Janet Folden 2016-10-08

Janet has tried without success to find when and where her great-grandfather’s sister died. The Swedish Census of 1880 and attention to a variation of the spelling of the parish name helps to solve the problem!


Here is Janet Folden´s request:

“I need help finding where and when my g-grandfather’s sister, Hanna Pehrsdotter Lustig, died. Born 20 Sep 1855 in Djurröd, Kristianstad. I will gather information I already have tomorrow and email it to you. Don’t know why I am having so much trouble with this”.


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I tried to find Hanna in the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013 without success. This means she could have died before 1901. We find Hanna in Djurröd´s birth records (BR). Her father is the soldier Pehr Pehrsson Lustig and her mother is Hanna Nilsdotter. They live at Håkansköp in Djurröd (Encl 1).

Hanna´s mother dies 1863-05-18. Hanna has six siblings. The youngest, Nilla, dies 1863-06-15, less than two months old and three weeks after her mother dies. Three of Hanna´s sisters move out between 1863 and 1868 (Encl 2).

1869 Hanna and her father plus brother Sven and sister Elma moves away. It is hard to see to where but it could be Träne, the adjacent parish. Träne and Djurröd are annex parishes combining some of their records (but not the HERs) and those who move between two parishes like that normally do not show up in the MIR/MOR records. That is why some extra information is given in the Moving-out column like “f .43” (Encl 3). “f. 43” could mean “folio 43” i.e. “p.43” but it could also mean a “district 43”. I tried both possibilities without finding them in the Träne records.

So, instead I found Hanna in the Swedish Census records for 1880. It shows that she is unmarried and works as a Housemaid at Skepparslöf in the Skepparslöv parish in Kristianstads län (Encl 4). We find her at Skepparslöf No 1 (Encl 5). She remains at the same place in 1890 (Encl 6).

During the next period it looks like she has become the fosterdaughter of Nils Lustig and his wife Ingrid Nilsson. Nils Lustig is born 1818-02-02 in N. Åsum, three years before Hanna´s father is born. Nils could be Pehr´s older brother? However, Nils dies 1893 and Ingrid dies 1894 and 1895-10-27 Hanna moves to Skeninge (Encl 7). To be sure of the spelling of Skeninge we check with the MOR for Skepparslöv (Encl 8).

The modern spelling of Skeninge is Skänninge. To find the parish in AD we need to use the correct spelling. In the MOR for Skänninge we can see that Hanna moves in as a Housekeeper at No 78, p 298 (Encl 9). We also find her in the HER for Skänninge (Encl 10).

Hanna dies 1897-06-29 in Skänninge (Encl 11). Cause of deat was ”Tuberculosis pulmonum” i.e. “Lung Tuberculosis” (Encl 12).
Kjell S Andersson 2016-09-15


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