Linda Gensmer 2016-03-12

Can you help me decipher words and understand terminology in Swedish church records? Some of the terms include rote and mantal. Tools used include ArkivDigital, and Emihamn.

Here are Linda´s requests:

Hi Kjell,

I would like to come to the next FIKA session on March 12. I haven’t been working on my Swedish genealogy as much as I should have been. I would like to write up what I have already learned over the past four years.
When I was searching Arkiv Digital three and four years ago I was only looking for names and dates. Now I realize that there is a lot more information on those pages that I need translated.

There are several other things on some of the pages about the farms that I ignored the first time. Now I want to know more about the farms and the occupations of my ancestors

  1. Linderås A1:8b image 67 P57 What is on line above Adolf Sandahl’s name?
  2. Linderas A1:11 b Image 51 p42 What is on the line above Adolf Sandahl’s name?
  3. Linderas A1:3b Image 161 p 395 What does it say about Magnus Sandal?
  4. Gränna A1 :18 Image 254 p249 What does it say at the top of the page, and also above Jonas, and above Jöns at the bottom of the page?
  5. Granna A1: 20 Image 150 page 429 What does ¼- ¼ mean.? What is below it.?
  6. Granna A1: 32 Image 313 page 309 What is ½ = ¼ ? Can you find this family in the emigration records? It is a sister of Hedda.
  7. Granna A1: 36 Image 255 p 625 What does it say at the top of the page and above Jöns Jonasson_ Did Johan Jönsson Sandberg of Östanä buy Sanden?
  8. Is this the birth of Johan, who became Johan Georg Hök? 1 May 1717 Gullered C1: (1692-1766) Image 26 page 20?  See also Härna C1: (1709-1733) Image 64/ page 115. I think this is where the birth should be if he was born in Härna.
  9. Eskill Bengtsson’s first wife Elin Andersdotter, their son, Jonas Eskillsson and Möns Parsson all of Nora Roten died together. My cousin told me they drowned in the Bunn on their way to church in Gränna when the ice broke. Could you translate this and see if that is what it says.? Gränna C:6 (1747-1789) Image 347 page 681 numbers 48, 49 and 50.
  10. Daniel Dahlstrom, his wife Sara Stina Scherling and her sister Ingrid Lisa Scherling died on 31 Jan and 1 Feb 1795. Was there some disease in this family? What did they die of? Does it say where they lived? Haurida C:3 (1971-1806) Image 168 / page 323.
  11. Ingeborg Nilsdotter b 23 Dec 1744: Is this her birth record? GrännaC:5 Image 174 p 341 I found it and listed her parents as Nils Gustafsson and Ingeborg Jönsdotter. Is this correct? Where do they live? Her death record is Gränna C: 7 Image 175/ page 341 # 31 died 15 Jul 1783. What else does it say? Could you please translate it? My cousin and I have different people listed as Jonas Jönsson’s wife.
  12. I would like to look at Gustaf Sandahl’s immigration records again. There were two Johan Johanssons who were from Adelöv on the same ship as Gustaf. 20 Oct 1871 heading for Chicago. It is possible that they were traveling together. One of Gustaf’s sisters married a Johan Johansson. Emibas and Emiweb. Imigrat Popular
  13. Last fall I was investigating some of the noble families.Do you have a book on the Swedish Nobility and their descendants or is it an online website or is it a database that you have on the computer at FIKA? I still want to see if I can find any links for Johan Georg Hök b. about 1717 d 7 Aug 1786 Ulricehamn. I want to check the Stenbocks of Torpa, the Sparres of Hofsnäs, the Gillered family and also Per Brahe the Younger of Visingsö. They are not relatives or ancestors but owned the area where my ancestors lived.

I am trying to organize and write up what I know about each of the ancestors before I forget any more of it. I have three 2 inch notebooks on my Swedish research and I have forgotten what a some of the things mean.
I really want to get back to my Swedish research.

