Swedish Churches

Research and Mentoring Update

Kjell provided the following information about new resources available to Swedish genealogy researchers.

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Short Program
“The Old Swede – Henry A. Recen, Founder of Frisco and Recen Colorado”
Jean Larson Adams – SGSC Member

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Who was Henry A. Recen, where did he emigrate from in Sweden and what kind of a name is “Recen?” In this short presentation, we’ll find out the real story of Henry’s name and the rest of the story involving the mining towns of Frisco and Recen, Colorado.

Jean Adams was born in Omaha, Nebraska to first and second generation Swedish parents. She graduated from Purdue University with a BS degree in Conservation Education and a MS in Science. Jean taught middle school biology and general science but eventually left teaching to open a retail business. While a business owner in Indiana she earned a MBA degree from the University of Indianapolis. In 2011 Jean retired and moved to Colorado to be near her children and grandchildren. As a new genealogical researcher, Jean joined the SGSC and Columbine Genealogical and Historical Society in January 2013. Now, three years later she has visited Sweden twice, researched her grandparents and met living cousins.

“Swedish Churches: History and Architecture Sampling”
Beverly Harbourt, SGSC member

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Beverly has always been interested in the churches throughout Europe. Her travels in Sweden made her aware of differing architecture of the parish churches. As a result of her own travels to Sweden, and the contributions of many others in SGSC, Beverly has prepared a presentation on the contrasting styles of churches in parishes throughout the lower half of Sweden dating from medieval times to some more modern structures.

Beverly Harbourt grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska. She is the current president of SGSC and an avid researcher of her Swedish and German roots. She is the custodian of her family’s historical photographs and some of the family heirlooms, has been researching her ancestors for over 20 years, and has visited Sweden three times. She joined SGSC in 2009 following her retirement and subsequent move from the Washington D. C. area to Colorado.

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