Sue Miller 2015-11-14

Can I find now-living relatives in Sweden? Finding now living relatives in Sweden. My ancestors lived in Jönköping län. Tools used were ArkivDigital, Swedish Census (1890, 1900, 1910, 1970, 1990), Swedish Death Index 1910-2013,, and

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We start with the Household Examination Record (HER) for Höreda, showing Peter Jönsson Helm and his family. Johanna Sophia is born 1837-04-11 in Nässjö. The whole family moves to Hult in 1842-03-14 (Encl 1).

Johanna Sofia and her daughter, Anna Elvira, show up in the Swedish Census 1890. They both live in Björkö, Jönköpings län (Encl 2-3). And we can observe the whole family of Johanna Sofia in HER for Björkö 1882-1894. Sue wants to trace Alma Olivia, Hulda Elisabet and Anna Elvira as they move to other places. Alma Olivia moves to the parish Hult 1883-11-01 and comes back from there 2 years later to move to Näsby in 1887. Hulda Elisabet moves to Eksjö 1886 and comes back from there 1893 to move to Nävelsjö in 1894. Anna Elvira is not moving at all during the period 1882-1894. However, the numbers in the last column do not show the page numbers in the new parishes to which they move (Encl 4). Instead, these numbers are Moving-out certificate numbers (Encl 5).

We start with Alma Olivia and to find out where she moved we start with the Moving-In-Records (MIR) for Hult 1876-1894 (Encl 6). And here we can see that she moves to page 264 (Encl 7-8). We now want to find her in the HER for Hult 1881-1886 (Encl 9-10).

We find her as a housemaid in Björnstorp, p 264. She stays here 2 years and moves back to Björkö 1885-10-23 (Encl 11). We know from before that she moves to Näsby in 1887-04-15. We find her in MIR Näsby. Here we can see that she is a junior-school teacher moving to the northern school-house, p 155 (Encl 12).

She replaces a 31 year older teacher who moves to Björkö two weeks before Alma Olivia arrives (Encl 13). She keeps this job for almost 8 years before she moves to Ljungarum 1895-02-02 (Encl 14).

We find her in the MIR Ljungarum and she moves to p 168 (Encl 15). She settles in at the school house, again working as a junior-school teacher (Encl 16). After two years she moves to Forserum 1897-01-30 (Encl 17).

MIR Forserum tells us that she moves to p 422 (Encl 18). She is hired as an assistant Elementary-school teacher. The day after she arrives her younger sister, Anna Elvira, is hired as a junior-school teacher. Alma Olivia dies 1900-04-06, 31 years old and unmarried. Anna Elvira moves to p 164 in 1902 (Encl 19).

Anna Elvira dies 1936-06-08 in Jönköpings Sofia. She is unmarried (Encl 20).

Time to search for Hulda Elisabet. In 1900 she lives at Gallahemmet in Nävelsjö (Encl 21). She is married to the Grenadier Karl Anders Albert Hjert b. 1864 in Nävelsjö (Encl 22). The have the son Gustaf Paul b. 1894 in Nävelsjö (Encl 23). And they have the daughter Ellvy Alma Maria b. 1900 in Nävelsjö (Encl 24). No more children have been born in 1910 (Encl 25).

So, let´s try to see if Gustaf Paul has any now living descendants in Sweden!

Gustaf Paul moves to Nässjö 1914-11-30 (Encl 26). According to the MIR Nässjö he is a railway worker (Encl 27). After 2 years he moves to p 3 (Encl 28). This book ends 1917. In the new book he will be found on p 296 (Encl 29). 1918-09-11 he moves to Helga Trefaldighet parish in Uppsala län (Encl 30).

