17-18). We may have to continue tracing her there later.

During the next period (1896-1910) Erik Peter Larsson’s title is “Owner” of the small place at Störlinge No 1. However, in the commentary field there is a note: “The wife is the owner”. Anna Karolina Elise returns from Repplinge parish 1899-11-15. 1900-03-26 the whole family moves to Norra Möckleby (Encl 19-21).

1900-04-19 they are registered in the Moving-in Records (MIR) for Norra Möckleby and we can see that they will settle down on p 51 in the HER (Encl 22).

Erik Peter becomes the homestead owner of Bettorp No 3. This place is not too small since it is ¾ mtl. Anna Karolina Elise is named Anna Kristina Elise. But this is corrected to Anna Karolina and in the commentary field we can read “Her name, according to the Gärdslösa parish baptism book is Karolina (not Kristina)”. In 1902 her second banns are published and 1902-05-03 she moves to p 52. 1902-05-24 Karl Konrad leaves home to emigrate to USA. Erik Peter has been married before and a son from his earlier marriage, Karl Gustaf Theodor Eriksson b. 1874-11-07, has moved in with the family 1901. He leaves 1902-09-08 to emigrate to USA (Encl 23).

Bettorp is north of Norra Möckleby (Encl 24-25). So, this is the place from which Karl Konrad emigrates to USA. But he was not born here. He leave through the port of Malmö 1902-06-03. He travels alone and his final destination is Rockford, IL (Encl 26).

Anna Karolina Elise marries with the homestead owner Ture Vilhelm Olsson 1902-05-03 in Norra Möckleby. They move to Gårdsby 1903-03-11 (Encl 27). Marilyn had heard a story that a daughter (that could only be Anna Karolina Elise) had emigrated to USA and died in the 1906 fire in San Fransisco. That story is not true since we find the family in the 1910 census living at Öfvetorp, Algutsrum, Kalmar län. They have four children (Encl 28-34).

By using the Swedish Death index we can determine if anyone emigrated or if they all stayed in Sweden. Ture Wilhelm Olsson dies 1956-10-31 in Alböke, Köpingsvik, Kalmar län. He was a widower since 1936-08-13 (Encl 35). This indicates that Anna Karolina Elise has died 1936. But that is not true! She actually dies 1914-02-09 at Bettorp No 3, Norra Möckleby (Encl 36).

So Ture Wilhelm remarried after the death of Anna Karolina Elise.

Ture Wilhelm and his family moves back to Anna Karolina´s parents in Norra Möckleby from Algutsrum parish 1911-02-13 and Ture Wilhelm becomes a Tenant farmer (“Arrendator”). 1911-11-25 they move to Algutsrum again. However, the oldest daughter, Edit Wilhelmina Alice, stays with her grandmother as a fosterchild. That is the case later on with two more daughters: Wanja Ragnhild Ulrika and Ingrid Gunborg Maria b. 1912-08-03 (This is the first time we find her). Kajsa Lisa´s second husband, Erik Peter Larsson dies 1928-05-27 (Encl 37).

1912-05-21 Ture Wilhelm and his family comes back to Bettorp again from Algutsrum and Edith Wilhelmina Alice joins her parents and siblings. 1914-02-09 Anna Karolina Elise dies, 36 years old with 5 children 18 months to 10 years old. 6 weeks later Ture Wilhelm moves to Algutsrum with four of his children. Edith goes with him but this time Wanja Ragnhild Ulrika stays with her grandmother. Now, for the first time, we have complete birth dates for the whole family of Anna Karolina Elise (Encl 38):

Ture Wilhelm Olsson b. 1879-04-06 in N. Möckleby m. 1902-05-03 in N. Möckleby
Anna Karolina Elise b. 1877-09-06 in Gärdslösa m. 1902-05-03 in N. Möckleby
Edith Wilhelmina Alice b. 1903-10-31 in Gårdsby
Wilborg Lage Antonius b. 1906-05-03 in Algutsrum
Sonja Beata Viola b. 1907-09-23 in Algutsrum
Wanja Ragnhild Ulrika b. 1910-08-05 in Algutsrum
Ingrid Gunborg Maria b. 1912-08-03 in N. Möckleby

Cause of death for Anna Karolina Elise is “Njurtuberkler” i. “Kidney tuberculosis” (Encl 39).

We could now trace the family to Algutsrum and find all potential descendants of these five children. But that is a project for another time. But we can check if all five dies in Sweden. If so, we can be sure none of these children emigrated to USA.

  • Edith Wilhelmina Alice Karlsson dies 1988-10-14 in Kalmar. Widow 1960-01-28 (Encl 40).
  • Wilborg Lage Antonius Olsson dies 1990-10-27 in Köpingsvik. Widower 1981-11-12 (Encl 41).
  • Sonja Beata Viola Nilsson dies 1993-02-11 in Färjestaden. Widow 1955-03-22 (Encl 42).
  • Wanja Ragnhild Ulrika Lindblad dies 1994-07-05 in Kalmar. Married woman since 1980-04-03 (Encl 43).
  • Ingrid Gunborg Maria Olsson dies 1994-07-26 in Ökna, Vetlanda. Divorced since 1948-08-25 (Encl 44).

