Larry Nelson 2016-02-13

Can we verify research extracted from Rootsweb and make corrections to spellings of names and places?


Larry has collected research data on Swedish ancestors from Rootsweb during 2011 and 2012 and would like my help with analyzing whether it is correct and “cleaning this info” with regards to spelling of names and places.

Furthermore, since he is planning a trip to Sweden this year he would like to find out if he or his wife has any now living relatives in Sweden.

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1 Larry´s great grandfather´s family

Anders Nilsson, his wife Anna Maria Olsdotter and five children leaves Bittinge, Stora Mellösa parish, Örebro län 1869-03-23 in order to emigrate to USA. Anna Maria was born 1829 (Encl 1).

We find the family in the Household Examination Records (HER) covering 1866-1870. Here we can see that Anders and Anna Maria had two more children:

Nils b. 1847-08-09 in Stora Mellösa
Carl Gustaf b. 1866-06-01 in Stora Mellösa d, 1866-07-16 in Stora Mellösa

Nils leaves home 1868-02-18 in order to emigrate to USA, i.e. one year before the rest of the family. Carl Gustaf dies 1866-07-16, 6 weeks old (Encl 2).

Going back to the previous period (1861-1865) we find one more child:

Eva Maria b. 1864-12-25 in Stora Mellösa d. 1865-02-17 in Stora Mellösa

Eva Maria dies, less than two months old (Encl 3).

Going back to the period 1856-1860 we find three more children:

Anders b. 1854-04-07 in Stora Mellösa d. 1856-03-09 in Stora Mellösa
Unbaptized son b. 1856-05-11 in Stora Mellösa d. 1856-05-11 in Stora Mellösa
Anna Lovisa b. 1857-10-22 in Stora Mellösa d. 1857-10-28 in Stora Mellösa

In total we have now found 11 children, 5 of which have died (Encl 4).

Going back to the period 1851-1855 we find them at Bittinge Nr 6 after 1855 and Bittinge Nr 4 before 1855. Anders´ first wife, Catharina Nilsdotter, b. 1822-11-05 dies 1851-06-19. Anders marries Anna Maria Olsdotter 1852-11-07. Catharina is the mother of the two oldest children, Britta Stina and Nils (Encl 5-6).

Going back to the period 1846-1850 we find that Anders and Catharina had a third child (Encl 7):

Anders b. 1849-12-23 in Stora Mellösa d. 1850-07-17 in Stora Mellösa

Going back to the period 1841-1845 we find them at Bittinge Nr 4. They have moved in from p 141 during October 1845 (Encl 8).

On p 141 we find that Anders marries Catharina 1844-12-29, not 1844-11-10. We also find Anders Nilsson´s parents and two sisters (Encl 9):

Nils Persson b. 1790-10-03
Brita Jönsdotter b. 1783
Ingrid b. 1823-04-02
Brita b. 1826-02-02

In summary, Anders Nilsson had twelve children, half of which died. He had three children with his first wife and nine with his second. Of the six surviving children, who all went to America, two were from the first marriage and four from the second marriage. There cannot be any now living descendants from this family in Sweden.

2 Larry´s wife´s great grandfather´s family

Lars Jonsson Lindbäck was part of a family living in Åmot, Gävleborgs län, who were early followers of the emigrant Erik Jansson who emigrated for religious reasons and settled down in Bishop Hill. A lot has been written about this group of emigrants and their endeavors in Bishop Hill. Since they emigrated in the 1840-ies they cannot be found in Emibas or Emihamn since the starting point for those databases is 1869.

However, Nils William Olsson wrote a book about “Swedish passenger arrivals in the United States 1820-1850” in 1995. This book is based on his extensive research. Here we find information on the whole family including their activities in Bishop Hill. Also, as was mentioned in the beginning, there are multiple public family trees available on Rootsweb covering this family. Most, but not all, information is correct and I decided to try to find the original sources in order to verify the information in the other sources.

One of the Rootsweb family trees has Lars Jonsson Lindbeck born at 1820-04-10, another at 1828-04-10. The correct birth date is 1828-04-10 in Åmot, Gävleborgs län. His father is Settler Jonas Lindbäck and his mother is Greta Nilsdotter. They live at Särstamyra, Åmot at the time of Lars´birth (Encl 10-11).

We find the family in the Moving-out records (MOR) for Åtvid 1846. There is a lot of text at the top of this document. Here is what it says:

The following persons, who are faithful to the delusive beliefs spread by Erik Jansson from Österunda, full of desire to emigrate to N. America together with the followers of the Erik Jansismen, named after its creator Erik Jansson, received, on demand, approval by the Parish to get Travel Passports to a foreign country. Erik Jansismen started to gain support in the parish at the end of 1845 and the beginning of 1846 and was spread from Bollnäs Finnskog and was maintained by the supporters´ continuous visits to Alfta and Bollnäs where several supporters to the prophet stayed, some of which time and again visited the confused members here in this parish.

