Ron Pearson 2016-03-12

Can you help with all aspects of my ancestor search? I have bits and pieces but would like to pull it all together.  Tools used were ArkivDigital, Swedish Death Index 1901-2013, Swedish Census (1890, 1900, 1950, 1970, 1980, 1990),, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, 1940 U.S. Federal Census,, and www.


Here is Ron’s request for help:

“Hej Kjell,

Per your invitation and email I would like you to review what I have got so far and perhaps answer a few questions for us if you can. I think we’d prefer an afternoon session at FIKA on March 12th. I have written a summary of my main family history questions and included some of the AD references pertinent to each person or question. I know this is probably a lot and maybe too much to ask to research in one session. If there is not enough time to address all this, just do what you can and I think I’d have you concentrate on the No. 2 Persson history. But let me know what you think or if have questions.

Hope to see you Saturday at the next meeting. Ron Pearson

  1. Marie Anderson – (my grandmother), married Carl Algot Pearson (b: Hoganas, Feb. 28, 1890) , April _ 1917 in Grand Rapids, Kent County Mich. I’ve found no earlier records of her in America. Marriage records her residence in Detroit and gives an Agnes Anderson as one witness. Likely Agnes is her sister, possible from family photographs. No earlier record of her in America either. Address on postcard sent to her in 1911 from Ystad Sweden is: 470 Artillery Ave. Detroit Mich. is possibly from a brother in the Swedish military -photo on the card. In 1930 Marie and Carl traveled from Chicago back to Sweden and Swedish Consulate paper she is born in parish of Andarum, county of Kristianstad, on Feb. 2, 1882. In 1931 Carl and Marie adopted my mother Ruth I. Pearson (b: Hoganas, May 1, 1927) from Carl’s brother Oskar Persson and returned to Chicago. I have used AD to search the Andarum birth records and found the following -her birth appears to be 1881 not 1882, (no other Maria born Feb. 2nd):
born Maria o.a., Feb. 2, 1881, mother Ingri Jons Dotter Ilstorp No. 1. Andrarum-CI-6-1879-1894-Image-21-page-17
born Agnes Amalia (5th?), Apr. 20th 1883, Jons Anderson ??? Elna Jons Dottor (?) – can’t read much of this. Lillarod. Andarum CI-6- Image 38 page 34
Marie’s mother? Ingri b: May 22, 1860 to Per Anders and wife Elna Jonsdotter in Ilstorp Ilstorp CI:2 (1811-1863) Image 53 page 43
Moving out record: Andarum B:3 Image 13 page 10 -10/27/1897 Pigan Maria Andersdotter b: 2/2/1881 No. 1 Ilstorp to Losvestad ?

Questions re Marie Anderson – Do I have the right birth mother? Is Agnes Amalia a sister or not related?? Any other records of sisters or brothers and when moved to America? Where or what was Ilstorp No. 1? Ilstorp is a town near Hoganas.

  1. Persson’s history – This is what I started with a couple years ago. According to notes from a great uncle written in 1957 – “Back around 1825 a couple named Perr Bangson were married in Bjuv, Skane. They had five children: Karl, Johan, Ted (Teodor), Caroline and Magnus, all took the name of Persson”. According to the notes they had the following number of children:
Karl married Emma: 12 children, all in Sweden -no names given – I have not started on locating their records. –
Johan married Anna: 10 children all in Sweden -no names given – “ “ “
Magnus, unmarried, died in Chicago 1922 – I have not confirmed this, have found no record of Magnus in America as of yet.
Caroline married Cederfelt: 5 children. – I think have located in AD a marriage record and birth record of son Algot. Algot lived in Rockford Il, died in 1954 and is buried with his wife in the Scandinavian Cemetery there. We have photos of him in family photo albums.
Teodor (my mother’s grandfather) married Sofia Engstrom in Hoganas in 1885. They had five children: Anna, Eugene, Bertha, Karl Algot, Oskar Teodor. Teodor died in Hoganas in Oct. 9 1897 -AD death record Hoganas FI:3 Image 190 page 15. I have found AD birth records for all 5 children.

