Lolly Smith 2016-09-10

Lolly has tried to find Coporal Daniel Häger, b. 1700-02-11 and d. 1780-01-11 in Karlstorp, Jönköping, in Jönköping’s Muster Rolls without success.


We find the retired Corporal Daniel Häger in the Karlstorp Household Examination Records (HER) for 1779-1783. He dies 1780-01-11 leaving behind a wife, Lena Israelsdotter b. 1721-03-25 and a daughter, Greta b. 1766-09-02. They live at the cottage Högaberg under Bölö (Encl 1).

They live at the same place during the period 1776-1780 (Encl 2). During the period 1770-1775 they live at Karlstorp´s Prästgård. The daughter Greta is not mentioned (Encl 3). During the previous period, 1763-1769, we find Lena Israelsdotter alone at Prästgården. She is a wife but Daniel is not there (Encl 4). There are no HERs available for the period 1737-1762 and I cannot find Daniel or Lena during the period 1728-1736.

Just because Daniel died in Karlstorp does not necessarily mean that he lived there while being a soldier but let´s assume he did.

There are many Karlstorps in the Småland area. “Our” Karlstorp is the mother parish of Karlstorp and Kråkshult up until 1961 (Encl 5).

This helps to locate Karlstorp. It is located in Eastern Jönköping´s län, close to Kalmar län.

Up until 1886 Karlstorp covered an area in two different legal districts (“Härads”): Östra Härad in Jönköping´s län and Aspeland´s härad in Kalmar län. From 1887 Karlstorp is entirely situated within Östra Härad in Jönköping´s län (Encl 6).

To find out to which regiment a soldier in Karlstorp belonged we go to Grill and search för Karlstorp (Encl 7). Pushing the search button reveals that there were 20 soldiers and 5 officers from Karlstorp. A Corporal does not belong to the Officers so we click on the button “Rusthåll/Rotehåll (Encl 8).

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