Monta Lee Dakin 2016-09-10

We helped Monta Lee three years ago to research her grandfather, Carl Emil Fransson, born in Linneryd. She has done some research on his paternal ancestors and now wants help with the same for his maternal side and whether this line stayed within a small area or came from far away. She also wants to find out when all of them died and their causes of death.


His mother was Anna Maria Magnidotter b. 1862-10-23 in S. Sandsjö. Searching for the parish Sandsjö on AD reveals that Sandsjö changed its name in 1885 from Sandsjö to Södra Sandsjö. In the beginning of the 1590ies it was detatched from Linneryd parish. 1696—1888-04-30 it was an annex parish in Linneyd and Södra Sandsjö  “Pastorat”. A “Pastorat” is an area of multiple parishes for which a pastor is responsible. From 1992 Södra Sandsjö is the moher parish for Södra Sandsjö, Linneryd and Älmeboda. This shows that these parishes are very close to each other.

Anna Maria’s parents are Magnus Johansson and Märtha Johannisdotter in Veramåla Södregård (Encl 1). We find the family in the Household Examination Records (HER) for Södra Sandsjö 1861-1870 (Encl 2). Going back to the previous period we find that two more children have been born before Anna Maria (Encl 3). Going forward we can see that they have two more children during the period 1871-1875 of which one dies (Encl 4). Finally they have one more son in 1878 (Encl 5):

 Read the rest of the analysis and download the presentation:

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