I have found Anna, Eugene, Bertha and Carl, moved to America, all to Michigan, Anna and Eugene lived and had families in Grand Rapids Mich. I have not yet found when Anna and Eugene emigrated and I know Bertha came sometime in 1904 worked in Boston and went back, then returned with Carl in 1909. Oskar (Oscar) stayed in Hoganas. Carl born Feb. 28th 1890, immigrated to Detroit Mich. in 1909, married Marie Anderson in Grand Rapids Mich. and moved to Chicago in 1919, where they lived till they passed, Marie in 1950 and Carl in 1971. Oskar Persson fathered several children in the 1920s including twins; Rut (born Lindberg) Pearson (my mother) and Jan Ake Lindberg May 1, 1927, their (unmarried) mother was Elsa Lindberg, a daughter of Johan Lindberg (he had 4 children) a sea captain of Hoganas. The twins were separated in 1931 when Carl and Marie adopted Ruth and returned to Chicago. According to AD record I have found Oskar married Marta Carlotte in 1928 and had a son named Rolf, or he was Carlotte’s son from prior marriage? I have found a moving out record for both Ruth and Jan Ake., apparently he went to a family in Angleholm.

Hoganas-Alla 20 congregation record 1921-1939 Image 830 page 1577
“ “ 16 Image 2590 page 553
Hoganas moving out record BII-2-1928-1943 Image 400 -page 36 Jan Ake, and page 38 Ruth (Pearson)

Main Questions: I would like to resolve loose ends of family history and have been working on with AD:

1920’s Hoganas records on AD are incomplete. No birth record for Ruth and Jan Ake found in AD. From census or other can you locate names, birth dates the other of Oskar’s children w/mother’s name: I know of Anna Engstrom died 2015, Ella ___?, the son Rolf died in a ship accident 1940s I have from newspaper obit. I don’t know of an obit or date of death of Oskar? Also where did Jan Ake go – family story was he was in orphanage, but perhaps adopted or lived with family in Angleholm? He married Rut Innis and they had 7? children (my cousins). He died in 1975.

Trace Teodor parents Per Bangson or Per Bengtsson? in Bjuv. I have not found when Ted moved to Hoganas. Also his occupation?

Persson AD records in Bjuv and area found so far: – I can only read parts of the older records. Are these correct and can we trace further back?

Bjuv CI-2-1800-1846 Image 70 page 1 and Bjuv CI-2- Image 190 page 465 (marriage?)
Bjuv AI -11-1868-1873 Image 20 page 16 household record of family with birth dates for children and Per birth in Kagerod.
Kagerod C1-5- 1812-1843 Image 133 page 255 birth of Per Bengtsson – correct Per Bengtsson?


First of all, I focus on Swedish ancestry research including jumping the pond. So, except for a couple of Federal Census records and some public U.S. member trees necessary for identifying an individual, this document will not deal with research in U.S.

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1 Marie Anderson

Maria was born 1881-02-02 and baptized 1881-03-13 in Andrarum, Ilstorp No1, p 216. Her mother was Ingar Jönsdotter. Nothing is mentioned about her father in the Birth Record (BR) (Encl 2). We find them in the Household Examination Records (HER) at Ilstorp No 1, which is a farm in the Village Ilstorp in parish Andrarum. Ingar has her second illegitimate dotter, Johanna, 1884-12-29. No father is mentioned (Encl 3).

In 1889-08-31 Ingar has an illegitimate son, Olof. No father is mentioned (Encl 4). 1893-02-14 she has one more illegitimate daughter, Betty. Again, no father is mentioned. 1895-06-14 Ingar has an illegitimate son, Ernst. And again, no father is mentioned. Maria moves to Lövestad 1897-10-29 while Ingar and the other children move to Vanstad 1898-05-09. Maria has the surname Andersdotter. The other children has not been given any surname yet (Encl 5).

Let’s check what happened to Maria’s (half-) siblings.

Johanna dies 1965-01-06 in Hällestad. Her surname is Dahl and she became a widow 1964-11-03 (Encl 6). Olof dies a married man in 1974-06-15 in Onslunda (Encl 7). Betty Fridvall dies as a widow 1982-10-13 in Möllevången (Encl 8). Ernst dies a married man in 1977-12-28 in Malmö Sankt Petri (Encl 9).

In 1900 Ingar has married Per Jönsson and they have had a son, Gottfrid, born 1898 (Encl 10). Per Jönsson dies already 1903-02-27. He married Ingar in 1898-12-24. That is when he became the stepfather of Maria. This could have influenced her to emigrate to USA (Encl 11).