Those leaving from here left partly from Gävle with the ship NewYork in the middle of October and the rest, soon after, went by the road from Gävle to Stockholm in order to travel by sea from there to America.

1846-07-07 the Jonas Lindbäck family leaves Åmot (Encl 12):

Greta Nilsdotter b. 1792-03-24 in Bollnäs
Erik b. 1821-06-15 in Åmot
Greta Lisa b. 1824-03-07 in Åmot
Anders b. 1830-08-22 in Åmot
Olof b. 1832-09-22 in Åmot

We find the family at Särstamyra in the Household Examination Record covering 1842-1948. Jonas Lindbäck dies 1846-01-12. Here we also find two more children:

Anna Stina b. 1826-05-05 in Åmot
Lars b. 1828-04-10 un Åmot

Both Anna Stina and Lars moves to Ockelbo 1845 (Encl 13).

Ockelbo is one of the worst parishes to move to. Almost all their church records were destroyed by fire in 1904.

Greta Nilsdotter and her son Olof who had left home 1846-07-07 together with Erik, Anna Lisa and Anders, changed their minds and returned back to Åmot. They emigrated three years later (Encl 14). There is a lot of information on this family in Nils William Olsson´s book, both when it comes to their time in Sweden and at Bishop Hill.

According to the dsharr rootsweb family tree there were ten children. Nine of them arrived in U.S. and all but one settled in Bishop Hill according to Nils William Olsson. The only son not mentioned by Nils William Olsson is Daniel b. 1823-01-24 in Åmot. Checking with the birth record (BR) 1823 for Åmot we find that there was a Daniel born 1823-01-24. He died the same year. And his parents were not Jonas Lindbäck and Greta Sträng. But they were the baptism witnesses! So the family tree in dsharr is not correct. Jonas and Greta had nine children and all of them emigrated to U.S. (Encl 15).


All members of Anders Nillson´s family emigrated so there cannot be any now living descendant of them in Sweden. We would have to go back to Anders Nilssons siblings in order to try to find any.

All members of Jonas Lindbäck´s family also emigrated. We would have to go back to Jonas Lindbäck´s siblings born in the 1700s in order to find now living descendants in Sweden.

Anders Gustav Nilsson, Larry´s grandfather married Karin Andersson Danielsson b. 1866-04-02 in Leksand, Kopparbergs län. Let´s try to find out if there are any descendants from her siblings.

Finding now living descendants of Karin Andersson Danielsson´s siblings.

Probably there are many now living descendants from Karin Andersson´s siblings. The goal here is to find at least one now living descendant in order to show how to do it. Then Larry can try to find as many as he wants, using the same method.

We start by looking at the BR for Leksand 1866. We find a Carin b. 1866-04-02 who does not seem to be the correct one. However, one day later, 1866-04-03 we find a Carin whose parents are Anders Danielsson and Carin Andersdotter, living in Vestannor N:o 29. She seems to be the correct one (Encl 16).

Now we want to find her family in the HER for Leksand covering 1866. Looking at the index page in that book we find that the village Vestannor starts on p 386 (Encl 17). We find the family at N:o 29 on p 411. And we can see that Carin has an older sister b. 1863-12-05. We also find the family of Carin Andersdotter above (Encl 18-19).

We now want to find them during the next period (1868-1877). Conveniently, somebody put the index information on the spine of that book (Encl 20).

Vestannor starts on p 230 and we find the family on p 261. Now there are three children. The family moves to N:o 17 in the same village (Encl 21). We find the family on p 248. Two more children have been born. But both of them have died (Encl 22-23). During the next period four more children has been born. Anna, the oldest, moves out 1866 and Karin leaves for America 1887-03-18 (Encl 24):

Anders Danielsson b. 1842-09-21 in Leksand m. 1863
Karin Andersdotter b. 1843-08-20 in Leksand m. 1863
Anna b. 1863-12-05 in Leksand
Karin b. 1866-04-03 in Leksand
Brita b. 1869-07-25 in Leksand
Anders b. 1872-01-02 in Leksand d. 1872-01-10 in Leksand
Margret b. 1873-01-02 in Leksand d. 1877-02-14 in Leksand
Daniel b. 1878-03-07 in Leksand
Anders b. 1881-03-11 in Leksand
Maria b. 1884-06-07 in Leksand
Per b. 1887-05-01 in Leksand

Brita moves to Åkerö N:o 6 in Leksand 1892 (Encl 25).

