Who are those Nyström Boys?

“Who Are Those Nyström Boys?”
Larry Dodge, SGSC Member

Larry has been a traveler for most of his life.  He went to eight different schools through high school and graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1973.  With the engineering and math background which he brings to genealogy, he expects things to be reasonably logical.

As a child, he heard stories as he played under the table at family gatherings.  He has always been interested in family and how they are all related.  Because he has made the same mistakes all of us have made, he enjoys teaching others and helping them avoid some of the pitfalls awaiting them in their research.

Larry’s presentation shows how church records, census records, passenger lists and DDSS to track elusive Swedish ancestors who have changed their names.

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For our short program, members were invited to tell about their genealogy discoveries over the summer.  Did you do research from home or travel to the regions your ancestors lived?  Did you make any exciting discoveries or knock down a “brick wall’?

Research and Mentoring

Kjell Andersson updated us on the latest tools and resources.

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