Now we want to trace Maria Andersson to see if she ends up in America adopting Ruth, the grandmother of Ron Pearson. If so, then we have identified her and can continue the research of her family.

Maria moves to p 344 in Lövestad parish in 1897 (Encl 12). Here she works as a housemaid for a year before moving to Vanstad (Encl 13). We find her in the Moving-in Records (MIR) for Vanstad. She moves to p 184 (Encl 14). Here she works as a housemaid for a year before leaving 1899-10-21 to emigrate to America (Encl 15).

Marie Anderson is found in the Illinois death records on FamilySearch 1924. She is married to Carl A. Pearson and has a son, Carl Irving Pearson, b. 1920-02-12 in Detroit, Michagan who has died 1924-03-04 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois (Encl 16).

We also find them in the 1920 Federal Census records. We can see that Carl A Parson was born about 1891 and came to US in 1909. He lives with Marie in Detroit Ward 8, Wayne, Michigan and he is a Drill Press Operator (Encl 17).

Marie had arrived in US in 1900 (Encl 18-19). We find a public member tree on referring to a 1940 Census. And here we find Carl and Marie living together with the daughter Ruth, 12 years old. Now we have definitely identified Marie (Encl 20-21).

Now we can go back and trace Ingar, Marie’s mother. Ingar was born 1858-12-03 in Långaröd by Jöns Andersson and Maria Andersdotter at No1, Trulshärad (Encl 22). Trulshärad is a Village in Långaröd, starting on p 129 (Encl 23). We find the family on p 130. Ingar has 5 siblings and one half-sibling (Encl 24).

It is now possible to trace this family both backwards and forwards in time but that is not the purpose of this document.

Let’s now move to the family Persson’s history.

2 Family Persson’s history

Teodor Persson, factory worker No 425 at Höganäs Stenkolsverk and house owner, was born 1860 in Eldsberga, Hallands län. He is married and lives in Höganäs with his family in 1890 (Encl 25). His wife is Sofia Engström b. 1857 in Höganäs (Encl 26). They have four children in 1890 (Encl 27-30).

In the HER for Höganäs 1885-1893 we find all the birth dates and one more son, Oskar Teodor b. 1892-04-15. Teodor and Sofia has married 1883-04-21. Sofia has moved in from No 443 in 1883 (Encl 31):

Teodor Persson b. 1860-05-09 in Eldsberga m. 1883-04-21
Sofia Engström b. 1857-04-21 in Höganäs m. 1883-04-21
Ana Maria Viktoria b. 1884-01-17 in Höganäs
Patrik Eugén b. 1885-11-13 in Höganäs
Bertha Sofia b. 1888-02-20 in Höganäs
Karl Algot b. 1890-02-28 in Höganäs
Oskar Teodor b. 1892-04-15 in Höganäs

No 443 is the number 443 worker at Höganäs coal-factory, Jöns Engström, Sofia’s father (Encl 32-33):

Jöns Engström b. 1832-10-04 in Höganäs
Ingrid Maria Petersson b. 1829-02-02 in Höganäs
Anna Engström b. 1855-05-13 in Höganäs
   Anna’s illegit Carl Gustaf b. 1875-01-28 in Höganäs
   Anna’s illegit Mathilda b. 1878-12-12 in Höganäs d. 1880-06-30 in Höganäs
   Anna’s illegit Sofia b. 1878-12-12 in Höganäs
   Anna’s illegit Johannes b. 1891-01-20 in Höganäs
Sofia b. 1857-04-21 in Höganäs
Mathilda b. 1859-09-10 in Höganäs
Martin b. 1861-08-18 in Höganäs
Anders Peter b. 1867-02-01 in Höganäs

Teodor and Sofia have two more children in 1894 and 1896. Teodor dies 1895-10-09 (Encl 34):

Agnes Paulina b. 1894-03-04 in Höganäs
Olga Albertina b. 1896-04-25 in Höganäs

The family is transferred to the part of the book where all factory worker widows reside. This turns out to be on p 631. Patrik Eugén moves to p 536 in 1898. His youngest sisters, Agnes Paulina and Olga Albertina, die 1898-06-04 and 1898-02-16 respectively (Encl 35).

