Ruth Pulju 2016-09-10

Ruth cannot find a birth record for Sven Pehrsson who was born May 6, 1798 in Skarstad, Skaraborg. 

He married Johanna Jansdotter on Aug 7, 1835 in Ryda B:2 (1820-1849) Bild 136/ sid 14

He is in Household records:

A1:5 (1834-1839) Bild 48 /sid 42
A1:6 (1839-1841) Bild 51/ sid 44
A1:7 (1841-1850) Bild 52/ sid 49
A1:8 (1850-1858) Bild 62/ sid 53

He died May 14, 1853 in Ryda E:1 (1850-1862) Bild 54,


I cannot find him in C:4 either. I do think his birth date is correct given the calculation of his age at death. Skarstad was the mother parish of Vara, Skarstad, H?llum and ?num. He could have been born in any of the annex parishes. However, all the birth records for those parishes are integrated with the birth records for Skarstad so there is no need to search at any other place.

According to Naum AI:5 he moved in to Naum from Jung 1834. According to Jung AI:7 he moved in there from Ryda in 1830 (Encl 1). But I cannot find him in the Moving-out records for Ryda 1830 or 1829. Now I decided to try to find him in the Moving-out records for Skarstad 1798-1830. I went through all of them without finding him. So it looks like he was not born in Skarstad.

Normally, the cumbersome way to find somebody is to trace them backwards all the way to their Household record when he was born. But since we cannot find him in the Moving-out records for Ryda also that rout is blocked.

I now decided to look into the confirmation records for Skarstad parishes. And 1813 we find a Swen Pehrson from Nils ErsgÂrden. He was born in Vara (and therefore also in Skarstad) 1797-12-02. He is the only Sven Persson in the confirmation records within reasonable time. So either this is the Sven Persson we are looking for or Sven did not live in any of the Skarstad parishes at this time or he was not confirmed in the Skarstad parishes (Encl 2).

If his is the correct Sven his father was Pehr Olufsson b. 1755.02-17 in Vara and his mother was Carin Jonasdotter b. 1767 in Algutstorp (Encl 3). The father dies in 1819. Sven is crossed over before 1826 but there is no information on where he went (Encl 4).

Conclusion: If Sven really was born 1798-05-06 then it was not in any of the Skarstad parishes. And he did not move out of Skarstad at any time 1798-1830. We know that he moved to Naum from Jung in 1834 and to Jung from Ryda in 1830. But we cannot find him in the Moving-out records for Ryda 1828-1834. So he cannot have moved from Ryda in 1830!

The search has to happen in wider circles something that is beyond my scope right now.

Kjell 2016-09-02


1 HER Jung AI:7 (1827-1832) Image 50 / page 89
2 Confirmation records Skarstad B:1 (1886-1832) Image 123 / page 237
3 HER Vara AI:3 (1796-1814) Image 21 / page 33
4 HER Vara AI:4 (1814-1826) Image 22 / page 33

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