All five were 83 +/- 2 years old when they died. There probably are many now living descendants from these five persons living in Sweden today.

2 Alfred Johan Swanson

His mother-in-law had a very unusual surname, Domalder. Entering nothing but the surname Domalder in the Emigration database Emibas gives only 10 hits! And one of them is Emma Gustava Domalder b. 1857-09-18 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län, married to Johan Alfrid Svensson b. 1855-01-29 and having the daughter Alma F Vilhelmina b. 1882-06-12. The family emigrates 1884-09-05 from Norre Bosgården, Södra Kyrketorp, Skaraborgs län (Encl 45).

Johan Alfrid Svensson was born in Södra Kyrketorp, Skaraborgs län (Encl 46). Alma F Wilhelmina Johansdotter was born in Södra Kyrketorp, Skaraborgs län (Encl 47).

We find the family in the HER for Södra Kyrketorp at Norre Bosgården. They have moved here from p 90 in 1883 (Encl 48). On p 90 we can see that they married 1881-11-04 and that is when Emma moved here from Brunnhem parish. Johan Alfrid moved here in 1879 from p 92 (Encl 49).

In order to find Johan Alfrid Svensson´s parents we need to look at the birth records for Södra Kyrketorp. He was born 1855-01-29 to Sven Svensson and Kjerstin Andersdotter, tenants at “Huhgården”? (hard to read) (Encl 50). We find the family at Hedegården or Brogården. Sven Svensson is a crofter. They move to Ågården p 148 in 1860 where they all are tenants (Encl 51-53):

Sven Svensson b. 1809-04-09 in Segerstad
Kjerstin Andersdotter b. 1815-05-17 in Stenstorp
Maja Greta b. 1846-01-12 in Kyrketorp
Johanna b. 1848-12-11 in Kyrketorp
Gustafva b. 1851-11-10 in Kyrketorp
Johan Alfrid b. 1855-01-20 in Kyrketorp (No! He was born 1855-01-29)
Frans Gustaf b. 1859-06-05 in Kyrketorp d. 1859-09-19 in Kyrketorp
Klara Fredrika b. 1862-06-26 in Kyrketorp

Now, we want to find Emma Domalder’s parents and siblings. We find them in the Swedish Census 1880. Lars Domalder and Johanna Andersdotter live with two children at Stämmetorp, Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län. They are poor people. Emma is not part of the household at this time. She has already moved out (Encl 54).

We find the family in the HER for Brunnhem 1872-1894. Lars Domalder is a former soldier. They have 5 children. Lars Johan moves to Segerstad in 1872. Emma moves to Stenstorp in 1875. Johanna Kristina emigrates to USA in 1880. Alma Wilhelmina emigrates to USA in 1881. Anders Gustaf moves with his parents to the Poorhouse in 1882 (Encl 55).

We will follow up on the Poorhouse later. First we want to trace the family back to when the parents married to see if there were more children.

We find them on p 100 during the preceeding period (1861-1872). No change. They have moved in from p 11 in 1867 (Encl 56). On p 11 they live at a place called Käringboden. No change (Encl 57).

We go back one more period. Here we can see that Lars Domalder was Soldier 71 in Skaraborgs Livkompani. He marries Johanna Andersdotter 1851-10-26. Their first child is Maja Stina b. 1853-01-27, d. 1853-07-17. 1860-02-24 they have a son, Anders Gustaf. He dies 1860-04-02. So, now we know about the whole family (Encl 57-58):

Lars Domalder b. 1831-04-24 in Segerstad, Skaraborgs län
Johanna Andersdotter b. 1824-06-24 in Dala, Skaraborgs län
Maja Stina b. 1853-04-22 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län d. 1853-07-17 in Brunnhem
Lars Johan b. 1855-01-27 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län To Segerstad 1872-11-10
Emma Gustafva b. 1857-09-18 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län To Stenstorp 1875
Anders Gustaf b. 1860-02-24 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län d. 1860-04-02 in Brunnhem
Johanna Christina b. 1861-02-27 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län To USA 1880
Alma Wilhelmina b. 1864-04-19 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län To USA 1881
Anders Gustaf b. 1866-11-22 in Brunnhem, Skaraborgs län

Lars Domalder, Johanna Andersdotter and their youngest son, Anders Gustaf, move to the Poorhouse in 1882. Anders Gustaf emigrates to USA in 1883. Lars Domalder dies 1884-01-03 and Johanna Andersdotter emigrates to USA 1885 (Encl 59).

Johanna Andersdotter emigrates from Brunnhem´s Poorhouse to USA in 1885 (Encl 60). Her son Lars Johan Domalder emigrates to USA in 1880 (Encl 61). At that time he is married to Johanna Kristina Johansdotter b. 1850-11-09 (Encl 62). They have a son Albin Valfrid Domalder b. 1877-10-06 (Encl 63).

So, by that every surviving member of this family has emigrated to USA.


Kjell S Andersson 2015-11-10



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