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How do I interpret church records to clarify multiple marriages? This document was written by Cheryl Johnson;

Kjell Andersson´s comments are shown in quotes like this.


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Carl Magnus Nelson
Born 19 Jun 1821 Hemmesjö (parish) med Tegnaby, Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden

Catharina Andersdotter
Born 04 Oct 1821 Öja (parish), Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden

Emigrated 07 Apr 1856 to the U. S. with their first 6 children. I have information about them in the U. S.


I have found the following:
1. Gårdsby-AI-9-1841-1850—Image 38/page 59; the page says 50–Hacksjöhult—shows Catarina’s parents and 3 siblings.

Father: Anders Johansson born Apr. 3, 1794 Gårdsby
Mother: Ingrid Maria Jonsdotter 16 Mar 1893 Tegnaby (parish), Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden

On the lower part of this page:

Catarina married Carl Magnus Nilsson and is shown on this page with their first son. They go to Ringstorp in 1843.

Catarina’s sister Anna Stina born Mar. 16, 1819 Gårdsby married Peter Johan Andersson born Oct. 6, 1822 Gårdsby and children: Sara Maria born Mar. 19, 1844 Gårdsby; Stina Catarina born July 3, 1846, Johannes born June 16, 1849.


2. Gårdsby-AI-9-1841-1850-Image-45/page-73; the page says 62—shows Carl Magnus Nilsson, his wife, and 4 children—says in 1843 they came in from Hacksjöhult.


3. Gårdsby-AI-10-1850-1855-Image-44/page-30–Ringstorp, Gårdsby (parish), Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden—shows Carl Magnus Nilsson, his wife, and 6 children born in Sweden.


4. Gårdsby-AI-11-1856-1861-Image-46/page-34—Ringstorp—shows the same information and that on May 7, 1856—the family emigrated to the U. S.

I am trying to find information about Carl Magnus Nelson before he married Catarina.

Tofta, Gårdsby-AI-9-1841-1850-Image-119/page-221; the page says 165—shows Carl Magnus Nilsson as a dräng; 1838 he came from Hemmesjö (see below); 1842 he goes to Hacksjöhult

Hemmesjö Månsagård AI 7 (1835-1841) Image 48/page 40–Carl Magnus Carlsson Nilsson is a dräng; also shows piga Charlotta Carlsdotter born July 7, 1811 Hemmesjö—I think she is half-sister of Carl Magnus Nilsson

She is not. Will be explained below.

Hemmesjö Månsagård AI 7 (1835-1841) Image 48/page 40–in 1836 Carl Magnus Nilsson goes to Tegnaby; in 1838 he goes to Gårdsby; came in to Hemmesjö Månsagård from p. 41—shows his parents and 4 siblings. Image 63/page 55–in 1839 Carl’s brother Peter Johan Nilsson was a dräng—came in from p. 41.

Parents of Carl Magnus Nelson:

Carl Nilsson
Born 1773 Bergunda (parish), Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden

Catharina Jönsdotter
Born 1794 Kärda (parish), Jönköping (county), Småland (province), Sweden
My question comes in here: I think Carl Nilsson (father of Carl Magnus Carlsson Nilsson) was married previously.


(Encl 8):

Carl Nilsson
Born 1773 Bergunda (parish), Kronoberg (county), Småland (province), Sweden

Lena Nilsdotter
Born 1773 Probably Nydala (parish), Jönköping (county), Småland (province), Sweden

They had two children:

1. Charlotta Carlsdotter–Born 07 Jul 1811 Hemmesjö (parish) med Tegnaby, Kronoberg (county),
Småland (province), Sweden

2. Sven Carlsson–Born 20 Feb 1814 Probably Hemmesjö (parish) med Tegnaby, Kronoberg (county),
Småland (province), Sweden. What is the comment to the far right for him?

It says that he was confirmed in 1829


Lena died 17 Mar 1829

Unsure where the two children went when Lena died; both left in 1830.

I think Charlotte went to Lönås (parish), Östergötland; couldn’t find records for Lönås for 1830; checked 1831-1837—didn’t find Charlotte.

Sven went to Tävelnäs (parish), Kronoberg (Image 37/page 26) as a dräng.



The first three children of Carl Nilsson and Catharina Andersdotter were born between 1821-1827—before Lena died. Are there two different men named Carl Nilsson born the same year in the same parish?

In 1829, after Lena had died, he moved to p39 (Encl 8). He moves in with Catharina Jönsdotter and four children. He moves away alone, to p 35, in 1830 (Encl 9). On p 30 he works as a farmhand for a year before he moves to p 35 in 1831 (Encl 10).

This turns out to be the place from which he moved out in 1829. The place has been taken over by another family and Carl now works as a farmhand. He is not at good health (sjuklig) but between 1831 and 1834 (when he moves away to un unidentified place) he gets married (Encl 11).

He actually moves back to Catharina Jönsdotter and her children. The daughter Maria b. 1830-06-22 dies in 1833. Carl is probably her father. Another daughter, Carolina, is born 1834-10-31 (Encl 12).

Going back to the previous period (1820-1828) we find Catharina Jönsdotter and her three children at the same place. Furthermore we find her husband, Nils Pehrsson, b. 1877 in Örjaby. He dies 1828-05-06. But is the father of the children born 1821-1827. And he is the reason Carl Magnus has the surname Nilsson. If Carl Nilsson had been his father his surname would have been Carlsson (Encl 13).

A final confirmation is found in the BR 1821 (Encl 14). Also, Carl is the father of Maria, b. 1830-06-22 (Encl 15).


Carl Magnus and his two brothers are not half-brothers of Charlotta Carlsdotter and Sven Carlsson. They are not related at all.


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