In 1898 Patrik Eugen becomes the new worker No 861 after the earlier one with that number moved to another place (Encl 36). 1905-01-13 he emigrates to America (Encl 37). But he was not the first in the family to emigrate. A few months earlier (in August and September 1904) his sisters, Berta Sofia and Anna Maria Viktoria, left home in order to move to America (Encl 38).

Karl Algot becomes the new factory worker No 140 on p 176 in 1905 (Encl 39). 1909-09-17 he emigrates to America (Encl 40).

Sofia Engström dies 1939-01-20 in Höganäs (Encl 41). Oskar Teodor Persson marries Marta Charlotta Linnéa Karlsson 1928-09-16. She is born 1903 in Helsingborg. In 1929 they have a son, Rolf Oskar Janne Teodor Jöns (Encl 42):

Oskar Teodor Persson b. 1892-04-15 in Höganäs
Marta Charlotta Linnéa Karlsson b. 1903-05-12 in Helsingborgs stadsförsamling
Rolf Oskar Janne Teodor Jöns b. 1929-01-12 in Höganäs

In this record we also find information about the fact that Oskar Teodor is the father of Ester Augustsson’s daughter Ella Sofia. We will come back to that later. At the bottom of the page we find Sofia Persson and a Rut Ingeborg b. 1927-05-01, an illegitimate daughter of Elsa Bernhardina Lindberg. Rut is adopted by Carl Algot Pearson and his wife Maria b. Andersson, Chicago, USA and emigrates to America 1931-04-17. Rut has moved in from p 1340 in 1930 (Encl 43).

So, we now go to p 1340. Here we find Elsa Bernhardina and her parents. Elsa has an illegit daughter, Anna Katarina, with Fritjof Hjalmar Pettersson, b. 1895-09-24, from Karlskrona ( he has admitted that he is the father 1921-01-18) and twins, Jan Åke and Ruth Ingeborg, with Oskar Teodor Persson. After Ruth has moved to her father’s place in 1930 Jan Åke moves to Höja in 1931-02-09. He is then 3 years and 9 months old (Encl 44).

In the Moving-out Records (MOR) we find that he is moving to Algot Dahl, at Skörpinge, Ängelholm in Höja parish (Encl 45). In the Moving-in Records (MIR) for Höja we can see that he can be found at p 434 in the HERs (Encl 46). And at p 434 we can see that Jan Åke becomes a foster son in the family. But not for long. After 8 months he moves to Viken (Encl 47).

We find him in the MIR for Viken. He moves to p 508 (Encl 48). He now becomes a foster son to Alexis Edmund Andersson and his wife Ida Chatarina Jäppsson (Encl 49). Both Alexis and his wife live 1970 but Jan Åke has of course left home at that time (Encl 50).

Time to take a break from Jan Åke. We will come back to him later. P 553 is the place to which Oskar Teodor, his wife Marta Charlotta and their son, Rolf Oskar Janne Teodor Jöns moved for a year before returning to p 1677 (Encl 51).

Oskar Teodor dies 1962-05-31 in Höganäs (Encl 52). His wife dies 1976-09-10 in Höganäs (Encl 53).

Ella Sofia was born 1919-08-29 in Höganäs, She dies 2011-05-17 in Höganäs. She became a widow 1986-10-17. (Encl 54). This helps us find her husband. Her husband was Charles Gustaf Jönnson, b. 1912-06-13. They married 1937-10-30 (Encl 55). In 1950 they still live in Höganäs. They now have a daughter, Gerd Anne-Marie b. 1938-03-01 (Encl 56). Gerd is born in Lunds stadsförsamling (Encl 57).

Gerd Anne-Marie marries 1963-11-23 and lives in Höganäs in 1990 (Encl 58). She is married to Ulf Göte Wallenholm. In 1990 they live at Kullagatan 210 in Höganäs (Encl 59). They have two sons (Encl 60-61):

Ulf Göte Wallenholm b. 1941-02-21 in Helsingborgs Maria
Gerd Anne-Marie b. 1938-03-01 in Lunds stadsförsamling
Jan Christer b. 1973-06-20 in Väsby
Ulf Mikael b. 196606-04 in Höganäs

No more children could be found by checking the 1970 Census (Encl 62).

Today (2016) Gerd and Ulf lives at Kullagatan 10, Strandbaden, SE 263 58 (Encl 63).
Gerd’s cell phone is +46 70 307 7216. Ulf’s cell phone is +46 70 799 7390 (Encl 64).