Linda Gensmer


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  1. The text above Adolf Sandahl´s name 1836-1841 is: “äger outrett sterbhus men brukar Jonas Jönsson´s I Tullebo” i.e. “owns a non-settled estate of a deceased person but is farming on Jonas Jönsson´s farm in Tullebo” (Encl 2).
  2. The abbreviation above Adolf Sandahl´s name 1852-1856 is: “K.T. No Lyckås” i.e. “Krono Torpet No Lyckås”. And in front of Adolf´s name we see his title “Arr” i.e. “Tenant”. Krono torps were owned by “Kronan” i.e. the “Crown” and could only be used by tenants. Since they were owned by the Crown they did not pay any taxes. Normally they also had a number but it was omitted here (Encl 3).
  3. There is no AI:3b book in Linderås
  4. It says that this place belongs to the 4th Rote. What was a Rote? This is how the Household examinations were organized. People belonging to the same Rote were asked to come to a specific place, normally I bigger farm where they had a big room, where the examination occurred for that Rote. The word above Jonas is “Undantagsman” i.e. Jonas had turned over the farm to his son, Jöns, and as part of the deal he had contracted with Jöns to be able to stay by entering into a “undantag”-contract i.e. an “Exception” agreement. You can also see that Jöns becomes the “Brukare” i.e. the “farmer” when his father became an “Exception” man (Encl 4).
  5. Image 150 corresponds to p 145. Image 434 corresponds to p 429. On none of these pages can I find any 1/4 – 1/4 (Encl 5-6).
  6. ½ = ¼ probably means that this place used to be ½ mtl but is now reduced to ¼ mtl. The reason is not given. I cannot find this family in Emibas or Emihamn. The emigration is too early. There are almost no emigrants in Emibas having emigrated as early as the summer of 1867. There are no emigrants from Gränna emigrating in 1867 showing up in Emihamn (Encl 7).
  7. On top of the page it says that the owner of the place is owned by the foreman Johan Jönsson Sandberg at Östanå. The question is whether the place has been sold to him. I think it has never been owned by Jöns Jonasson or his father. They were both “Brukare” i.e. Tenant farmers (Encl 8).
  8. I think this is Håkan Johansson, b. 1717-04-29 and baptized 1717-05-01 in Gullered. Not Johan. As far as I understand, Gullered has no relation to Härna. None of them is an annex parish to the other. How did you come up with this theory? (Encl 9-10).
  9. “Elin Andersdotter, Jonas Eskilsson and Måns Persson all died Dec 13 and was buried on Dec 20, 1761 in the Northern Rote. All three drowned in the Lake Bunn during the return trip from Church.” (I cannot read the rest)
  10. They all seem to die from different illnesses even though I cannot decipher the words describing the illnesses (Encl 12). The all live at Lönnholmen (Encl 13).
  11. This is her BR. If she is the one you are searching for only you can answer. Her father is Nils Gustafsson but her mother is not Ingeborg Jönsdotter. She is Ingegerd Jönsdotter. They live at a place that is very hard to read. I think it starts with an “M” and ends with “torp”. So, if you can find a Village index in any HER from the 18th century you may find a likely place (Encl 14). The death records for 1780-1803 is in the C:7 book. But Image 175 is page 333 and Image 179 corresponds to page 341. Both covers Birth records in 1796! I found a DR on Image 296 / page 643. But I do not think this is the same person. Her first name is Ingeborg, not Ingegerd. And she is 39 years old at the time of her death. She should have been 38 years old (Encl 15).
  12. Gustaf Sandahl emigrated 1871-10-20 from Göteborg according to Emihamn (Encl 16). There were a Johan A Johanson on the same ship. His ticket number is very close to Gustaf´s. He is 22 years old and therefore born 1848/1849. Do these birth years make sense if you compare with what you know about Gustaf´s brother-in-law? (Encl 17).  There is also an August Johansson on the same ship. He is 20 years old and therefore born 1850/1851. His ticket number is very different from the other two and does not indicate that he was travelling together with Gustaf. How does this Johansson´s birth year cope with what you know about Gustaf´s brother-in-law? (Encl 18).
  13. I found a Johan Georg Hök at DISBYT. The DIS member Rolf Eriksson, now deceased, has a different family around Johan Georg (Encl 19).

I do not have a book on the Swedish Nobility and there is no such database on the Fika Netbook. The easiest way to find a member of the Swedish Nobility is to just Google the person.

But you can also visit the House of Nobility (Encl 20-22). At the top of the home page, click on Organisation/Ätter/Ätte- och vapendatabas (Encl 23). Now you can find lists of families being introduced into the Swedish Nobility organized by Century. Just click on the Coat of arms symbol for a certain century and you will find a list of all the families being added to the nobility during that century (Encl 24-25).
Kjell S Andersson 2016-03-09

1 Introduction
2 HER Linderås AI:8b (1836-1841) Image 67 / page 57
3 HER Linderås AI:11b (1852-1856) Image 51 / page 42
4 HER Gränna AI;18 (1831-1835) Image 254 / page 249
5 HER Gränna AI:20 (1841-1844) Image 150 / page 145
6 HER Gränna AI:20 (1841-1844) Image 434 / page 429
7 HER Gränna AI:32 (1866-1870) Image 313 / page 309
8 HER Gränna AI:36 (1871-1875) Image 255 / page 625
9 BR Gullered C:1 (1692-1766) Image 26 / page 20
10 BR Härna C:1 (1709-1733) Image 64 / page 115
11 DR Gränna C:6 (1747-1780) Image 347 / page 681 numbers 48, 49 and 50
12 DR Haurida C:3 (1791-1860) Image 168 / page 323
13 Haurida, Lönnholmen, Aneby
14 BR Gränna C:5 (1727-1746) Image 174 / page 341
15 DR Gränna C:7 (1780-1805) Image 296 / page 643
16 Emihamn 5:705:5678
17 Emihamn 5:705:5682
18 Emihamn 5:703:20991
19 DISBYT. Johan Georg Hök
20 The House of Nobility p 1
21 D:o. p 2
22 D:o. p 3
23 D:o. Organisation/Noble families/Nobility database
24 D:o. p 1
25 D:o. Lists of persons added to Nobility by Century