Cheryl Johnson 2016-04-09

Can we interpret dates and notations in Household Examination Records (HER)? An advanced researcher drills deeper! Sometimes the smallest notes contain the most important clues. Tool used was ArkivDigital.

Here are Cheryl´s questions:

I have a few questions (in bold print):

Ida Maria Nilsdotter born 22 Dec 1836 Figeholm (village), Misterhult (parish), Kalmar (county), Småland (province), Sweden
Ida’s parents

Nils Magnus Nilsson born 24 Feb 1813 Figeholm
Maria Petersdotter born 12 Sep 1807 Sjöhagen (torp), Misterhult (parish), Kalmar (county), Småland (province), Sweden

Maria Petersdotter born 1807—her second husband was Carl Petter Carlsson Runs who married a second time–Sara Greta Johansdotter born 1822. One of their daughters was born May 25, 1854 Torp. Sjöhagen, Misterhult (parish). I could not find 1854 birth records to get her name. It is hard to read her name at AI:6a (1851-1860), p. 354, but I was able to find her name (Mathilda) through her death record–10 Nov 1857. Did I just miss finding the record in the birth book?

[Sister of Maria Petersdotter born 1807 was Lisa born 31 Jul 1814. She, her husband Jonas Jaensson, and their two children all died on Feb. 15, 1842 in Klintemåla—Death records for Misterhult CI:5 (1831-1860) p. 465 What was the cause?]


Parents of Nils Magnus Nilsson (born 24 Feb 1813)

I think his mother was Sara Persdotter born 05 Jan 1771 Misterhult (parish), Kalmar (county), Småland (province), Sweden

I think Nils’s siblings included the following:

Sara Greta Nilsdotter born 04 Apr 1803 Figeholm

Anna Lena Nilsdotter born 23 Sep 1807 Figeholm

I think the following sources are for these people:

ArkivDigital 2b–1816-1823—No. 27 Figeholm p. 18

Shows Sara Persdotter with daughters Sara Gr. Nilsdotter and Anna Lena and son Nils Magnus. Below the listing of Nils is Maja Lisa Samuelsdotter. What does the letter in front of Maja’s name mean? Sara Persdotter goes to No. 9; Sara Gr. goes to No. 11, Anna goes to ??

ArkivDigital 2b–1816-1823—No. 9 Figeholm p. 9–came from No. 27 in 1821

Sara Persdotter, Sara Greta and Nils are listed at the bottom of the page

ArkivDigital 2b–1816-1823—No. 10 Figeholm p. 10—No. 10 and No. 11

This page shows Sara Greta Nilsdotter as wife of Johan Nilsson born Oct. 1800 Eksjö (parish), Jönköping (county), Småland (province), Sweden. Is the date 11-18-1822 a wedding date? Sara is also listed lower on the page at No. 11. Was Sara a Piga at No. 10 and then married Nilsson at No. 11?

What is the note at the far right for Sara Greta??

Husband of Sara Persdotter—found through children’s birth records:

ArkivDigital Misterhult CI:4 (1790-1830) p. 121—for the father of Nils Magnus Nilsson:

From the birth record for Sara Greta Nilsdotter born 1803—father Nils Simmonsson—Is the location Målbäcken? Is that where Sara was born (instead of Figeholm)?

I found the birth record for Nils Magnus on ArkivDigital Misterhult CI:4 (1790-1830) p. 215. What does the M:40 under Nils Magnus’s name mean??

I was not able to find the birth record for Anna—I tried Sept. for both 1807 and 1801. Do I have the wrong year? Where do I find her record?

Nils Simonsson

Is there a way to find more information about Nils Simonsson and whether there were more children that he and Sara had?

Cheryl Johnson


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1 Mathilda Petersdotter

Her name in the HER is “Thillda”, i.e. short for “Mathilda” (Encl 2). We find her in the BR Misterhult (Encl 3).

2 Lisa Petersdotter

Lisa Petersdotter, her husband and two children all died on the same day. The cause of death was “Drunknad” i.e. “Drowned” (Encl 4).

3 Maja Lisa Samuelsdotter

I think there is a “fl” i.e. short for “flicka” i.e. “girl” in front of her name. At least in 1816, i.e. at the beginning of the period, she is 12 years old. In 1821 she would have been 17. May be she was a housemaid. I could not find her in the BR for Misterhult (Encl 5-6).

4 Anna Nilsdotter

It is hard to read where she is moving. It looks like Munktorp. Now, we have to look in the Village index for Misterhult to see if there is such a place in this parish. Or we have to find a parish, probably in the neighborhood, with a similar name (Encl 7). Actually, there is a place called Manketorp in Misterhult. And here we find her. And she is born 1807-09-23 (Encl 8).

5 Sara Greta Nilsdotter

It looks like Sara Greta was a Piga at No. 11. Then she moved to Götehult 1820 (that is the note at the far right). And then she came back marrying Johan Nilsson at No. 10. The date 1822-11-18 is probably the marriage date, the Move-in date or both. If Götehult is within Misterhult parish, then she should have married in Misterhult. (Encl 10-11). And she actually was married 1822-11-17 and therefore the date 1822-11-18 is the move-in date (Encl 12).

Her BR says that the father, Nils Simonsson, is from Målbäcken, not that the mother is. I could not find a place named Målbäcken in Misterhult so it could be within an adjacent parish (Encl 13). However, there is a place Bäckemålen. May be the person who wrote down Målebäcken just tvisted the word Bäckemålen to Målebäcken. There are no HERs before 1812 at AD so we cannot check that.

6 Nils Magnus Nilsson

Under Nils Magnus in his BR there is a “M: 40”. So, what does this mean? Well, as you can see all the newborns on this page have this note where the number is between 21 and 44. It actually shows the Mother´s age at the time of giving birth (Encl 14).

7 Nils Simonsson

Cheryl obviously have found both his marriage and his death record. The place from which Sara Persdotter came is hard to read. Tjurshult is certainly one option. Another one is Gesshult which probably was spelled Gjieshult at this time. There are no HERs for 1797 at AD so we cannot check for sure (Encl 15).

The DR shows that he dies from “Bröstfeber” i.e. “pneumonia” (Encl 16).
Kjell S Andersson 2016-03-30


1 Introduction
2 HER Misterhult AI:6a (1851-1860) Image 364 / page 354
3 BR Misterhult CI:5 (1831-1860) Image 151 / page 291
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6 D:o. Enlarged.
7 D:o. Right hand side of page
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11 D:o. Right hand side of page
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16 DR Misterhult (1790-1830) Image 286 / page 565
17 The End