Going back to Jan Åke Lindberg we find him in the Swedish Census 1950. He lives alone in Örkelljunga, Kristianstads län, is unmarried and is a factory worker (Encl 65). Jan Åke dies 1975-07-12 a married man in Rya, Örkelljunga (Encl 66). We find his family in the Swedish Census 1970 and 1980 (Encl 67-68):

Jan Åke Lindberg b. 1927-05-01 in Höganäs d. 1975-07-12 in Rya
Rut Enis Lindberg b. 1929-12-15 in Rya, Kristianstads län
Roy Tage Bertil b. 1952-07-11 in Örkelljunga
Karin Louise b. 1953-09-19 in Rya
Janet Ingegerd b. 1955-04-24 in Rya
Birgitta Linnéa b. 1956-09-11 in Rya
Rut Viola b. 1960-04-01 in Rya
Lars Åke Josef b. 1961-08-26 in Rya
Annika Petronella b. 1969-07-25 in Rya
Jan Marcus b. 1971-03-29 in Rya

Let’s pick the youngest son, Jan Marcus, to see where he lives today. In 1990 he is unmarried and lives in Örkelljunga (Encl 69). Today (2016) he lives at Älgstigen 6, 283 35 Örkelljunga. He is married to Anna Jessica Pernilla Lindberg, b. 1973-03-03 (Encl 70). They have the following phone numbers (Encl 71):

Land line (shared with Jessica): +46 435 528 70
Cell phone (Marcus): +46 72 721 8177, +46 76 045 2870, +46 76 036 0692

To summarize, Oskar Teodor Persson had the following children:

With Ester Elisabet Augustsson:

Ella Sofie b. 1919-08-29 in Höganäs d. 2011-05-17 in Höganäs

With Elsa Bernhardina Lindberg

Jan Åke b. 1927-05-01 in Höganäs d. 1975-07-12 in Rya
Ruth Ingeborg b. 1927-05-01 in Höganäs Adopted by Carl Algot in USA

With Marta Charlotta Linnéa Karlsson

Rolf Oskar Janne b. 1929-01-12 in Höganäs d. 1948-11-17 in Höganäs

Now let’s find out what happened to Ella Sofie during her early years. She was born 1919-08-29 in Höganäs. Father: Unknown (but we already know it was Oskar Teodor Persson). Mother: Ester Elisabet Augustsson b. 1902-08-09. Ella Sofia was baptized October 19 (Encl 72).

Ester already has an illegit son, Gunnar Herbert, b. 1913-08-09 in Brunnby. Ella Sofie moves to p 18 in 1919. Ester moves to Väsby 1919-11-06 and Gunnar Herbert moves to p 993 1910-01-30 (Encl 73). Ella Sofie becomes a foster-daughter of Frans Elof Andersson and his wife Augusta Andersson. The family moves to Kropp parish 1920-11-10 (Encl 74).

The Moving-out record shows that they move to Lydinge gård in Kropp parish (Encl 75). The MIR for Kropp shows that the family can be found on p 69 (Encl 76). After one month Ella Sofie moves back to Höganäs 1920-12-31. She is only one year old (Encl 77).

The MIR for Höganäs shows that she moves to p 535 (Encl 78). There she becomes a foster-daughter of another family. But already 1921 she moves to p 1262 (Encl 79). And now she is back with her mother Ester Elisabet who has married 1920-09-25 with Johan Sigfrid Petersson b. 1886-09-21. They have a son, Sture Ivar, b. 1920-11-22 (Encl 80).

1924-11-07 the whole family moves to Väsby (Encl 81). Väsby MIR shows that they move to p 872 (Encl 82). Already before Ella Sofie is 7 years old she moves to Höganäs 1926-06-11. Johan Sigfrid and Ester Elisabet have two more children: Erik Lennart, b. 1927-11-30 and Hans Sigurd, b. 1932-05-15 (Encl 83).

The Höganäs MIR shows that Ella Sofia moves to p 1614 (Encl 84). Ella Sofia becomes foster-daughter again! (with another family). Poor child! This home seems to be more stable since Ella Sofia stays here until 1937 when she moves to p 2938 at the age of 18 (Encl 85). She marries Charles Gustaf Jönsson 1937-10-30 and 1938-03-01 their daughter, Gerd Anne-Marie, is born. They all move to p 2733 in 1939 (Encl 86).

