Next Meeting – January 7

Please join us for our next meeting on January 7, 2017 at 9:30 am at Denver Public Library.

“Restoring Old Photos”
Paul Ternlund – SGSC Member

As genealogists we enjoy photos of yesteryear–especially when they are photos of relatives. Often these photo prints have not had the best care. But we are grateful to have them in any condition, aren’t we !? While the old saying “you can’t squeeze blood out of a rock” still holds, today’s photo editor software can perform wonders wit a trained user to render aged, discolored, torn, soiled, etc., digital image files back to a healthier state. An image file (the modern day photo negative) will not deteriorate with time as their analog predecessors did / do. Often image files can be included in your family tree database. Image files can be printed any time in the future.

Paul will work with two of Adobe’s flagship programs, Photoshop, and Photoshop Lightroom to demonstrate some of their restorative capabilities. Using old photos from fellow SGSC members and others, he will show “before” and “afters.” He will demonstrate Photoshop tools he used to make improvements. He will provide restored image files and prints to SGSC members who provided him with borrowed prints to work with.

Paul Ternlund is a retired Electrical Engineer and Senior Computer Scientist. He worked for the Department of Defense for 36 years. Now that he has free time he enjoys digital photography and digital photo editing. He has taught classes or given presentations on both subjects at the Aurora Senior Center, the Denver Digital Photo Club, the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado (2009), and at his church

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