Brian Rapp 2016-09-10

Brian had several questions about the interpretation of a couple of Swedish church records.

I have a few questions concerning Johan Persson’s church death record which is on line No. 32 on page 321 in book Mjälby C:3 (1833-1861).

My questions are: what is his title?
ìInhysesjonî (poor tenant)

Where did he live?
At Hallarna

And what was his cause of death?
Cause of death was ìFistelî i.e an abnormal connection between different organs often leading to non-curable infections (Encl 1).

The death of Maria Eriksdotter is documented in the same book as Johan’s death (her stepson). Maria’s death is on page 293, No. 19. The cause of death was Mjälkasning. The word is îMjˆlkkastningî which is an old word for ìMjˆlkstockningî i.e the milk stops flowing after the mother has given birth. This situation often led to inflammations and other illnesses (Encl 2). Google’s translation for this word is milk up and it wasn’t in the yellow cover dictionary.

With her death coming only 38 days after give birth could she have died from an infection?

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1 DR Mjˆlby C:3 (1833-1861) Image 165 / page 321
2 DR Mjˆlby C:3 (1833-1861) Image 151 / page 293