We have already before traced Gerd Anne-Marie from the 1950 Census all the way up to today.

Now, we want to find out about Oskar Teodor Persson’s son Rolf Oskar Janne Teodor Jöns. He dies an unmarried man in 1948-11-17 registered in Höganäs (Encl 88).

Now it is time to go back to Teodor Pearsons parents and siblings. We start with the HER for Bjuv 1868-1873 that has already been found by Ron Pearson. Here we find Per Bengtsson and five children but no wife. Per and his sons Teodor and Magnus moves to Tibbarp in 1872 (Encl 89):

Per Bengtsson b. 1828-05-04 in Kågeröd Tenant
Carolina b. 1854-11-23 in Risekatslösa
Johannes b. 1856-05-06 in Risekatslösa
Carl Gustaf b. 1858-10-10 in Idran
Theodor b. 1860-05-09 in Eldsberga
Magnus b. 1864-06-11 in Snöstorp

Tibbarp is just another place within the Bjuv parish. We find them on p 175. Now we can see that Per is a widower (Encl 90). By going to the Eldsberga BR we can find Teodor’s mother. She is Anna Persdotter. At the time of Teodor’s birth they live at a place called Fladje (Encl 91).

We find the family at “Qvarnen” i.e. “The Mill” at Fladje in Eldsberga. Per Bengtsson is the Miller. Anna Persdotter was born 1829-08-22 in Östra Ljungby. Carolina, Johannes and Carl Gustaf are mentioned but not Teodor even though he was born here in 1860. They are all crossed out indicating that they have all moved somewhere before the end of the period (1860). However, no destination is given (Encl 92).

We already know that Theodor moves from Bjuv to Höganäs. But when? Searching through the MOR for Bjuv we find that Teodor moves from p 173 in Bjuv to Höganäs 1882-10-23 (Encl 93). On p 173 we find Per Bengtsson and three of his children: Theodor, Magnus and Carolina. Per is a widower and they have moved to this place from p 180 1882-01-09 (Encl 94).

We find all of them on p 180. Theodor has moved in from Eldsberga 1877-11-08. Carolina has moved in from Helsingborg 1880-12-10 (Encl 95).

We find the family in the MIR/MOR for Eldsberga 1851-1861. This record shows that the family moves into Eldsberga from N Wram in 1858 and they move out to Trönninge. No date is given for the moving-out but it cannot be later than 1861 (Encl 96). We find them in the MIR for Trönninge. They move in Dec 2, 1861. Per Bengtsson is a miller and they move to p 21 in the HER (Encl 97). They cannot be found on p 21 in the HER.. They cannot be found on p 21 in Snöstorp HER either.

Magnus Persson was born 1864-06-11 in Snöstorp. He cannot be found in Snöstorps BR 1864. And Per Bengtsson cannot be found in the MIR/MOR for Snöstorp 1860-1867. Trönninge is an annex parish in Snöstorp and Trönninge “combined” parish. May be Magnus was born in Trönninge?

And he was!! He was born 1864-06-11 in Trönninge. At the time of his birth they lived at Påarp No4 (Encl 98). We find the family as tenants at Påarp No 4. They all move to Bjuv in Malmöhus län 1866-11-14 (Encl 99). Moving-in records for Bjuv 1866 are missing in Arkiv Digital. Magnus’mother obviously was alive when the family moved to Bjuv 1866-11-14. When Per Bengsson moved from Snöstorp in 1867 he was alone. So she must have died after 1866-11-14 and possibly then in Bjuv. Let’s check the DR for Bjuv.

And she died in April 1867, 37 years and 8 months old, living at Tibbarp (Encl 100). We find the family in the HER for Bjuv. Per Bengtsson is a tenant at Bjuf No4 in Tibbarp, Bjuv. They have moved in from Snöstorp in 1867 (and since they actually moved out of Trönninge, being an annex parish to Snöstorp, during November 1866 they did not register until early 1867 in Bjuv). Anna Persdotter dies 1867-07-20 (Encl 101). Mystery solved!