In Helga Trefaldighet he moves to the Hospital p 371 (Encl 31). Here he is an apprentice nurse. 1918-09-20 he gets a certificate to marry Augusta Amalia Johansson from Uppsala, b. 1897-10-15 (Encl 32). In 1919 he is a nurse. 1919-03-11 he agrees to be the father of a son, Stig Gustaf Albert, b. 1919-03-27. Gustaf Paul moves to p 104 1922-12-21 (Encl 33-34). So does Augusta Amalia Johansson from p 848 and also their son, Stig Gustaf Albert. Stig Gustaf´s birth date is now 1919-02-27. In 1927 they accept a foster child and the same year they move to p 1592. Gustaf Paul´s surname is now spelled “Hjärt” (Encl 35).

They live at this place also 1931 and Gustaf Paul is still working as a nurse (Encl 36).

There are no HERs later than 1931 for Helga Trefaldighet. In 1970 Stig Gustafv Albert lives in Helga Trefaldighet, Uppsala (Encl 37). He is married to Maria Elisabet Hjärt b. 1918-03-25 in Tärna, Västmanlands län (Encl 38). By using the Swedish Census 1990 we can figure out when they married. They married 1945-05-19 and they still live in Helga Trefaldighet in 1990.(Encl 39).

They have probably not moved outside Helga Trefaldighet during all these years. There are no children living with them in 1970 but they may have moved out since the marriage was in 1945. So may be we can find a person with the surname Hjärt, born in Helga Trefaldighet sometime between 1945 and 1955? We find Barbro Elisabet Hjärt, b. 1948-05-03 in Helga Trefaldighet. We cannot be sure but it is a high likelihood that she is their daughter since the surname Hjärt is so unusual (Encl 40).

She marries 1969-09-06 and changes her surname to Ulfberg (Encl 41). Her husband is Jan Gustav Ulfberg b. 1946-07-02. They have two sons, Jan Thomas Ulfberg b. 1971-06-07 and Jan Martin Ulfberg b. 1973-07-08. The family lives in Hedemora, Kopparbergs län in 1990 (Encl 42-44).

Today Jan Gustav and Barbro Elisabeth lives in Nora (Encl 45). Barbro´s cell number is 011 46 73 803 8375. Jan Gustav´s cell number is 011 46 70 560 7450.

So, what happened to Gustav Paul´s sister, Ellvy Alma Maria b. 1900-12-12 in Nävelsjö?

Well, she married Karl Josef Jonsson in 1924-08-02 in Nävelsjö. They have a son, Torsten Karl Hugo b. 1926-09-07 in Nävelsjö. They also accept a foster son b. 1920 like Ellvy’s parents had a habit to do (Encl 47). Two more sons are born: Nils Karl Börja b. 1928-10-08 in Nävelsjö and Karl Gunnar Valter b. 1931-09-12 in Nävelsjö. The whole family moves to p 153 (Encl 48).

A quick way to determine if any of the sons married we just have to look in the Sveriges dödbok 1901-2013.

Torsten Karl Hugo marries 1951-12-15 (Encl 49). 1958 he has four children (Encl 50). To find the contact info to any one of them just follow the process above.

Nils Karl Börje marries 1956-11-10 (Encl 51). 1969 he has four children (Encl 52). To find the contact info to any one of them just follow the process above.

Karl Gunnar Valter does not show up in the Death index. So he must be alive, at least 2013. He marries 1956 (Encl 53). 1970 he has at least one daughter (Encl 54).


Johanna Sofia Petersdotter married Johan Peter Danielsson 1859-06-28. They had at least seven children. Three of those we traced to see if they may have any now living descendants in Sweden. Two of the three died unmarried. The third was Hulda Elisabeth b. 1870-02-04 in Björkö.

Hulda Elisabeth married Grenadier Karl Anders Albert Hjert and they had two children: Gustaf Paul and Ellvy Alma Maria. We have found 10 grandchildren of them, now living in Sweden, one of Gustaf Paul and nine of Ellvy Alma Maria. Gustaf Pauls´s grandchild is not verified to 100% but the other nine are. For the first grandchild we have found a phone number and address. For the remaining nine that job has to be done. Just follow the same procedure!

Also, Johanna Sofia had four more children we have not traced at all. So a lot of work remains!

Good luck!
Kjell S Andersson 2015-10-27

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