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Can we decipher spellings of Swedish surnames and locations stated in Household Examination Records (HER)? Tool used was ArkivDigital.


These are Beverly´s questions:

According to her death record Backaryd CI:1 (1707-1729) Image 100 / page 189 (AID: v95484.b100.s189, NAD: SE/LLA/13016) Kirstin Åkesdotter was born in 1661. I have several questions about the entry. How is Jöns last name spelled? Is it Aronsson or Arontson? For Kirstin’s portion, I can’t read where she was born, although I’m fairly certain it starts with an ends in gården. Also I believe the 16th is when she died, is the 23rd when she was buried?

The marriage record for Jöns and Kirstin Backaryd CI:1 (1707-1729) Image 118 / page 225 (AID: v95484.b118.s225, NAD: SE/LLA/13016) says she if from Långiölemåla (I think). Does Jöns’ say he is from Östra Hall?

For the death entry for Sven Jönsson in 1774 Backaryd CI:2 (1729-1757) Image 144 / page 280 (AID: v95485.b144.s280, NAD: SE/LLA/13016) is 25 September the death date or the burial date? It looks like the number 15 is noted later in the entry.


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Jöns’ last name is Arentsson. Aron, Aront and Arent is the same name with different spellings. Kirstin died on the 16th of December at about 9 am and was buried on the 23rd of December. Kirstin Åkesdotter was born 1661 at Mellomgården, Skärgiöl (Encl 2). It is hard to read but by looking at Village indexes in the HERs it is possible to draw this conclusion. In the earliest HER (1813-1818) we find the Village index at the end of the book. The spelling is “Skärggöl” (Encl 3). In the HER 1822-1826 we find the Village index at the back of the book again. Here the spelling is “Skärfjöl” (Encl 4).

In the HER 1850-1855 we find a modern, typed index at the beginning of the book. The spelling here is modern: “Skärvgöl” (Encl 5). The original index was at the end of the book and here we can see the original spelling at that time: “Skärfgöhl” (Encl 6). Here we can also see that “Långgiölamåla” is another village in Backaryd.

And the marriage record says that Kristin is from “Långiölemåla” and that Jöns Arontson is from “Östra Hall” (Encl 7).

Sven Jönsson died on the 15th of September and he was buried on the 25th of September (Encl 8).


1 Introduction
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