Time to find Per Bengtsson’s parents. We find him in the BR for Kågeröd 1828. He was born 1828-05-13 (not 1828-04-13 as all HERs are showing). His parents were Bengt Hansson and his wife Kjersti Persdotter in Hägnadehus, Kågeröd (Encl 102-103).

In order to find out where Per Bengtsson lived in 1854 we can check with the BR for his oldest daughter, Carolina. Carolina was born 1854-11-23 in Risekatslösa. The father was a Miller and the parents lived at “Kalmaremöllan” at the time of Carolina’s birth (Encl 104). A “Mölla” is a wind-driven Mill. This place happens to be in Risekatsa’s mother parish, Hässlunda. We find Bengt Hansson, widower, at the Mill and his son Per Bengtsson who has just taken over as Miller, probably in 1853-12-30 when he marries Anna Persdotter . Karolina is born here 1854-11-23 and Johannes 1856-05-06. Risekatslösa is abbreviated as “Katslösa” in the “Born in” column (Encl 105).

Going back to the previous period (1849-1851) for this place we find out that Bengt Hansson’s wife, Kersti Persdotter dies 1850-10-11. It was common to hand over a business to a heir at such a time (Encl 106).

Kjell S Andersson 2016-03-07


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46 MIR Höja B:8 (1921-1942) Image 290 / page 49
47 HER Höja AIIa:6 (1925-1934) Image 177 / page 434
48 MIR Viken B:7 Ver.a (1920-1946) Image 190 / page 28
49 HER Viken AIIa:3 (1927-1932) Image 120 / page 508
50 Sw Census 1970. Alexis Edmund Andersson
51 HER Höganäs AIIa:16 (1921-1939) Image 2590 / page 553
52 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Oskar Teodor Persson
53 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Marta Charlotta Linnéa Persson
54 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Ella Sofia Jönsson
55 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Charles Gustaf Jönsson
56 Sw Census 1950. Charles Gustaf Jönsson with family
57 Sw Census 1950. Gerd Anne-Marie Jönsson
58 Sw Census 1990. Gerd Anne-Marie Wallenholm
59 D:o. Ulf Göte Wallenholm
60 D:o. Jan Christer Wallenholm
61 D:o. Ulf Mikael Wallenholm
62 Sw Census 1970. The family of gerd and Ulf Wallenholm
63 Gerd and Ulf Wallenholm
64 Phone numbers to Gerd and Ulf Wallenholm
65 Sw Census 1950. Jan Åke Lindberg
66 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Jan Åke Lindberg
67 Sw Census 1970. Jan Åke Lindberg’s family
68 Sw Census 1980. Jan Åke Lindberg’s family
69 Sw Census 1990. Jan Marcus Lindberg
70 Jan Marcus Lindberg
71 Jan Marcus’ phone numbers
72 Fb Höganäs CI:5 (1907-1919) Image 2220 / page 218
73 HER Höganäs AIIa:14 (1919-1920) Image 1380 / page 2151
74 HER Höganäs AIIa:4 (1907-1920) Image 270 / page 18
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87 HER Höganäs AIIa:24 (1930-1939) Image 390 / page 2733
88 Sw Death Index 1901-2013. Rolf Oskar Janne Teodor Jöns Persson
89 HER Bjuv AI:11 (1868-1873) Image 20 / page 16
90 HER Bjuv AI:11 (1868-1873) Image 179 / page 175
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92 HER Eldsberga AIa: 10 (1858-1860) Image 38
93 MOR Bjuv B:4 (1882-1891) Image 9
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95 HER Bjuv AI:13 (1878-1882) Image 1840 / page 180
96 MIR/MOR Eldsberga B:2 (1851-1861) Image 51
97 MIR Trönninge B:1 (1861-1894) Image 4
98 BR Trönninge CI:3 (1831-1875) Image 52 / page 97
99 HER Trönninge Aia:3 (1863-1871) Image 18 / page 15
100 DR Bjuv CI:4 (1863-1876) Image 90
101 HER Bjuv AI:10 (1863-1868) Image 150 / page 145
102 BR Kågeröd CI:5 (1812-1843) Image 133 /page 255
103 D:o. Enlarged
104 BR Risekatslösa CI:3 (1822-1860) Image 29 / page 49
105 HER Hässlunda AI:12 (1851-1856) Image 164 / page 159
106 HER Hässlunda AI:11 (1849-1851) Image 77 / page 74
107 The end