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Too many Maria’s! Can we figure out which Maria is my Maria? An advanced researcher sifts through errors in the records and learns when to use modern spelling when researching a soldier index. Tools used were ArkivDigital, Centrala Soldatregistret, and General Muster rolls.

Here is Beverly´s request:


Here is my dilemma with Maria Ersdotter who was married to Anders Andersson Nyman. I want to make sure I have done the correct research and my Maria Ersdotter was born 26 Dec 1785in Wästra Torpa, Visnum, Värmland, Sweden and died 7 April 1857 in Blaxmo, Visnum, Värmland, Sweden

In the HER for Wäster Torpa for 1779-1788 is listed Erik Torpfelt along with his wife Annika Svensdotter and two children with the name Maria. One was born in 1783 and died in 1784 according to one record. The other was born in 1786 according to the HER, but Dec 1785 in the birth record.

In the birth records for the first Maria she is listed as being born on 30Aug 1783 and dying on 9 April 1784. The second Maria was born on 26 Dec 1785.

I found her in the HER with her parents in four different books (1779 through 1800). In 1800 she moved Visnum and is listed as Maria Torpfelt. In 1802 she moved and is listed as Maria Ersdotter . In 1806 she moved several times and she marries in 1810. Her birth date appears incorrect in some instances.

Anders and Maria (Maija) are found in several Visnum HER records between 1814 and 1850. In 1855 they move to Blaxmo.

Assuming I am correct on all this, is there any way to go further back with Erik Torpfelt and Annika Svensdotter in Visnum prior to 1782?

According to Family Search an Eric Torpfelt and Anneka Svensdotter were married on 8 Dec 1782 at Stafnas, Värmland. I found the marriage record they are talking about in Stavnäs. Can you tell me what this record says about them? Is he from Kristinehamn Company?

Later records on Erik and Annika give conflicting birth places for each. I haven’t found Erik in the Central Soldier Register or the muster rolls. I thought I might be able to find his family name if I could find him. Am I at a dead end with Eric and Annika or am I missing something I can do?


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1 Maria Ersdotter

The first Maria Ersdotter was born 1783 in Visnum. She dies 1784. The second Maria is born 1786 (Encl 2). The first Maria was born 1783-08-30 and died 1784-04-09 in Visnum (Encl 3). The second Maria was born 1785-12-27 in Visnum (Encl 4).

She lives with her parents until 1800 when she moves out to Prästgården (Encl 5-7). Here she works as a housemaid. In 1802 she moves to Gräsås (Encl 8-9). She moves to Ansgård in 1806. Her birth date is 1783-08-30 which is wrong. It is the birth date of the first Mara (Encl 10-11). Here she stays for two years before moving to Prästgården. She still has the wrong birth date (Encl 12). Here we can see that she is getting married. She still has the wrong birth date (Encl 13).

She is married 1810-05-20 to the Soldier Anders Nyman, Nytorp (Encl 14). 1818 they have three children (Encl 15). Maria continues to have the wrong birth date (Encl 16-22). During the period 1836-1840 Anders is discharged from the military (Encl 19). He becomes entitled to a military pension during the next period. (“Gratialist”) (Encl 20).

Maria dies 1857-04-07 in Visnum. Still having the wrong birth date (Encl 22). Even in her death record they use the wrong birth date to calculate her age at death ( 73 years, 7 months and 7 days) (Encl 23).

2 Erik Torpfeldt

1782-12-08 the soldier of Christinehamn´s Company, Erik Torpfelt, married Annika Svensdotter in Öjedalen in Stavnäs (Encl 24). Öjedalen starts on p 86 in the HER (Encl 25). We find Annika in Öjedalen during the period 1781-1787, living with her mother Magdalena Aldrin b. 1722, but moving out sometimes during this period. According to this record Annika is born 1760 (Encl 26).

During the previous period her father, Sven Pettersson dies. According to this record Annika is born 1759 (Encl 27). It looks like Sven Pettersson is born 1728 (Encl 28). During the period 1768-1773 Annika´s birth year is 1759 (Encl 29). To figure this out we now go to the birth record. And now we can see that she was born 1760-07-16 in Stavnäs. Parents were Sven Pettersson and Magdalena Larsdotter (Encl 30).

Now, let´s find Erik Torpfeldt in the Central Soldier´s Register. We have to keep in mind that his database needs exact information and is sensitive to spelling. Enterring the name “Torpfeldt” or “Torpfelt” does not give us any hit. Using the modern spelling “Torpfält”, however, works. We find all three soldiers at Torpa with the name Torpfält (Encl 31).

Clicking on Erik Torpfält we get more information about him. The record says that he was born 1757 and that he was accepted as a soldier in 1782. He represents Torpa in Visnum parish and he belongs to Christinehamn´s Company in Närke-Värmland´s Regiment. His family name is Olofsson. Very important information! (Encl 32).

Now we can try to find him in the General Muster rolls for Christinehamn´s Company. We start with the Muster record 1789 (Encl 33). And we find Soldier 92 Eric Olofsson Torpfeldt, married and 31 years, 4 months and 5 days old. So they think he was born 1757 (Encl 34).

Now, let´s go back to the previous Mustering, 1785 (Encl 35). 1782-03-20 is when Erik becomes a soldier (Encl 36). But where was he born? In one HER they say it was in Stavnäs (Encl 37). In the next they say it was in Långserud in 1751 (not 1757). Here we can also see that he got a pension since he became a “Gratialist” (Encl 38).

Erik dies 1836 and Annika dies 1838-04-08 in Visnum (Encl 39).

Erik dies 1836-10-27 and is buried 1836-11-06. He is 85 years old at the time of his death. AHA! Then he must have been born 1751, not 1757! (Encl 40). And we find him in the BR for Långserud. He was born 1751-05-16 in Långserud. His parents were Olof Ersson and Maria Jonasdotter. It is hard to read where they lived at the time of Erik´s birth (Encl 41).

Kjell S Andersson 2016-03-22


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