Before choosing which one of the children we want to follow going forward we want to see if they stayed in Sweden and if they married. An easy way to find out is to use the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013.

  • Anna was a widow in 1909 and died 1938. So she is a candidate (Encl 26)
  • Brita was a widow 1945 and died 1953. So she is a candidate (Encl 27)
  • Daniel was a widower in 1955 and died 1959. So he is a candidate (Encl 28)
  • Anders was a widower in 1948 and died in 1959. So he is a candidate (Encl 29)
  • Maria emigrated to America 1901-05-06. So she is not a candidate (Encl 30)
  • Per emigrated to America 1906-09-26. So he is not a candidate (Encl 31)

So, who do we choose to start with? Well, it is always an advantage to search for people with unusual names. Daniel is not the most common first name. And since he seems to have chosen the place name “Knuts” as his surname that really helps when searching databases. So, we choose Daniel. By enterring the date he became a widower we find his wife, Brita Larsdotter, in the Death Index. And here we also find when they married, i.e. 1899-09-02. (It is only the first to die who shows the marriage date). She dies in 1955-09-09 (Encl 32).

Since they married 1899 we should be able to find children in the Swedish 1910 Census. And we are. In 1910 they have five children (Encl 33):

Daniel b. 1878
Brita b. 1878
Anders Edward b. 1899
Karl Valfrid b. 1901
Daniel Martin b. 1904
Berta b. 1907
Nils Oscar b. 1909

We now choose the youngest, Nils Oscar Danielsson. He was married 1933-11-25 and he died 1966-07-04, living in Skövde, Skaraborgs län (Encl 34). Enterring his date of death into the Death Index leads us to his wife, Anna Viktoria Danielsson. She dies 1985-12-02 in Skövde (Encl 35). They have a daughter, Annica Gunilla b. 1945-07-12 (Encl 36-37).

We find Annicka Gunilla in the Swedish Census 1970. She lives in Göteborg, is married to Kjell Erik Johansson and has a daughter, Marie Annica b. 1970-04-17 in Johanneberg (Encl 38-40).

We also find them in the 1990 Census. Marie Annica has moved out but two more children has been born (Encl 41-44).

Today, 2016-01-22, Annica Gunilla lives at Kofferdalsvägen 33 in Billdal, south of Göteborg (Encl 45). A map shows where this is (Encl 46). Her land line is 011 46 31 91 15 19 and her cell is 011 47 70 325 61 46 (Encl 47). A good way to contact her would be to send a text message to her cell phone.

As a backup, in case it does not work with Annicka Gunilla, let´s see if we can find any descendants of Daniel Andersson´s younger brother, Anders Andersson, b. 1881-03-11. He married in 1904 to Anna Olsdotter b. 1881.10-25 in Leksand (Encl 48). In 1916 they have 5 children (Encl 49):

Anton Valdemar b. 1906-04-28 in Leksand
Karin Ragnhild b. 1908-03-01 in Grängesbergs kapellförsamling
Anna Margareta b. 1911-02-03 in Leksand
Maria Linnea b. 1912-09-09 in Leksand
Brita Kristina b. 1915-08-19 in Leksand

Let´s pick Brita Kristina. She marries 1943-09-11 and dies 2006-01-30 in Hägersten, Stockholms län (Encl 50). It looks like she and her husband, Tage Gustaf Viktor Karlberg have no children in 1950 (Encl 51). However, this is not correct. In the Census 1970 we find out that they have the son Clas-Göran Carlberg, b. 1948-03-20 in Brännkyrka (Encl 52-53).

In the Swedish Census 1990 we find that he has married 1981-12-31 and that he lives in Stockholm (Encl 54). His wife is Lillemor Margareta Lind (Encl 55). They have a son, Gustaf Daniel Lind Karlberg, b. 1980-04-21 in Råsunda (Encl 56) and a daughter, Jamilla Yaiesh, b. 1984-03-17. No birth place is given for the daughter. This fact, but also the name, indicates that she is an adopted child (Encl 57).

Today, 2016-01-22, Clas-Göran Karlberg lives at Bergsgatan 28, Stockholm (Encl 58). A map shows that he lives close to downtown Stockholm (Encl 59). Jamilla probably lives at the same place since she is the registered owner of the cell phone subscription. Her number is 011 46 73 703 39 07. Clas-Göran can probably be reach through her. As usual, sending a text might be the best way to get in touch. At her age she will probably be responsive to text messages 24/7 (Encl 60).


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Kjell S Andersson 2016-01-22